CF high school cadets

Carolina Forest High School cadets attended the CO-XO Academy at The Citadel in Charleston.

On Saturday, June 29, Carolina Forest High School NJROTC established a new milestone for its program when five cadets graduated from Leadership Academy and two more graduated from CO-XO Academy held at The Citadel in Charleston.

The cadets who attended the academy are the best of the 61 NJROTC programs across NJROTC Area 6, which comprises North and South Carolina. While there are more than 7,000 Navy JROTC cadets in the area, just 204 were invited to participate in these intense, week-long events.

To say that the cadets were kept busy, is an understatement.

Cadets are taught to keep dorm rooms inspection ready, and rooms were inspected on three occasions to confirm they were being maintained in an orderly fashion.

In addition, cadets are inspected twice in uniform, for confirmation that they can maintain proper grooming standards and can wear the uniform correctly, according to naval regulations.

Cadets are assigned to one of seven platoons. These platoons are guided by some of the best naval science instructors in the Carolinas.

Cadets learned the finer points of precision drill, ethics, and were given opportunities to demonstrate hands-on leadership of their platoons.

The seventh platoon is the CO-XO course, which involves a higher degree of classroom time and more examples of team-building exercises cadets can take back to their home units.

This program is less focused on physical training and more on how to be an effective leader.

At the leadership academy, graded events included almost every event that cadets participated in and contributed to the point total that determined their ranking. Their points also contributed to the overall platoon score in their push for the “best platoon” award. Those graded events included the level of knowledge exam, 11 academic leadership quizzes which follow each of the academic sessions, two personnel inspections, the room inspections, a physical fitness test, a drill competition, a written orienteering exam, and orienteering practical exam.

Cadets also received copious instruction on post-high school opportunities including the United

States Naval Academy, The Citadel and guidance on how to obtain Navy ROTC scholarships across the country.

For more information about the Carolina Forest High School NJROTC Unit, contact Captain Kevin P. Boyle at 843-903-7512 or visit the CFHS Panther Navy Facebook page.


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