Friends of the Carolina Forest Library are offering two $1,000 scholarships to seniors at Carolina Forest High School or the Academy for the Arts, Science and Technology who live in Carolina Forest.

This is the first time the Friends have offered the scholarships, which must be used for tuition and/or books.

“We’re reaching out to students in this area who want to further their education and might not have enough funds to attend college,” said Friends member Cheryl Morrow.

“We hope this will help alleviate some of the financial burden and help fulfill their dream to go to college.”

Scholarship applications can be downloaded at the Carolina Forest High School website,

The application process includes submitting a copy of transcripts, completed essays, a mini-autobiography, sealed recommendation letters from two people such as a teacher, school counselor, employer, coach or religious leader, and an interview with the nominating committee.

Those applications must be submitted by April 1 to The Friends of Carolina Forest Library Scholarship Committee, 2250 Carolina Forest Blvd., Myrtle Beach SC 29579.

The only restriction to getting the scholarship, other than being a student at one of those two schools and living in The Forest, is that the applicant will attend an accredited university, college, community college or technical school. The school does not have to be in South Carolina.

The Friends of the Carolina Forest Library is a fundraising group that supports library programs.

The group meets the first Monday of each month from 6-7 p.m. at the library and new members are welcome.

“The Friends are typically people who have taken advantage of the many programs the library offers, and want to continue to support the library in any way possible,” Morrow said.

The used book store at the library, The Nook, is one way the group raises money.

Books are for sale at The Nook daily, but once a month, it holds a sale where a paper grocery bag can be bought for $5 and filled with books, videos, DVDs, and other material that’s been donated.

The Nook, Morrow said, is a great place to buy books because most of them are in like-new condition and many are current best sellers.

The Friends also sponsor a Family Fun Day each fall, and the proceeds from that support the library’s programs.

“That’s an opportunity for kids to come enjoy rides and activities and just have fun,” Morrow said. “There’s a flat wristband rate and they can play all day.”

The Friends also bring in groups to help people file their taxes, and has periodic legal-assistance events. And once a month, The Friends bring in the local humane society that brings dogs ready to be adopted.

“The Friends supports the library which is there for teens, for kids, for adults…we’re beneficial to all these groups,” Morrow said.


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