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A 19-year-old man was killed in a shooting incident near Conway Saturday night, according to the Horry County Coroner’s Office.

Jamie Johnson, 19, of Conway, died after being shot Saturday night around 7:15 p.m. near the intersection of D Street and Rose Moss Road near Conway, the coroner's office said.

According to a police report, officers responding to the scene found Johnson lying in Rose Moss Road. The heavily-redacted police report said Johnson was laying on the "driver's side," but redacts whatever vehicle or method of transportation was at the scene. 

The report said that "all three victims were occupants of the" [redacted] when a car approached them and the "suspect(s)" exited the car "and started shooting."

Only one victim, Johnson, was injured in the shooting, according to the coroner's office and police report. He was taken to the hospital and later died. 

Officers found shell casings in the roadway, the report said.

Horry County police spokesperson Mikayla Moskov said Saturday night that the cause of the shooting was undetermined. 

It was the second shooting that happened on Saturday. The first shooting happened Saturday morning in Socastee and left one person injured. 

Moskov said there's no indication the shootings were related, and there is not a threat to the public. As of Saturday night, no suspect was in custody, she said.

Check back for updates.

(This story has been updated to correct the victim's name. The error was caused by a misspelling from the coroner's office.)



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