conway bank robbery march 16

Horry County police responded to a robbery that occurred at Conway National Bank on Thursday.

Around 9:05 a.m. on Thursday, the Horry County Police Department responded to a robbery at the Conway National Bank, located at 1360 Hwy. 501 in Conway, authorities said.

Upon officers' arrival, a teller informed them that a man had been waiting by the front door before the bank opened, according to a police report.

After he was let inside, the suspect, armed with a handgun, he then gave a note to one of the tellers informing them that this was a robbery. The teller gave the man money from her drawer as he then fled, police said.

A witness said the suspect bolted towards Holt Road and gave officers a description of his appearance and tattoos on his hand, the report stated. 

Various police units including a bloodhound tracking unit then surrounded the area with HCPD tweeting pictures taken from the bank and a description of his appearance. 

Within an hour, the suspect was located and was arrested at the corner of Holt Road at S.C. 544. before being detained at the M.L. Brown Public Safety building in Conway. The arrest occurred at 9:45 a.m.

At 10:20 a.m. HCPD informed the public that the suspect was in custody through a tweet.

Darin Augustine Bumbaco, 53, of Conway, is being charged with armed robbery with a deadly weapon and entering a bank, depository, building, or loan association with intent to steal.

He is currently incarcerated at the J. Reuben Long detention center in Conway where he awaits trial. 


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