chance johnson

Chance Johnson, 18, of Conway.

Two teens were charged after allegedly assaulting the stepfather of the teens in Loris on Tuesday of this past week, according to an Horry County police report. 

An officer responded around 4:15 a.m. that day to a home on Clio Road in regards to an assault. 

A man who lives at the home told the officer he and his wife had an argument over "something small" and that during the argument his 15-year-old stepson walked up to him and pointed a handgun at him, stating "leave my momma [sic] alone," the report said.

The man said the three of them left the home around midnight in his truck before he went to sleep.

He stated that as he was asleep he was woken up by someone walking beside his bed before someone started to hit him in the face "with something made of metal," the report said.

The man said that the attacker continued hitting him and then fled the home, the report said. He said that he was unable to see the assailant because of blood in his eyes and his injuries but heard his stepson's voice as well as the voice of another teen, his 18-year-old best friend, according to the report.

The man, who reportedly had various cuts on his face, also said he didn't hear his wife's voice during the altercation, the report said. An officer who responded to a local hospital said the man had facial bone fractures and a "possible brain bleed," the report said.

The officer also found blood all throughout the man's bed and the home's floors, according to the report. A broken window beside the man's back door was also discovered by police which was believed to have been broken from the inside of the home.

The man gave a description of the friend's vehicle and the road that he lives on, also stating that a silver .32-caliber handgun has been stolen from his shop "several nights ago" and that he believed it was the same gun pointed at him during the argument, the report said.

The officer found tire tracks in the man's driveway in some wet dirt.

The officer, along with two other officers, went to the home of the second teen, whom the man had identified as his stepson's best friend, to try and make contact with him and found a vehicle in front of the home that matched the man's description of it, the report stated.

As the second officer knocked on the front door of the home, the officer saw blood in plain view on the front seats of the vehicle, the report said. The vehicle's tires also matched the tracks located outside the man's home, according to the report.

The second officer also found a fresh drop of blood on the floor of the home's front porch, the report said.

While on the scene, a family member of the teen walked up officers on the scene wanting to know if everything was OK and contacted his mother and father and had them respond to the scene, the report said.

Detectives responded to the scene to take over the investigation and the mother of the friend knocked on the home's back door as he then answered the door, the report stated.

The man's wife and the two teens were all inside of the home and exited the home per officers' request.

Detectives advised officers that they had probable cause to place both arrestees under arrest for attempted murder, according to the report.

The man's stepson was taken to a local hospital for medical clearance and then to the department of juvenile justice as his friend was then taken to J. Reuben Long Detention Center.

Chance Johnson, 18, of Conway was charged with attempted murder, possession of a weapon during a violent crime and unlawful storing, keeping or possession of a machine gun, shotgun or rifle, online jail records show. He was released on Wednesday of this past week after being booked the day prior, according to online jail records. 

The name and charges of the other suspect, who is a juvenile, have not been released.


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