Heather Elvis still has not been found, but the missing persons case that’s continued for more than two months has turned into a murder investigation.

At a concurrent press conference and bond hearing Monday, prosecutors said Sidney Moorer and his wife, Tammy Caison Moorer, would face murder charges in connection with the Heather Elvis case.

Arrest warrants released Monday state Elvis was kidnapped and murdered at the boat landing.

Solicitor Jimmy Richardson said late Monday that there are no plans to pursue the death penalty in the Elvis case.

Elvis, 20, disappeared some time in the early morning hours of Dec. 18. Her car was found at the Peachtree Boat Landing in Socastee the evening of Dec. 19, but the whereabouts of Elvis herself remain a mystery.

A task force led by Horry County police learned enough by Friday morning to execute search warrants at the Moorer residence off Highway 814 in the Socastee area.

Horry County police still aren’t saying what was found, though investigators say they’ve gathered enough probable cause to charge the Moorers with murder.

Sidney Moorer, 38, and Tammy Morrer, 41, have also been charged with kidnapping, obstruction of justice and two counts of indecent exposure.

Bond was set at $20,000 each on the obstruction and exposure charges on Saturday. A May 2 court date was scheduled for those charges, with trial on those charges tentatively set for June 27.

The Moorers posted bond, but a hold was placed on them pending the additional charges.

On Monday, they opted to waive bond on the kidnapping charge in lieu of the murder charges, Donna Elder, the county’s deputy solicitor, said at a bond hearing Monday at J. Reuben Long Detention Center.

A March 17 date has been set for the bond hearing on the murder charge. It will be held in Circuit Court.

Neither Sidney Moorer nor Tammy Moorer spoke during Monday’s bond hearing. At the Saturday bond hearing, Tammy Moorer said she’s lost her job over the Elvis search and also talked about her three children.

Terry Elvis, father of Heather Elvis, appeared in court Monday. He was joined by his wife, Debbie, and daughter, Morgan.

Elvis family members didn’t speak during the hearing, but one or more family members plan to address the court during the March 17 hearing, Elder said.

Sidney Moorer was represented in Monday’s bond hearing by Kirk Truslow.

Patrick McLaughlin, a Florence attorney, represented Tammy Moorer during her hearing.

Police search property

Lt. Robert Kegler, spokesman for county police, said search warrants were executed at the Moorers’ home off Highway 814 around 7:30 a.m. Friday morning.

Investigators remained on scene for about 11 hours, seizing at least one vehicle and other unspecified evidence. The Moorers were taken into custody without incident.

Horry County police executed the search warrant “in an attempt to identify potential evidence based on new information obtained through expert analysis of previously seized surveillance tapes in the area along with financial discrepancies filed with the State of South Carolina on behalf of the occupants of the residents,” a news release said.

Details of those financial discrepancies are unknown, as are the full extent of the surveillance collected.

According to the original missing persons report from Dec. 19, police did try to obtain surveillance from the Carolina Forest McDonalds on International Drive.

A McDonalds receipt found in Elvis’ car when it was discovered Dec. 19 at Peachtree Boat Landing was time-stamped 4:34 p.m. Dec. 17, the day before she disappeared. That was also about two and a half hours before she went on a date with a Murrells Inlet man who’s been cleared of any involvement.

Not long after police executed the search warrant Friday, Elvis family supporters rushed to the scene. Some sought answers; others arrived to show solidarity for the Elvis family.

One of those supporters was Jennifer Garrett of Murrells Inlet, who was among the first to arrive.

Garrett initially wept upon seeing police canvass the property, but then said her mood switched to jubilation and gratefulness.

“I got here as soon as I could to see for myself that this was happening,” Garrett said. “It’s awesome. I knew the day would come – I was hoping sooner than later – but I knew our Horry County police were on it and doing everything that they could do.”

First charges filed

According to arrest warrants released Monday afternoon, Sidney and Tammy Moorer, “did unlawfully, without just or sufficient cause, murder Heather Elvis with malice forethought.”

The kidnapping warrants state the suspects, “did unlawfully seize, confine, kidnap, abduct or carry away Heather Elvis by any means whatsoever without the authority of the law.”

The warrants do not say exactly when Elvis was murdered, nor do they state a motive or cause of death. Elvis herself has not been found and the search for her whereabouts is ongoing.

Kegler, the Horry County police spokesman, said tips can still be passed along to 915-TIPS or crimetips@horrycounty.org.

Richardson, the county solicitor, said the charges stem from direct evidence found at the scene and circumstantial evidence from the entire case. Authorities wouldn’t discuss the nature of the evidence in more specific detail.

Police do believe that Elvis drove herself to the Peachtree Boat Landing. They don’t think she was abducted from her River Oaks apartment.

Investigators reached that conclusion after reviewing communications Elvis made through social media, but investigators haven’t said why Elvis drove herself to the boat landing.

According to the Dec. 19 missing persons report, there was a relationship history between Elvis and Sidney Moorer.

The report cites phone records showing Sidney Moorer and Heather Elvis were in communication as late as 6 a.m. Dec. 18.

Earlier that morning, Elvis telephoned her roommate, who said in the report that Elvis seemed like she was “crying and upset” due to receiving a phone call from Sidney Moorer at about 1:44 a.m. Dec. 18. In that call, Moorer said he wanted to leave his wife and be with Heather, the report said.

According to the report, Moorer told police he only told Elvis to quit calling him, but also acknowledged they had a relationship history. He said he broke the relationship off in October 2013, the report said.

At the time of the Dec. 19 report, police said in the report that Moorer’s statements contradicted what Elvis’ roommate told police.

The other charges

Arrest warrants obtained by the Carolina Forest Chronicle on Sunday state the obstruction of justice charges stem from statements made on Dec. 20, the day after Heather Elvis was reported missing.

Tammy Moorer’s obstruction of justice warrant states she “prevented, impeded or interfered with an investigation to include but not limited to providing and creating false, misleading and/or inaccurate information regarding the disappearance of Heather Elvis and her and Sidney Moorer’s activities in the early morning hours of December 18th, 2013.”

Sidney Moorer’s obstruction of justice warrant contains nearly identical verbiage.

As for the exposure charges, warrants state the Moorers exposed themselves on two occasions between Dec. 17 and Dec. 18. Warrants state the one instance occurred at Atlantic Avenue and Century Circle, an intersection within the Atlantic Center Industrial Park in Conway.

The other case, warrants say, happened in the 1300 block of Celebrity Circle in Myrtle Beach. The address at Celebrity Circle corresponds with the street address for Broadway at the Beach.

Warrants state the indecent exposure counts are tied to the Heather Elvis case, but they don’t specify how.

If convicted of the obstruction and exposure counts, Sidney and Tammy Moorer each face up to 16 years in prison.

The obstruction charge carries a maximum 10-year prison sentence and each exposure count carries up to three years, according to prosecutors.

A check of State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) records shows Sidney Moorer was convicted of shoplifting on Sept. 28, 2009.

He was also charged with assault and battery in 2011, but found not guilty, SLED records show. There is no record of prior charges in Tammy Moorer’s record, according to SLED documents.


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Jim Self

Thank you for keeping this up to date. It's important.


These obstruction charges were just a way to get a search warrant executed I'm sure. Pretty smart on the part of law enforcement...

Join me on Facebook to discuss the happenings in this case...



Some people should be beyond ashamed for getting on social media and claiming the Devil's Innocence ! These Monsters have been living among us, doing the Devil's work. You must warship the Anti-Christ if you are having a Melt Down because God has Prevailed! My family and I will continue to Pray for the Elvis Family, I believe Myrtle Beach is a Christian Community and has a STRONG relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. He is Clearly on Our Side!!!! PS- Our Prayers are Working!!!!


I am not one that typically makes post, however I have remained quiet long enough listening to this delusional Jennifer Hicks! Lady are you crazy!! You have children, how can you possibly defend murderers. The police does not arrest someone and charge them with kidnapping and murder without just cause. What Mickey Mouse fairytale are you living in? This is a sad case of someone completely conning you to believe that they are something or someone they are not. You give Mickey a bad name!!! Do us all a favor and just keep your mouth shut!....Sad! Sad!


Jenn, do you think they just from such TERRIBLE luck that even though they were communicating with Heather up until 6AM the day she disappeared they actually have nothing to do with it?? (And initially lied about that communication) Seriously, that would have to be the worst luck ever!


Jennifer Hicks- do everyone a favor and get off the Internet. You're obviously in denial about your 'friends' and are fooled by their facade.

As for everyone else, this is 'Jenn'- https://www.facebook.com/CutieCakesandCookies


Lovely. She is another Mickey disciple under the spell of the wicked puppet master herself, Tammy. Jenn, as I stated before, get help. There is nothing that will make the charges disappear in the way that Tammy and Sidney made Heather disappear. If you are such a good friend, go visit Tammy and ask her to reveal where Heather is right now. Oh, what's that? Mickey even says Tammy is an imposter and a liar. Guess what? You don't matter to Tammy either. Maybe you should visit Sidney in jail just to push ole Tammy right over the edge. She apparently doesn't take too kindly to competition; in fact she is da^^ good at eliminating the competition - for good. They are both vile, evil monsters. You are swimming against the tide and T& S really don't care about you or anyone else unless you buy into the fantasy. I hope they can live without Mickey and the gang for the rest of their lives - because THAT is what happens to guilty people. They no longer have "normal" lives, as if theirs was ever normal. Get help for yourself. It is only going to get worse for your 'friends' from now forward.


And I've seen her in person and she doesn't have to Photoshop her photos. I've seen pictures of when she was younger and her makeup was the same way and she was beautiful then too. Heather is also beautiful. They both know how to wear their makeup without photoshopping a picture. If you knew her you'd know that.


Also if you all were so smart you'd see that I said all the Ppl that were harassing them, the cops that threatened to kill him, and all those that keep slandering them and have tried to hurt them should apologize to them when they're found not guilty. I never said the family should. Maybe you Ppl need to learn to read! Especially before you fly off at the mouth when you haven't even got your facts straight from what I wrote! Smh! That's just sad! And you say I need an eduction. Half of you guys can't read or spell correctly.


And you know all of this how? Because Tammy told her little minions about it on Facebook? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, Jenn.....Tammy is a fiction writer; she wasn't actually writing her auto-biography! :). Oh honey, I feel badly for you. {{BIG MICKEY HUGS}}


And to you who thinks you're so educational, I graduated with honors and had my school paid for. I'm a stay at home mother after having had a son of my own pass away over 7 years ago, and no i'm not related and do not need to see a Dr. So don't degrade me when you know nothing about me. I've learned a lot about the other family and it was a shocker. Things they're hiding. Things in his past. And I've known the other family for years. And what is on some of these websites is NOT what was on the news. You can't believe everything you read. Pictures don't lie though, nor do Ppl that know Ppl very well. Thank you very much. You all have a blessed day and God knows the truth and He will make sure that the real truth is brought to light


If you're so educational, why haven't you followed the case, and read the facts? And please don't tell me you have! That's obvious from your above posts. Some of us have a lot of time and research invested, to bring JUSTICE to this beautiful woman. And YES, I said beautiful! Tammy should have observed how she applied her movie star make-up, instead of using photoshop. I'm done with this thread....


Educational? Don't you mean "educated?" Educational would imply you yourself are an entity for us to learn something from, and, well, come to think of it....you kinda are. It's interesting how someone can be so sucked in by lies and illusions of grandeur and manipulation. You now have me curious as to what you're actually like. Have you ever seen the TV show "The Following"? You seem very susceptible to become one of them.....be careful, Jenn. The world is not all innocent Disney characters.


Great one! See you on WS!

Apparently there are more nuts falling from the Mickey tree than I ever 'imagined'. hahahaha





HAHAHA I knew you would know them....Birds of a feather flock together...


You know what I had a child die. But the things the Elvis family and their friends threatened about kidnapping a little girl and bringing her father home in a duffel bag. That's sick. Are you on medication? You all need help.


The Elvis family NEVER said/texted/posted any such thing. Prove it. You can't. LIAR.

And I am sorry for the loss of your child, Jenn.

See how that works? Empathy - you should try it sometime. It is a good uplifting feeling. You never victimize a victim. Truth, lady.


Excuse me but I happen to know them and I know that they are not capable of this nor did they do it. I think Ppl just want to convict them just because he had a relationship with her prior to this and she wouldn't leave him alone afterwards. Read her tweets. She was after him long before they even hooked up. I think there's someone else involved. And I've seen and heard things about one particular Elvis family member from Ppl that don't even know the Moorers that would shock the whole lot of you. And actual pictures. And it's him. And many Ppl confirmed things. They aren't so Christian and straight forward as you think. I was in shock myself I might add. And like I said Ppl just want to put a conviction on someone so quick they'll say anything and Ppl been attacking them ever since they found out he had a relationship with the girl. When y'all are proven wrong I hope you all pray for forgiveness!


You know what makes me sick, Jenn? The suggestion that a grieving father and grieving sister are enjoying the confirmation that their loved one has been murdered. I'm sure they would much rather watch "wrong ppl" go to jail than have their loved one in their life. I bet they are just sitting home laughing right now, popping some popcorn for their lifetime movies. And to suggest that they make apologies to these people accused of kidnapping and murdering their daughter/sister? Are you on medication? Whether they are found guilty or not, that is for the justice system to determine but how dare you disrespect the victim's family like that! Prayers for the Elvis family and the Moorer children that are facing possibly losing both their parents if they are found guilty of this crime.


Jenn, please see your physician. You are suffering from a delusional disorder. You need medication - lots of it. Maybe you have a learning disability. Read all the available information. These two animals (I hate to disparage animals) have been charged with murder, kidnapping, obstruction of justice and indecent exposure - all concerning, affecting and ALLEGEDLY responsible for Heather's disappearance and murder.

Go back to school. Get a clue. He11, get a few. You must be related and suffer from some of the same disorders as these sick individuals. There is no way in He11 they will be found not guilty. They have not been charged in error. The law enforcement involved in this case have dotted every i and crossed every t. No mistakes have been made in these charges. No one would want the wrong people accused/jailed/tried and allow the guilty party(ies) to run free. Be glad, rejoice that the responsible monsters are right where they belong. I sure as He11 am. Your mother must be so very proud of your intelligence.

When we find out all the sordid details of the sick activities these two engaged in during all these events, I hope you come back to apologize for being such an a$$.


Tell me why the Elvis family showed no emotion in these pictures whatsoever and the sister seems to have a smile? You'd think they'd show emotion! Something isn't right about this case whatsoever and after all I've been seeing in pictures and hearing about m Mr Elvis, things aren't adding up. And two they have the wrong ppl they're pressing these charges on! They just want to convict someone so badly they'll jump at anything to convict whoever. Ppl been watching too many lifetime movies and want this case to be something like that. I think that Ppl are just jumping on whatever they can because they want to convict someone so badly. I call BS! And I hope to God that their lawyers slap everyone in the face with the evidence that they didn't do it and all those Ppl that been harassing them and trying to hurt them and the cops and everyone get a big slap in the face and Ppl make apologies to these Ppl!! Makes me sick!


Read the facts! DNA, DNA!!! Found at the home, and or the vehicles! Get off your high horse and accept the fact that your family member is going down for MURDER!!


Really.....Jenn...really....open your eyes....these two people are SICK...and you are correct...you are sick too if that is what you think regarding the victim's family (who are victims as well). I have seen the family at one of the prayer vigils...very emotional for them. Until you live one minute in their shoes, you should keep your warped opinions to yourself. You should be ashamed.


Prayers for the Elvis family. :(


And prayers for a swift Justice!

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