Walter Pigg Mug

Walter Pigg was arrested and charged with breach of trust. He was booked into the J. Reuben Long Detention Center on June 7 and was released the next day. Photo Courtesy of J. Reuben Long Detention Center. 

A North Myrtle Beach businessman, already the subject of a city police and State Law Enforcement Division investigation, has been charged with breach of trust. 

Walter Pigg of Little River was jailed on June 7 and released the next day. 

The arrest stems from his management of homeowners association money last year, according to a warrant.

Between September and December, Pigg was supposed to deposit funds from the Island Palms Homeowner Association into a BB&T Bank non-profit account.  He instead took more than $10,000 from that account via an ATM withdrawal and spent it at the Big "M" Casino in Little River and Harrah's Casino in Cherokee, North Carolina, according to the warrant. Those expenditures were not authorized by the HOA. 

Pigg's recent arrest isn't his only legal trouble.

Pigg, who owns the property management company Keye Beach Rentals, is also the subject of 32 different complaints against him regarding his business practices, according to city officials. 

Officials said he double-booked rooms and did not always pay his clients.

Property owners and renters interviewed by in February complained about not getting paid, having their rooms booked without authorization, charging renters cleaning fees without cleaning the rooms, and in one case, failing to tell a renter who had paid for a room that the owners had taken the property off the market. 

In January, the S.C. Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation’s Real Estate Commission temporarily suspended Pigg’s property manager’s license, claiming that “the public safety and welfare requires emergency action.”

He later voluntarily surrendered his business license to the city after the city scheduled a special-called meeting to address the problem. 

North Myrtle Beach spokesman Pat Dowling said that the investigation into Pigg's operation of Keye Beach Rentals is still ongoing.

Attorney Kirk Truslow, who was representing Pigg in February, did not immediately return request for comment. It's unclear if Truslow is still representing Pigg.


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