Sebastian Kaisk

Sebastian Kaisk, 18, is charged with murder.

One shot wasn’t enough.

Tyler Schaeffer died of the gunshot wounds he received just before midnight on July 14 at the intersection of 38th Ave South and Smith Street in Windy Hill, behind the Access Medical Center and VaVa Vape.

Sebastian Kaisk, 18, got into a fight with Schaeffer before he pulled out a gun and shot him in the upper body, according to a warrant. The warrant said Kaisk walked away briefly, only to come back and fire one more round at close range into the wounded Schaeffer. 

North Myrtle Beach police responded to the scene to find Schaeffer lying on his stomach with a bullet wound to the back of his neck, according to a police report. The officer wrote that Schaeffer had blood on his shirt and was conscious, but was not answering questions, although he did confirm that he had been shot. 

Schaeffer was taken to Grand Strand Medical Center where he later died. He was 32. 

Detectives canvassed the area, talking to people until they identified Kaisk as the suspect. The police report says they found him at 2609 Highway 17 in Crescent Beach, just north of Atlantic Beach.

The report says Kaisk was arrested, mirandized, and admitted to the crime after officers read him his rights. 

As of Tuesday afternoon, Kaisk remained incarcerated, charged with murder and possession of a weapon during a violent crime. 


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