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The Myrtle Beach Police Department is investigating after a person was stabbed Tuesday, authorities said.

The person who was stabbed was taken to the hospital and is recovering, MBPD Cpl. Tom Vest said. The victim's injuries are believed to be nonlife-threatening.

Christian Reeves Martin, 27, faces charges of attempted murder and possession of a weapon during a violent crime, according to online police records.

The MBPD was called to the 800 block of Nance St. in relation to the incident, according to a police report.

A fight that started in the 1400 block of Mr. Joe White Avenue had been reported.

Officers found several bystanders standing in the road and on sidewalks who were "frantically pointing and yelling" about the suspect, Martin, having a knife and attempting to stab people, the report said.

Police found Martin standing in the middle of the road and saw he matched the description a caller had given.

"The offender was also being pointed out by numerous individuals who were on scene," the report said. 

Martin was then detained.

A witness said that before the stabbing the suspect had sat beside him and asked him if anyone wanted a laptop in exchange for drugs.

He said he told him that he knew someone who might help him but that they didn't want the computer.

The witness said he was called by his girlfriend to go outside so he left. When he returned, he said, Martin was irate, yelling at him and several others about the laptop, according to the report.

The witness said Martin pulled a knife out and began following him up Nance Street on foot. The witness said he grabbed a shovel and Martin backed off briefly before trying to stab him, the report said.

The witness said the person who ended up stabbed grabbed the shovel and tried to help.

When he approached Martin with the shovel, he slipped and fell.

The witness said the suspect ran up and stabbed and cut the victim.

Witnesses said Martin tried to come after several people with the knife and started yelling, the report said.

Police found a knife at the scene that witnesses said was used to attack the victim.


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