Fifteenth Circuit Solicitor Jimmy Richardson wants a judge to shut down a rental property in North Myrtle Beach that has developed a reputation for drugs and violence, according to court records.

The prosecutor filed the petition this week in the Horry County Court of Common Pleas against Joe Rideoutte Jr. The residence was described as a nuisance in the court documents.

Rideoutte is the owner of the home at 503 38th Ave. South and manages the room rentals there, the filing said. He was served with paperwork declaring the house a nuisance Oct. 9.

The property has been the subject of numerous complaints from neighbors and members of the city’s Windy Hill community.

North Myrtle Beach City Councilwoman Nikki Fontana, who represents the Windy Hill district, said the home has been an issue since around February or March of this year. She added that she received complaints through a neighborhood watch group she manages.

“I had a group of residents that live on that street come in upset about some issues that were happening,” she said. “A lot of traffic in and out of that house, dogs running loose, just a lot of stuff that was kind of out of the norm for that area.”

The state believes the rental property has gained a reputation for violence, disturbances of the peace, and possession and sales of drugs.

Rideoutte started renting rooms at the home in early 2018, and the petition said since that happened North Myrtle Beach authorities have received calls for assault and disorderly conduct.

Last month, North Myrtle Beach police used a confidential informant to make multiple buys of methamphetamine from residents at the property, according to the filing.

Rideoutte was one of three men arrested on drug charges Sept. 12 after an investigation into the 38th Avenue South home and a residence on Birchwood Street, a city news release said. Police charged him with three counts of distribution of methamphetamine and one count of methamphetamine possession.

Court documents said the filing is the third action against Rideoutte in relation to his operating a boarding house.

The two prior actions related to a boarding house at 407 5th Ave. North in Myrtle Beach often referred to as the “Yellow House,” records show.

“In those actions, the court closed the property,” the filing said.

Fontana, the city councilwoman, said the city contacted the solicitor after North Myrtle Beach began looking into the property.

“Our community has been in an uproar about it and been upset because it has been a nuisance to them and it’s affected their quality of life,” she said. She added the city was familiar with issues regarding the owner’s 5th Avenue North rental home in Myrtle Beach as well.

She supports the solicitor’s efforts.

“This is exactly the type of thing that a community watch group in the community can do and achieve when we all work together and there’s a problem,” she said.

Rideoutte could not be immediately reached for comment.


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