Kimberly Shular was taken into custody Wednesday morning. More than two dozen dogs were removed from her Loris area home.

Thirty dogs were removed from a Loris area home Wednesday by the Horry County Police Department, according to a news release.

Authorities responded to a home in the 3200 block of Bakersfield Road around 8:15 a.m. to serve a search warrant in relation to an animal abuse investigation.

The initial search warrant cited animal cruelty and neglect.

The HCPD's narcotics and vice team responded and served a second search warrant.

During a search, officers found 8.22 grams of cocaine, a handgun and nearly $53,000 in cash.

Two people were taken into custody and remained jailed at the time of this report.

Kimberly Shular, 53, has been charged with 18 felony counts of ill treatment of animals, possession with intent to distribute cocaine, and violation of the Horry County dog and cat breeding operations ordinance, the release said.

Ronald Moore, 43, of Loris, has been charged with possession with intent to distribute cocaine.

Following the search warrants being executed, the dogs were seized and taken to the Horry County Animal Care Center (HCACC).

"There they were immediately processed and assessed, and treatment was begun," the release said.

Preliminary medical evaluations indicate all 30 dogs had fleas and were dehydrated.

Four dogs tested positive for parvovirus and six puppies have lice. Many of the dogs have intestinal parasites.

"Others have eye issues, ear injuries, and heartworms," the release said.

Three of the dogs are pregnant.

"The HCACC is a no-kill shelter and the animals are receiving all the care possible for their conditions," the release said. "An isolation unit was set up prior to their arrival to assure the health and safety of all involved."

The animals remained at the HCACC as of Thursday afternoon. They are not available for adoption or viewing while the case moves through the court system.

A magistrate recently ordered Shular to pay $3,094 to a Myrtle Beach woman who sued her after buying a puppy that died days later.

The Myrtle Beach woman, Amber Thompkins, filed the civil lawsuit against Shular with the hope that she’d be able to recover money spent on purchasing Bagel and his vet bills.
The beagle mix was purchased around Christmas and didn’t make it to the new year.

Thompkins and her husband Carey Haselden had bought their young twin daughters Bagel as a surprise gift. The family had paid Shular $700 for Bagel.

Bagel was diagnosed with parvovirus and the family was told he had likely gotten the disease from his mother’s milk.

Shular also agreed to pay $747 to another woman whose dog died. Tabitha Carr of Murrells Inlet sued Shular arguing she sold her a sick puppy around Christmastime for $300.

Carr’s puppy, Sarge, died a few days later after testing positive for the same virus in addition to having 61 parasites. Carr paid more than $700 in medical expenses, she said.

Additionally, Shular was convicted of a public nuisance offense, court records show. An arrest warrant said that on March 11, Shular allowed her dogs to “continuously bark” in her backyard off Bakersfield Road, “causing a disturbance.”

A third civil case is pending after Scott Fields of Conway filed a suit against Shular accusing her of selling sick puppies. In that case, though, the dogs survived.

The Fields bought the puppies on Nov. 4 for $500. They said the dogs were diagnosed with parvovirus two days later.

Fields filed the civil suit on Jan. 30.


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Charley Ann C

[thumbdown][angry] ..And she's standing there smiling while in handcuffs with police all around her? I sure hope she has some kind of a 'clear conscious" with the way she treated these helpless dogs and then lied to her buyers who bought puppies that died on them! Glad for the woman who sued her for it, but she should have sued for more money; aggravation, heartache for the puppy that died, included, that's very emotional on a family, if she had small children introducing the puppy and then it died on them! People need to be aware that these so-called "puppy mills" and dog "caretakers" are in their areas and report them to the Humane Society immediately, if not the police. Don't be complacent and say "I don't get involved with this", because this sort of heartbreaking reality IS your involvement because its in your community and you allowed it to go on and on until police show up and you see that it's your next door neighbor. Could you have done something about it sooner and prevented these dogs from dying and having diseases and prevented wrongful selling of sick and mistreated animals to the public? Yes! You could have! I would have done it! Time for the public to get awareness into their souls and get rid of these people, like this person and her cohorts, who mistreat, malnourish and deceive honest good intentions of people who want a pet but see a "good deal" and not pass it up.
Best way to adopt a pet is to go to the Horry County Animal Shelter, they are in dire need for adoptions of these pets - both cats and dogs. Go there and see what they have, they do the proper care and needed medical care for these animals and they do not mistreat them. I know, I've been there and seen it. Go get your pet from this county Animal shelter instead of puppy mills and illegal dog or cat backyard sales people and put them all out of business!

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