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Vehicle break-ins

A car parked in Berkshire Forest was broken into overnight between Oct. 23 and Oct. 24.

Stolen from the vehicle were gift cards, credit cards, and a Dell Latitude 3189 laptop valued at $400.

Miscellaneous keys, folders and chargers were also stolen with the bookbag that held the laptop, the report said.

A purse was stolen from a 2011 Honda Pilot that was parked on International Drive on Oct. 25.

The victim had locked the vehicle, but it appeared the suspect broke a window to get in, the report said.

An SUV parked in a gated community off River Oaks Drive was broken into, and paperwork that was stolen was later found, an Oct. 26 report said.

Burglary at unfinished home

A burglary in a home under construction in The Parks subdivision was reported on Oct. 25.

The report said dining room, kitchen and bedroom flooring was stolen.

Physical assault

An officer went to Carolina Forest High School on Oct. 23 to follow up on an Oct. 21 physical assault that happened on school grounds.

The victim, an 18-year-old male, said a suspect started a verbal dispute with him about an alleged [criminal sexual conduct] incident that happened in Conway and which is being investigated by Conway police, the report said.

The victim said that while that suspect restrained the victim, a second suspect punched him in his face, and a third suspect hit him from behind him, the report said.

A witness, who the report said is the victim’s friend, intervened, and along with other students, separated the students.

The victim’s mother provided the officer with cell phone footage of the victim being physically assaulted by the three suspects, the report said.

That footage, the report said, was retrieved from an anonymous student.

The report said that footage demonstrates probable cause to charge the three suspects with assault and battery third degree.

The report also said school administration and two people listed as Entity 1 and Entity 2 will conduct their own investigations “in regard to expulsion hearings of the three suspects,” the report said.


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