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When a complainant and a suspect got into an argument about money, the complainant asked the suspect to leave the West Perry Road area hotel room where they were.

The Oct. 14 report said the suspect agreed, but said, “I’m taking the baby with me.”

The suspect, who is not the baby’s father, took the complainant’s baby and left the area in the complainant’s vehicle.

By pinging his phone, the suspect was located on the way to Georgetown County.

The report said the complainant picked up the child and did not want to pursue charges against the suspect.

Simple assault

Police responded to a report of simple assault in the Towne Centre area shortly after 7 a.m. Oct. 12.

The report said when a victim refused to kiss a drunk suspect, the suspect “fell over his own shoes,” and hit his head on the concrete.

Neither the suspect nor the victim wanted to press charges and neither of them lived at the apartment where the incident happened, the report said.

ID theft

A Bluffs on the Waterway resident reported that someone filed for unemployment using her name.

The victim registered a complaint with the SC Dept. of Employment and Workforce and reported the situation to the Federal Trade Commission.

A fraud alert was also filed with a credit bureau.

Sexual assault reported

A woman who was passed out and drunk in the back seat of her vehicle with her pants around her knees told officers she’d been raped and just discharged from the hospital.

The Oct. 14 report said McLeod Health in Carolina Forest confirmed that the victim had been treated there for injuries resulting from a sexual assault.

The victim was released to a friend who said he was “completely unaware of a sexual assault occurring” and did not know the person the victim named as the suspect, the report said.

Does that come with fries?

Officers were unable to find a male suspect who’d been reported for being unruly at the Renee Drive McDonald’s at about 10:30 p.m. on Oct. 22.

The complainant said a pedestrian tried to order at the drive-through window, and when he was told he had to come into the building, he became irate and aggressive.

The complainant also said the suspect picked up a bench and threw it at the front window panes, scuffing the windows and leaving an indentation in the metal frame.

The report said the suspect spit on the window, made a “cut throat” gesture on his neck with his hand, and fled.

Threat to Ten Oaks Middle School

An Oct. 21 report said a 12-year-old male made a threat to Ten Oaks Middle School.

The report said officers responded to the suspect’s address to speak with him and his parents.

The report also said the Watch Commander was made aware of the situation.


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