Vehicle break-ins

A Forestbrook resident reported that on Jan. 17 she noticed items had been stolen from her unlocked vehicle, according to an Horry County police report.

The victim also said there had been a suspicious vehicle in the area the previous night.

A credit card, Air Pods worth about $300 and a gold chain worth about $1,000 were stolen from a vehicle in the Arrowhead area on Jan. 23, a report said.

Overnight between Jan. 25 and Jan. 26, an unlocked vehicle in Berkshire Forest was broken into and three gas cards and $20 were stolen, a police report said.

A Waterford resident reported that overnight between Jan. 25 and Jan. 26, his vehicle was broken into and several items, later found near a neighbor’s house and returned, were taken.

He looked familiar

A 32-year-old Conway man who had been “talking out of his head” left the Waffle House near Carolina Forest without paying for his meal, staggered across the parking lot, and was almost hit by a car.

When the officer located the suspect, he continually changed what he said his name was, and he had no wallet, money or identification with him.

The report said the suspect was identified by employees working in the booking department at the jail.

Argument turns physical

A complainant told police that while she was on the phone with a woman in the Burcale Road area who is identified in the report as Victim 2, someone went into that victim’s apartment and physically assaulted her.

That victim told the officer that suspects came into her apartment and physically assaulted another person, Victim 1.

Then a second suspect physically attacked Victim 2, pushing her head into a window and causing the window to shatter, the report said. Victim 2 said she’d been hit in the face multiple times and when she screamed that the suspects should “be careful around the baby,” one of the suspects “allegedly said she didn’t care about the baby.”

The report further said that same suspect pushed/slapped him.”

The suspects, whose descriptions are redacted from the report, then left the apartment, the report said. One of the victims said in the report that the incident stemmed from an ongoing argument.


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