Policeman's back

Longs man arrested

The report of a suspicious male in the Arrowhead area led to the arrest of an 18-year-old Longs man, according to an Horry County police report.

A witness said she saw the suspect get out of a gray SUV left running in the middle of the street, and a short time later, another person discovered her own vehicle was missing. The March 1 report said the victim’s vehicle was found a short distance away, and the suspect was also found, “pulling on door handles inside the complex.”

The suspect ran away, but when found in a nearby driveway, and after being medically cleared, was arrested.

He was just cold

An officer reported that it looked like a 16-year-old suspect riding a mountain bike in the Forestbrook area could, “based on his attire, be breaking into vehicles in the area.”

The suspect’s attire, as described in the report, included “white hi-top Jordans, gray sweatpants, a black or dark blue hoodie with gray sleeves and gray gloves. The person was also wearing a black backpack.”

The officer initiated his blue lights and siren, but the suspect did not stop, the March 2 report said.

After traveling a distance, the officer held the manual siren button to make it reach and sustain the highest pitch, but the suspect still did not stop, the report said.

The office continued keeping his blue lights activated and intermittently used the siren and finally, the suspect stopped.

However, the report said when the officer got out of his vehicle, the suspect drove off again. As the suspect was making a turn, he looked at the officer and stopped. The report continued that the officer instructed the suspect to come towards him and as he did, the officer saw that the suspect had a bandana on his face.

After the suspect was handcuffed without resistance, according to the report, he said he could not hear the officer.

The report said the officer pulled the hoodie off the suspect and saw he was wearing wireless headphones.

The suspect said he was on his way home from play practice at Socastee High School and offered his music teacher’s phone number, the report said.

The officer did call the teacher who confirmed the suspect had left musical practice a short time earlier.

The officer put on the suspect’s headphones and another officer activated the patrol car siren which the officer wearing the headphones heard “faintly,” the report said.

The officer contacted the suspect’s mother who said the suspect was an A student who had not been in trouble.

The suspect was taken home, given a juvenile summons and released to his uncle.

The report said the suspect told the officer he was dressed as he was because he was cold.

Failed sobriety test

A vehicle going 19 miles over the speed limit and making erratic lane changes was stopped in the Carolina Forest area at around 11:30 p.m. March 6, according to a county police report. The suspect, a 35-year-old Myrtle Beach man, failed a sobriety test and was arrested.

Vehicle break-in

A West Perry Road area man reported that about $950 was stolen from his truck overnight between March 6 and March 7.

The victim had seen, through a window, that the overhead light came on in the truck.

All he saw of the suspect was a red hoodie.

Burglary in Emerald Lakes

An Emerald Lakes resident, 84, reported a burglary on March 8.

Missing, the report said, was about $2 in loose change and an old rifle with a wooden stock.

School bus incident

A Carolina Forest Elementary School child, 9, said he was repeatedly kicked in his shin by a 7-year-old male and two other 9-year-old males on the school bus, traveling from school to the Avalon subdivision.

The March 6 report said the two suspects wanted the victim to move from his seat.

The report said the situation will be handled through the school district.


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