Threats at elementary school

A report said a Carolina Forest Elementary School student who got upset with a classmate made a threat and was immediately taken from the classroom to the counselor’s office where officers met with him.

The victim’s parents were made aware of the situation, school administrators handled the discipline, no criminal charges will be pursued, and the report said the case is unfounded.

Tools stolen

Tools, including two paint sprayers and a DeWalt paint mixer were stolen from a building in the Burcale Road area where the victim, a Myrtle Beach man, stores tools, a report said.

The building, which the report said is always secured with a deadbolt, was entered by force with a pry tool.

Physical assault

A North Myrtle Beach woman, 39, reported that during a Christmas party, a suspect she didn’t know said, “Do you wanna fight?” and what had been verbal became physical.

The host of the party said in the report that the suspect had not been invited to the party, but was brought by someone who had been.

The report said the officer would follow up when the host learned who the suspect was.

Camera reveals intruder

Via a camera, a resident of The Farm who was out of town saw a suspect inside her home and called the police, a report said.

The victim forwarded pictures of the suspect going into the house through the garage.

The report said the victim suggested who the suspect was, but that information is redacted from the report.

The report said an officer found all the windows and doors secured with no sign of forced entry.

The report said the victim was going to return early from vacation.

Vehicle break-ins

Overnight between Dec. 23 and Dec. 24, a 2004 Honda CRV that was left unlocked was broken into on World Tour Boulevard and a shotgun as stolen.

On Dec. 25, an Arrowhead resident said her unlocked silver Lexus was broken into overnight.

Among the items stolen were a $400 iPod and a $100 Bluetooth speaker.

The report said the officer saw footage of a white male wearing a white sweat suit walking through the neighborhood yards.

Another resident on the same street reported a vehicle break-in also, as well as a burglary.

When the victim chased the suspects from his home, the suspects left the iPod and Bluetooth speaker from a previous incident behind, and the officer returned them to their owner.

A victim who reported a burglary on the same street said “two kids wearing black sweat suits” went into his home while he was sleeping, and when he chased them, they dropped a bag with items stolen from vehicle break-ins in the neighborhood.

That report said the victim was “extremely intoxicated” and contradicted himself.

The report said the case was unfounded.

Disorderly man arrested

On Dec. 29, police responded to the Southgate area because of a report of a drunk man who was dancing and jumping in front of vehicles in the road.

The report said this suspect was the same person who’d been doing this near the Walkers Woods subdivision, but when police got to that first location, the suspect was gone.

The suspect didn’t make any sense and according to the report, “had an altered mental state” and appeared to be under the influence of a mind-altering drug.

The report said the suspect wasn’t even able to provide his name, and said he had taken methamphetamine.

After being seen at the hospital, the suspect, 32, was arrested.


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