Manning suspect arrested

Police responded to Canterbury Apartments on the morning on Sept. 28 because of a Manning man, 41, knocking on the windows and doors at the office.

The suspect, who was drunk and arrested, told the officer he’d moved out of his motel that morning, and there was nobody who could come get him.

He needed to think

Police were called Sept. 28 because a vehicle was parked in front of a church on Ronald McNair Boulevard for about four hours, but the occupant hadn’t gotten out of the vehicle.

The suspect, whose identification is redacted from Horry County police report, told the officer he’d “been caught with another woman by his wife” the previous night.

He also told the officer he was sitting there to relax and organize his thoughts.

The suspect admitted to having marijuana, which the officer smelled, the report said.

The report also said, “Due to the honesty, cooperation, [and] personal issues the suspect was facing, and current inability to test in-house marijuana, a summons was not issued.

Vehicle break-ins

A Grass Busters 2005 flatbed Isuzu was broken into at Extra Room Self Storage and about $900 worth of tools were stolen.

According to the Sept. 28 police report, a hole in the fence was discovered, as was a bolt cutter and a flashlight.

The locking mechanism was cut from a secured cage where the tools were stored in the vehicle.

Two vehicles parked in a Forestbrook area driveway were broken into, but nothing was stolen, a Sept. 29 report said.

According to the report, neighbors have seen the suspect in the area on a bicycle.

A tote bag containing money, credit cards and ID was stolen from the parking lot at Buffalo Wild Wings in Carolina Forest while the victim as working, a Sept. 30 report said.

The glass on a rear door had been shattered.

A vehicle parked in the Waterway Palms subdivision was broken into and a work tablet was stolen, an Oct. 1 report said.

The victim said his vehicle had not been locked, but that the gates to the subdivision had been left open the previous day.

A Forestbrook area man reported that on Oct. 2, he noticed his vehicle had been broken into and a firearm containing a full-loaded 17-round magazine was stolen.

A 2003 Ford pick-up truck was broken into while it was parked in the Fantasy Harbour area, an Oct. 4 report said.

An igloo cooler and other small items were stolen.

The report said the door lock was damaged as was the ignition, in an unsuccessful attempt to steal the vehicle.

He has problems

A Myrtle Beach man, 54, filed a report saying that while he was in jail, a Carolina Forest area bank transferred his funds and closed all his accounts, and he could not post bail.

According to the Oct. 3 report, the bank manager did not have permission to do this.

The report also said the bank was able to recover $60,000 of the victim’s money, but another $20,000 is still unaccounted for.

This has created another problem, the report said, because the victim’s disability check is deposited into one of the closed accounts.

The victim also said that when he was arrested at the bank, he had a prescription with him and that cannot be found either.

Resident of The Farm arrested

A 40-year-old male resident of The Farm was arrested Oct. 2 because he was drunk and disorderly.

The suspect put down a large wooden board he was holding when the officers got there, but witnesses said the suspect had threatened them, and one witness said the suspect physically assaulted him.


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