Between Sept. 9 and Sept. 14, a 22-foot recreational trailer that was waiting for repairs was forcibly entered at Camping World, according to an Horry County police report.

The rear window had been broken, and the suspect lounged around the interior, using the bedrooms and the kitchen area, doing about $500 in damage.

The camper belongs to a Boiling Springs man.

Uncooperative victim

A complainant told a county officer that she had been sexually assaulted in the Town Centre area on Sept. 14, but the report said the victim refused to cooperate.

The victim remembered being at her friend’s apartment and near a body of water where the assault happened. She said she also remembered being in a hospital-like building similar to an office building, and remembered her friends finding her and staying with her until an officer got there.

The victim also said she doesn’t use narcotics and “doesn’t feel as if she had drunk enough alcohol for similar effects to happen,” the report said.

The victim refused to go to the hospital. She said in the report that the only way she knew she’d been sexually assaulted was remembering that someone had been on top of her. The report said this incident may have been related to a call for service about a drunk female wandering around Brightwater.

Forged prescriptions

A Sept. 15 report said that two prescriptions filled at CVS on International Drive on July 18 were forged.

Vehicle break-ins

A license plate was reported stolen from a 2009 Jeep Liberty Sept. 15 and replaced with a Virginia license plate.

The vehicle was parked at Tanger Outlets during the victim’s shift and the Loris resident noticed the switch when the vehicle was parked at Buffalo Wild Wings in Carolina Forest.

A Seaside Grove resident said items were stolen from her vehicle, which she believed to have been left unlocked overnight between Sept. 15 and Sept. 16.

Also on Sept. 16, it was reported that a vehicle in Ridgewood Plantation was broken into, and the report said the inside looked like it had been ransacked.

About $30 was taken.

Bullet hits building

A bullet hit the side of the Carolina Forest Vacuum building on Ronnie Court, a Sept. 16 report said.

The report said the angle of the bullet hole suggested the shot came from the direction of Carolina Forest Boulevard. The area was canvassed but nothing was found.

Burglary in The Farm

About $2,000 worth of power tools and a set of golf clubs were reported stolen from a garage in The Farm between Sept. 14 and Sept. 15. The victim, 75, wasn’t sure if the garage door had been closed.


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