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A Berkshire Forest woman, 60, reported that she was scammed when she tried to report a broken Amazon Fire Stick, according to an Horry County police report. The report said she called what she thought was the customer service line and was told she needed to buy gift cards, and was also told to download a cash app and send $100. Because the $100 did not go through, the suspect told her to send $10 and that did go through. The victim spent $100 for an Amazon gift card, $100 for a Family Dollar gift card and $10 that went through the cash app, the report said.

The phone number the victim called, thinking it was customer service, is no longer in service, the report said.

Vehicle break-ins

When police got to an Emerald Lakes address where vehicle break-ins were reported, the victims were on the ground, surrounding the suspect, a 21-year-old man, also an Emerald Lakes resident.

A security camera alerted the victims to the suspect getting into one of their vehicles. The report said the officer viewed the surveillance video and saw the suspect trying to get into multiple vehicles.

According to reports, at least five victims reported their vehicles were broken into by the same suspect.

A Forestbrook resident reported that he saw two juveniles, one on a skateboard and the other on a bike, breaking into vehicles.

The officer spotted one of the suspects, 16, who ran away, but finally stopped running and was given a juvenile summons.

The suspect said he was peer pressured into participating but would not give the name of others involved, the report said.

Acid tabs for sale

A 17-year-old male was turned over to his mother after acid tabs were found in his vehicle, a report said.

The report said an officer got a tip from a Phoenix security officer that there was a group of people in a blue Chevy Malibu trying to sell acid in the Avalon neighborhood.

The suspect, the only occupant in the vehicle, gave the officer permission to search the vehicle. The report said the officer found what, based on his experience as a patrol officer, he believed were acid tabs.

The suspect was given a juvenile summons.


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