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Vehicle break-in

A River Oaks woman reported that her 2015 Honda CRV was broken into some time between Aug. 27 – Aug. 31 while it was in the parking lot of her apartment complex, according to an Horry County police report.

The victim saw a rain guard from her vehicle on the ground, and when she looked inside the vehicle, she saw that the glove box and console had been rummaged through.

A power cord and about $20 were taken, the report said.

Attempted murder

Police responded to the Chanticleer Village area on Aug. 31 close to 4 p.m. because of a shooting incident.

A county police report said when the officer got there, a victim was on the ground and several people were trying to stop the bleeding from the victim’s gunshot wound.

No additional information about the victim was released.

Death investigation

On Sept. 1, police responded to a call about a death and found a victim unresponsive in his bedroom, according to a county police report.

Drug paraphernalia was found in the trash can next to the victim.

The Criminal Investigations Division [CID] took over the investigation.

The gender and age of the victim were redacted from the police report, as was the incident’s location.

Strong arm robbery

A Chanticleer Village woman, 19, reported that on Sept. 7 she was pushed down a flight of stairs and robbed by a stranger who took $350 from her.

The victim was meeting with someone to buy a phone, and the suspect, who was not involved in the sale, started talking with her. Then the suspect pushed the victim and took her money.

A witness corroborated the victim’s statement.

Unlawful possession/


Around 2:30 a.m. on Sept. 7, an officer stopped a dark-colored Nissan Sentra in the Burcale Road area because it had no taillights or tag light.

The driver told the officer there was marijuana in the vehicle, and while searching, the officer found a black handgun under the front seat as well as the marijuana, a county police report said.

Three suspects, the driver and two passengers were arrested.

The suspects were two 20-year-old Myrtle Beach men and a 22-year-old Conway man.

He said/they said

A home invasion in the River Oaks area was reported at about 2 a.m. on Sept. 9.

The suspect said he and one of the victims argued and the suspect was pushed, which made him fall into the residence.

That victim said the suspect was asked to bring diapers over, but an argument started. The victim said the suspect kicked the door down and went into the home. Another witness said the suspect “manhandled” the first witness and was asked to leave. However, on the other side of the closed and locked door, the suspect beat on the door and then kicked it open, came inside and punched several holes in the walls, the second witness also said.

The suspect was arrested.

Aggravated assault

An incident that “showed malicious intent and manifested extreme indifference for human life” happened at about 12:45 a.m. on Sept. 11 when a suspect poured isopropyl alcohol on a victim and threated to set her on fire, according to a county police report.

The suspect stole $600 from the victim and took her car and house keys as well as her wallet, the report said.

Vehicle break-in

A Spring Lake resident, 52, reported that overnight between Sept. 9 and Sept. 10 her vehicle was broken into and her purse was stolen, according to a county police report.

The vehicle had been in the garage with the garage door closed.

Strange situation

A Sept. 7 police report said a car accident with suspicious circumstances happened in the area of Ronald McNair Boulevard around 2:45 a.m.

The driver, identified as a witness, said he and the victim were hanging out with friends when four unknown men pulled up and pulled a gun on the victim.

A police report also said the witness sped after the suspects’ vehicle but the witness lost control of the vehicle and hit a tree.

The report said the suspects then ran up to the wrecked vehicle and robbed the victim at gunpoint.

The witness, a minor, was released to his mother.

The victim said he knew two of the suspects but refused to identify them to the officer.


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