Policeman's back

Eventful ride

After being arrested for third-degree assault and battery and secured in a police vehicle, a suspect kicked the window and door on the back-passenger side, causing the door to bow, according to an Horry County police report.

When the officer tried to secure the suspect’s feet, the suspect kicked the officer in the face and chest, causing the officer’s glasses to fall to the ground.

This happened several times before zip ties could be put around the suspect’s ankles. On the way to jail, the suspect took off his waist chain and swung it at the camera, causing the camera to fall off the mount, the report said.

Disorderly man arrested

A Myrtle Beach man, 48, was arrested for public disorderly conduct after having previously been told to leave an area, according to a county police report. The suspect sat in front of the Circle K in the Carolina Forest area asking for money and yelling.

The officer said in the report he could smell alcohol and urine on the suspect, and the suspect had slurred speech and trouble making sentences. The suspect also had a plastic bag with several beers, some opened and some not.

Vehicle break-in

An Arrowhead area woman reported that two vehicles at her home were gone through overnight.

A security camera showed two people walking towards the victim’s unlocked vehicles at about 3:30 a.m.

One suspect was a male wearing black sandals, black socks, blue shorts and a black sweatshirt, a county police report said.

The other suspect was a male wearing a gray sweatshirt and tan-looking shorts. That suspect is seen taking an item from the glove compartment and putting it into his sweatshirt.

Dinner and laundry

coming up

A male wearing a hat and mask is seen on video taking nine packages of steak and three large containers of Tide pods from Lowes Food on Fresh Drive without paying for the items, according to an Horry County police report.

Pics taken, sent, deleted

A Burcale Road area woman reported that about a month ago, someone took explicit pictures of a naked minor. Those pictures, a county police report said, were sent to other people. When the parents of the child spoke with those people, they removed the pictures from their telephones.

Local woman arrested

A 24-year-old Chanticleer Village woman was charged with assault and battery after officers spoke with witnesses and watched a video.

On the video, the suspect is seen swinging a hammer in her hand, “swinging it at the victim to injure him,” a county police report said.

The suspect also bit the victim when he tried to take the hammer away.

Soliciting for money

A male suspect soliciting for money and holding a sign that said “Homeless Please Help God Bless” was arrested in the Carolina Forest area on May 11.

The report said the officer had dealt with this suspect at least twice before because he was soliciting for money.

On the same day, police responded to a call about a male soliciting for money in the Emerald Lakes area, and the suspect was arrested.

The suspect told the officer he was trying to get enough money to go home to Wisconsin.

Vehicle break-ins

An Indiana couple reported that their white Chevy Traverse was broken into while it was parked at the Days Inn. Missing items include a gray and silver Acer laptop computer.

Mom was called

A 17-year-old female was released to her mother after marijuana and rum were found in the suspect’s vehicle. The suspect, who was drunk, also had marijuana in her pocket and admitted that the marijuana in the vehicle was hers.

The suspect was detained because she was parked behind a “no trespassing” barrier in the Ashley Park area at about 3:27 a.m. on May 17.


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I realize that an @ 20% segment of the population has complained about reports listing suspects race which has resulted in that piece of information being deleted from articles. What’s next? Gender?

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