ID theft

On July 10, a resident of the Bluffs on the Waterway reported getting a statement for a credit card with a $1,009.67 charge from Wayfair that was not hers, according to an Horry County police report.

The victim, 50, was told she needed a police report to make a fraud complaint.

A Plantation Lakes resident reported that he deleted text messages he got from TD Bank because he doesn’t have an account there and assumed the texts were fake.

However, on July 10, the victim, 47, got a book of checks in the mail from that bank.

The victim learned that a suspect opened an account online in the victim’s name, and the suspect included the victim’s address, birthdate, phone number and social security number, the report said.

The victim closed the account and has not had any financial loss.

A Walkers Woods man, 65, said he thought he was responding to an offer for music through Amazon, but later got notices that charges he had not made were on his Amazon account.

The victim said the person he spoke with knew the last four digits on the victim’s card and other information on his Amazon account, the report said.

One of the charges for $100 was declined by the bank, but a Western Union financial transfer for $318 went through.

Stalker arrested

A Carolina Forest area man reported that a suspect has been harassing and stalking him since January.

The victim said he moved from his previous home because of it, but the suspect has been driving around the victim’s new home in a red Ford truck, harassing him and a second victim, the report said.

The victim had cameras installed at his home because he is afraid, the report said.

A second victim said the suspect drove around the home several times and got out of the vehicle and walked around the house, the report said.

The second victim also said in the report that the suspect walked towards the steps of the home, cocking a black shotgun and pointing it at him.

That victim went inside to get his own handgun for protection, and when he went back outside, the suspect was still pointing the shotgun at the victim, the report said.

The first victim called 911 and was told that both victims should go inside, which they did.

The report said the suspect fled from the responding officer in the area of Village Center Road and was finally detained.

The suspect, who was having medical issues, was observed and treated at Mcleod Health in Carolina Forest and then arrested.

The suspect’s vehicle, which was on Carolina Forest Boulevard, had a fully-loaded shotgun in a black garbage bag on the front seat, the report said.

Vehicle break-in

A blue Land Rover was broken into in the Fantasy Harbour area on July 7.

A white rock was used to smash the front passenger window, and the vehicle was rummaged through.

The report said the victim has video of the suspect and damage to the vehicle,

Taken from the vehicle, the report said, was a wallet with a few dollars and a bank card.

Death investigation

In the afternoon on July 6, a Forestbrook area man called 911 because his girlfriend was “on the same spot on the couch” where she had been at midnight.

The complainant told the responding officer in the report that the girlfriend did not feel well the previous night and told the complainant she was going to take a sleeping pill.

The complainant said the girlfriend “started acting weird” about two weeks prior to this, so he started keeping his weapon unloaded and hidden.

A detective was brought to the scene, the report said.

Road rage

A road rage complaint around lunchtime on July 18 involved someone who said another person shot a gun at him. However, the accused said he did not, and his weapon was in a holster with the safety on, the report said.

The gun had a full magazine but no round in the chamber and it did not look like it had been fired recently, the report said.

Both men said they were cut off in traffic as they were merging onto U.S. 501 from Forestbrook Road, and they exchanged gestures as they traveled on S.C. 31 to the point that one of them called 911.

One man said the other threw a Coke bottle at his vehicle, but neither the man nor the officer saw any damage to the vehicle, the report said.

One of the men was upset that nothing was being done about someone shooting at him, but the officer explained that he saw no evidence of that happening.

Because that man persisted in being upset, the officer presented the case for a warrant, and the judge said he did not find probable cause for one.

Burglary in Waterford

When an officer got to a residence in Waterford Plantation because of a reported burglary, the suspect, a 28-year-old Conway man, was tied up and being held down by one of the victims, a July 19 report said. The report said a victim had given the suspect the location, and when the door was opened by someone identified as a witness in the report, the suspect had a knife in his hand.

The witness shut and locked the door, and the suspect banged on it eventually kicking it in.

The suspect was tackled to the ground by two of the victims and was arrested.


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