Furniture and fraud

A complainant reported that while working at the company, a suspect gave merchandise belonging to Global Office Furniture to another suspect who was selling that merchandise online.

The complainant’s associate bought the furniture and saw the shipping labels on the boxed merchandise matched those belonging to the company, the report said.

The report indicated the value of the furniture was more than $10,000.

Local woman arrested

A Myrtle Beach woman, 30, was arrested for soliciting for money at the corner of Postal Way and Carolina Forest Boulevard at about 10:20 a.m. on June 15.

The suspect tried to hide the sign she was holding and walked away when she saw the officer.

According to the report, when he caught up with her, she pulled away from him, knocking his body camera off his body.

Road rage with a gun

A road rage incident involving a gun near the Bob Evans restaurant was reported on June 18.

The victim said the suspect pulled up beside him in traffic and yelled and pointed a gun at him.

A check of the license plate indicated the owner lives in Murrells Inlet, and the homeowner recognized the vehicle and the description of the suspect, the report said.

The officer will present the victim with a photo lineup after getting a current picture of him from J. Reuben Long Detention Center booking, the report said.

Vehicle break-in

A toolbox was reportedly pried open in a Lanes Professional Pest Elimination vehicle in the Carolina Forest area on June 16.

Items taken from the toolbox include a drill, auger bit and a red case filled with miscellaneous chemicals, the report said.

Mob attack

According to a heavily redacted report, a victim was leaving the Myrtle Beach National area when a passenger in his vehicle overheard something, and saw what the report calls “a gang sign” about the passenger.

The passenger got out of the vehicle and confronted the suspect, and when the victim grabbed the passenger and told him to get back in the truck, they were followed by a group, the report said.

“The biggest guy ripped my door open and started jumping on me while I couldn’t get out, hitting me about 12-14 times,” the victim said in the report.

Three or four of the mob attacked the passenger, the report said.

The driver said in the report that he thinks the suspects were underage and had been drinking.

The two victims were treated at the hospital.


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