Mob assault

A man working on his truck at the Myrtle Beach Speedway was approached by another man who started an argument, a June 13 Horry County police report said.

The victim pushed the suspect and the suspect swung at the victim.

After “trading a few punches,” the victim tried running away but the suspect caught him, pushed him to the ground and kicked and stomped on him.

Several of the suspect’s friends joined the assault as did several of the victim’s friends.

The victim was seen by EMS, and did want to pursue charges.

He punched her

A physical assault in Plantation Lakes involved a female being punched in her face after a verbal argument with a male suspect, a June 9 police report said.

The victim did not want to press charges.

Hitting and biting

A male suspect was asked several times to leave a residence in The Farm where he had shown up uninvited.

The June 11 report, taken at about 1:15 a.m., said a verbal altercation became physical when the suspect hit and bit the victim.

The report said the suspect bit and hit a second victim also, and then hit a third victim.

Then, with a witness, the suspect left the area.

The report said the witness provided a positive identification of the suspect and said the suspect did physically assault the three victims.

Swindling attempt

A 74-year-old Avalon woman was called by a suspect saying he represented Norton Antivirus, which owed the victim a $250 refund.

The June 13 police report said the victim provided the suspect with her bank account and routing numbers so the refund could be deposited into her account.

The victim was contacted the following day by the same suspect who said he accidently deposited $2,500 instead of $250 into her account and needed her to refund the $2,000, the report said.

The victim provided her bank information a second time, but he called again saying he hadn’t been able to get the money from her account.

Instead, the report continued, the suspect demanded the victim to buy four $500 gift cards.

At this point, the victim’s husband overheard the conversation and ended it.

The report said the suspect texted the victim saying he was going to kill himself if he didn’t get his money back because he would lose his job.

The phone number the suspect called the victim on was an untraceable mobile app, the report said.

Storage unit burglarized

A Myrtle Beach man reported that his storage unit on U.S. 501 was broken into between April 29 and June 9.

The victim said the lock on the unit was not his, and the storage facility staff said it did not belong to them either.

Miscellaneous household items were stolen from the unit, the report said.


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