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Burglary on Burcale

A burglary on Burcale Road was reported June 4 by a 48-year-old male resident, according to an Horry County police report.

The report said a female he’s been communicating with on Facebook asked the victim to “grab some clothing,” but he told her he was at work and would do so when he got home. When the victim did get home, his front door was unlocked, alcohol, cell phones, and the other person’s clothes were missing.

The victim said he did not have contact information for the female.

How’s that again?

A complainant who said she previously gave a suspect permission to take sexual pictures of her filed a report saying she did not know the suspect had kept such pictures.

In the June 2 report, the victim said she thinks the suspect knew her phone password and took pictures of the pictures from the victim’s Snapchat account.

Disorderly female

A dispute between neighbors in BelleGrove resulted in a female, 26, being arrested on June 6 at about 4:30 a.m.

The complainant said the suspect was trying to back a trailer attached to a truck into her yard while drunk and playing loud music which woke the complainant.

The suspect was cursing, was irate and wouldn’t comply with the officer’s instructions to calm down and lower her voice, the report said.

In the patrol car, the suspect kicked and head-butted the windows and doors, the report said.

Vehicle break-ins

Nothing was taken, but a Jeep in the Forestbrook area was broken into overnight between June 4 and June 5.

Another resident on the same street saw on her security camera that someone was in her driveway at about 2 a.m., also overnight between June 4 and June 5.

Nothing was taken from that vehicle either, the report said.

A neighbor’s security camera saw two individuals wearing sweatshirts and shorts open the first complainant’s car door.

They also went to the second complainant’s vehicle, but it was locked.

Another resident on the same street reported a vehicle break-in, also between June 4 and June 5, and a hand gun was taken from that vehicle.

On the same date, another Forestbrook area resident reported that his truck was broken into and nothing significant was taken.

His other vehicle, a silver 2004 Volvo S60, was stolen at that same time.


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