Policeman's back

Computer damaged at OBMS

Two males, 14 and 16, were seen on video destroying a laptop computer left on a table outside the Ocean Bay Middle School cafeteria.

The laptop had been accidently left there by a seventh grader, a Sept. 24 police report said.

Video shows the suspects walking past the table with a basketball, and one of them tossing the computer into the air and catching it.

The report said eventually, he failed to catch it and the Dell Chromebook computer, valued at about $365, hit the ground.

A second video shows a basketball hitting another camera, trying to redirect its view.

The next day, the badly damaged computer was found on the sidewalk leaving the school property in the direction of The Farm.

School staff recognized the suspects and one suspect was brought to the school by his mother.

The report said the officer will follow up with the second suspect.

Starting young

A 7-year-old Berkshire Forest male and a friend were harassed by two other boys while the complainant’s son and his friend were riding their bikes.

The two suspects, who were about 10, caught the victims, tackled them, and punched the complainant’s son in his face, the report said.

The complainant said she does not know who the suspects were, but that the assault was completely unprovoked.

Upset about masks

A Waterford Plantation resident reported a Sept. 26 altercation involving face masks.

The report said while the victim was in the Family Dollar store on River Oaks Drive, she asked an employee to put her face mask on correctly.

Another employee began to argue with the victim about that, the report said.

When the victim left the store, she said the suspect, who was walking to his own vehicle, hit her in her back with a shopping cart..

The police report also said the victim was very emotional about the situation and wanted the employee fired.

The officer explained that she did not have the power to terminate the employee, so the victim said she wanted the incident documented.

Vehicle break-ins

A Chanticleer Village man reported that on Sept. 29 the back window of his blue 2008 Saturn Aura was smashed with a brick wrapped in a shopping bag, according to an Horry County police report. Nothing was taken from the vehicle.

Also on Sept. 29, an employee noticed a hole had been cut into the roof of a vehicle at Ken Baker Originals Auto Repair shop.

The report said there is about $5,000 - $6,000 worth of damage to the vehicle.

The owner of the vehicle said there had been nothing of value in it.

Pornography at CFHS

According to an Oct. 2 police report, Carolina Forest High School found that an unknown suspect “hacked into a virtual classroom and proceeded to disseminate obscene images and video to class participants.”

The Criminal Investigation Department [CID] took over the investigation.

Burglary reported

Police responded to a report of a burglary in the Gardner Lacy Road area at about 7:15 p.m. Oct. 2.

The victim, a 22-year-old female, responded to banging at her front door, and when she refused to allow the suspect to come in, the suspect damaged the door and went in and an argument started, the report said.

The suspect threw a broom at the victim and knocked over a TV before leaving when she was told the police had been called, the report said.


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