Samuel Alexander Frye

Samuel Alexander Frye appears at his bond hearing Friday, Oct. 16 following his arrest Thursday night in connection to a shooting in Myrtle Beach that left two people dead.

A judge on Friday set a $250,000 bond for a 21-year old man police charged in connection with a shooting in Myrtle Beach this week that left two people dead.

Judge J. Scott Long set bond for Samuel Alexander Frye, who is charged with accessory after the fact of felony or murder. 

The Myrtle Beach Police Department announced Frye’s arrest Thursday night. Police said he is active duty in the Air Force and stationed at Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter.

During his bond hearing, Frye said he joined the Air Force to "get away from the violence."

"I have no idea how my name got mixed up into this situation," he said.

If Frye does post bail, he will be required to wear a GPS monitoring system and surrender his passport.

"You can have it," Frye said.

The shooting happened during pre-dawn hours at Allen’s Food Basket, which is by U.S. 501.

Multiple people were hurt when officers arrived on scene. Police said four people were sent to the hospital. One person was treated on scene and released.

Authorities confirmed 30-year old Darius Hemingway from Myrtle Beach died to the shooting.

On Thursday, Myrtle Beach police spokesman Tom Vest confirmed a second victim died from their injuries. The coroner's office has not released that person's name.

MBPD detective Chris White said a vehicle linked to Frye led to his arrest Thursday night.

"A vehicle belonging to the defendant was seen, and we have evidence that it was at the scene of the shooting," White said.

White added the vehicle was also seen leaving the scene and there was physical evidence in the vehicle that connected Frye to the scene.

White said Frye tried to report the vehicle as stolen to an insurance company.

He said that when Frye arrived for work at the Air Force, he told them that he had lost the keys but actually still had the keys on his possession when he arrived at work.

"Shortly after the shooting, he sold the car," White said.

Police now have the car in their possession.

Authorities have not announced any other arrests in the case. The investigation is still ongoing.

Anyone with information is asked to call the MBPD at 843-918-1382 or Detective Southerland at 843-213-8775 and mention report number 20-019465.


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