Grateful Doe has been identified. television partner WMBF is reporting the missing man identified as Grateful Doe is Jason Callahan, formerly of Myrtle Beach.

Myrtle Beach police have investigating possible ties between the Myrtle Beach man missing since 1995 and “Grateful Doe,” a previously unidentified man found dead in a Virginia car crash nearly 20 years ago.

Jason Patrick Callahan, who today would be 38 years old, was last seen in June 1995 when he left to follow the Grateful Dead. His mother reported him missing to the Myrtle Beach Police Department nearly a year ago.

In a police report filed Jan. 13, a Myrtle Beach woman, 63, reported to Myrtle Beach police that she hadn’t seen or heard from her son since early June 1995.

Lt. Joey Crosby, spokesman for Myrtle Beach police, has said police began looking into connections between Callahan and “Grateful Doe” after reviewing information obtained from social media.

According to media reports, “Grateful Doe” is the name Virginia state police assigned to a man killed in a car crash in Emporia, Va., a southern Virginia town located off I-95 near the N.C. border.

The crash, which happened the afternoon of Monday, June 26, 1995, also killed a University of South Carolina student, an April 25 story at said.

The USC student was identified in the Huffington Post story as Michael Hager, a 21-year-old student.

The other occupant wasn’t identified. Police found four quarters, a BIC lighter, two Grateful Dead ticket stubs in his pocket and a note mentioning two people named “Caroline,” the story said.

Callahan is described in the Myrtle Beach police report as having wavy blonde hair and brown eyes. He stood 5-10 to 6-0 and weighed about 160 pounds.

He has no known scars, marks or tattoos.

Crosby couldn't say exactly why the missing persons report wasn't filed until recently, but noted the Callahan's mother didn't know which jurisdiction to file the report with due to the nomadic nature of Grateful Dead fans.

“She attempted to report it when he went missing but didn’t know which jurisdiction to report it to,” he said. “It’s in the infancy stages of the investigation. We’re still trying to piece everything together.”

A missing persons report on the NamUS unidentified persons database website, which falls under the U.S. Department of Justice, described the man killed in the Emporia car crash as between 16 and 21 years old.

He weighed about 169 pounds and stood 68 inches tall. The report says the crash occurred on U.S. 58. He was in a Volkswagon van that ran off the side of the road, striking some trees.

"The unidentified passenger did not have any identification on him and no identification was found in the van," the report said.

The report said he had shoulder length and slightly curly light brown to dark blond hair. His left ear lobe was pierced and he had a small scar on the left side of his back.

The man also had a five-pointed star on his upper left arm. He was wearing a red Grateful Dead concert t-shirt from the summer 1995 tour, Levis Straus 505 light blue jeans with a waist of 33 and length of 32, and white athletic socks. He wore a size 11 1/2 shoe, the report said.

DNA and dental samples have been taken Callahan was identified after DNA testing was complete.


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