Julian Betton in court

Julian Betton is moved from his wheelchair to a gurney so he can be transported from the courthouse to his Myrtle Beach apartment. Benton was shot nine times by drug agents during a 2015 raid. On Thursday morning, the 32-year-old pleaded guilty to marijuana distribution and possession with intent to distribute marijuana. Charges of pointing and presenting a firearm were dismissed.

A Myrtle Beach man who was shot nine times by drug agents in 2015 reached a tentative agreement to settle a civil case against the city, representatives from both sides confirmed Thursday. 

Details of the settlement have not been disclosed. Julian Betton, who is paralyzed from the waist down, had sued the city, Solicitor Jimmy Richardson and the 15th Circuit Drug Enforcement Unit. The DEU is an agency made up of officers from departments throughout the region. In 2018, Betton reached a settlement with two of the agents who shot him and several leaders of the DEU for $2.75 million. His remaining dispute was with the city and officer David Belue and that trial had been scheduled to begin this month. The recent agreement would end the case.

“We are extremely satisfied with the resolution and will release full details when we can,” Betton’s attorney Jonny McCoy said.

City spokesman Mark Kruea said the insurance company that represents the city decided to settle the case.

“Details of that agreement are being negotiated and will be finalized in coming weeks,” Kruea said via email. “The trial that was expected to begin later this month has been stayed, pending settlement negotiations.” 

The shooting happened at Betton’s Withers Swash apartment on April 16, 2015. 

DEU agents came to Betton’s apartment looking for drugs. A confidential informant had purchased marijuana from Betton on two prior occasions and authorities had obtained warrants for his arrest, according to public records.

Court records indicate the DEU didn’t have a formal policy for executing search warrants when Betton was shot. Police can obtain no-knock warrants, but agents had a standard warrant when they raided Betton’s apartment that day. That means they would have been required to knock and announce themselves before entering.

Police initially said they had knocked on Betton's door and announced themselves. When they went inside, they said he started shooting at them, prompting them to return fire.

However, the evidence revealed the officers' accounts weren’t accurate. Although there’s no body camera or dash cam video of the shooting, Betton had a surveillance system at his apartment and that video depicts what happened outside the home. 

The video shows the officers directing one of Betton's neighbors to get on the ground. One officer then opens a screen door before another rams Betton’s front door. The video does not show an officer knocking. The video has no audio, so it’s unclear what, if anything, was said.

A neighbor who was on the ground told state investigators that the drug agents never knocked or identified themselves as police.

Betton has said he had a gun in his apartment, but he denied shooting at the police. 

A State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) investigation determined Betton told the truth: He never fired his weapon.

Yet an independent prosecutor who reviewed the case concluded that the agents who shot Betton — Belue, Frank Waddell and Chris Dennis — acted in self defense.

They did not face criminal charges. 

During a hearing in the civil case in September, federal judges described the case as “horrendous” and “outrageous.” 

“How is this case a bad guess in a gray area under our law?” Judge Barbara Milano Keenan said. “It doesn’t even seem to be a guess. They just came in to unload on this guy.”

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