Conway Sports and Fitness Center

Conway Sports and Fitness Center

The Conway Sports and Fitness Center sent a release tonight saying that an employee of the Conway Sports and Fitness Center has tested positive for COVID-19, and they are canceling summer camps for the time being, to be safe. 

"Out of an abundance of caution, we are canceling our summer day camps for the foreseeable future with the hopes of resuming it at a later date in the summer," said June Wood, assistant director of the center, in a release Wednesday night. "Our staff members are in the process of contacting all participants of the camp."

Wood said the center is issuing refunds for the remainder of days for this week at a prorated fee. The camp will be closed for a minimum of two weeks, and Wood said participants will receive a full refund.

"We are hopeful to resume soon but parents can request a refund for the entire summer should they choose," Wood said. 

If camp does resume this summer, participants registered for those weeks will be contacted and given the option to return. 

Wood said in the release that at no point was the employee experiencing symptoms while at the center, and the employee was never in direct contact with any participants of the camp. 

The employee, however, may have been in contact with camp counselors. 

Since reopening last week, the Conway Sports and Fitness center is cleaned prior to opening each day and closes each day between noon and 1 p.m. for cleaning of the facility and sanitization of the equipment.

"That practice will remain in place," Wood said. 

Check back with My Horry News for any updates. 


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