Jutwa Hollingsworth

Jutwa Hollingsworth

Charged with breaking into cars

Student alleges sexual assault

Horry County Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division is looking into a possible sexual assault on an Horry County school bus involving students from Horry County Alternative School.

According to a county police report, an officer responded to the school on June 5 due to an assault between two students.

The victim, a 13-year-old female, told the officer she had been “sexually assaulted by force” on the bus by a 14-year-old male.

This led officers to interview other students who allegedly had knowledge of the incident, according to the report. The interviews corroborated the victim’s story, “giving strength to the allegations,” the report said.

Horry County Schools spokesperson Lisa Bourcier said the district is aware of the incident, which is currently under investigation by both law enforcement and school administration.

Accidental deaths

■ Amanda Tyler, 37, of the Loris area died from injuries sustained from a single motor vehicle crash Saturday at about noon.

The victim died at the scene. The crash happened on Hwy 19 near U.S. 701 North and Allsbrook Crossroads. The S.C. Highway Patrol is investigating this incident.

■ Don “Donald” Truluck died as a result of injuries sustained in a house fire Friday on Rolling Ridge Drive in Longs. He was 61-years-old. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Corporals poised for pay raises

Conway Police Chief Dale Long made a pitch to Conway City Council’s new public safety subcommittee Monday afternoon to award pay increases to three corporals at a cost of $5,400 a year.

Long said detectives and corporals do the same job and, at times, are interchangeable, but three of the department’s six corporals make less money than the detectives.

He reasoned that it would make more sense for them to make the same amount.

Conway Mayor Barbara Blain-Bellamy and Councilman Larry White agreed to recommend this to the entire council.

Slowing down speeders

Conway Police Chief Dale Long told the city’s public safety subcommittee that after studying the Sedgefield and Pecan Grove subdivisions, out U.S. 701 South, that the areas don’t need speed humps or bumps.

He said the average speed of motorists monitored was only 1mph over the 25mph speed limit.

He wants to continue monitoring the area and keeping a law enforcement presence there.

The homeowners association from Pecan Grove had asked to have the 25mph speed limit reduced, but Long said the city received a seven-page petition signed by people in the subdivision who didn’t want the speed limit reduced.

Councilman Larry White asked about signs that say, “Slow children playing”, but City Administration Adam Enrick said there can be legal problems with these if they’re erected and missing later.

It was suggested that signs that say, “Drive like your kids live here” might be better because they are actually in people’s yards. Installing three-way or four-way stops were also discussed.

Alcohol/drug incidents

■ When Conway police went to check on a suspicious person at a construction site on Church Street, they found a man sitting on a piece of construction equipment, according to a Conway police report.

Police say the man was slurring his speech and smelled of alcohol, and police noticed that he had an open can of beer under his shirt.

He was charged with public drunkenness and taken to jail.

■ At 10 a.m. Sunday morning, Conway police spotted two people drinking from open containers as they traveled on Main Street, according to a Conway police report. Police stopped the car, talked with the driver and smelled alcohol coming from inside the vehicle, according to a Conway police report.

In plain view, police say they saw two open containers of beer inside the truck. The police report says the driver admitted to drinking alcohol inside the vehicle from one of the open containers. During a search of the vehicle, police reported finding a Springfield Armory XDS 9mm on the dash covered with a t-shirt. The gun was loaded with one round in the chamber and one in the magazine.

A policeman then searched the driver and found a clear plastic bag holding a green leafy substance that he believed to be marijuana. A glass pipe commonly used to smoke marijuana was wrapped inside the bag. The Conway man was charged with simple possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, open container and unlawful carrying of a pistol and was taken to jail.

The female passenger was also taken to jail charged with open container. She was booked into jail and released about three hours later.

■ An Aynor man, who told police he had been in a hospital for a heart issue, drew the attention of Conway police at about 1 a.m. Saturday as he weaved in his traffic lane and almost hit a curb, according to a Conway police report.

The report says the policeman saw an open container of alcohol sitting in the cup holder in the center console.

The policeman says the man told him he didn’t have a driver’s license, trying instead to give him his automobile registration.

After the policeman says the man performed poorly on field sobriety tests, he took him in for a breath test, which he refused.

The man was charged with driving under the influence, second offense; driving under suspension, third or subsequent for DUI; and open container.

■ A Myrtle Beach man was charged with driving with an unlawful alcohol concentration and open container Tuesday at about 9:30 p.m. on S.C. 544 when, police say, he couldn’t stay in his lane.

A Conway police report says the policeman smelled alcohol coming from inside the vehicle and the driver was slurring his speech.

He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was taken in for a breath test. He registered .22 on the test and was taken to jail.

■ Conway police were called to investigate a vehicle accident possibly involving an intoxicated driver on Church Street Tuesday at just before midnight, according to a Conway police report.

The report says the West Virginia driver first hit another vehicle on the other side of Lake Busbee in the county’s jurisdiction and kept going on Church Street where he hit the curb before Sixteenth Avenue and then went into the other lane where he hit still another vehicle.

The driver stopped on the 1600 block of Church Street where he blocked both lanes. Witnesses in the area told police that the driver tried to swing at them multiple times.

The policeman says the man was slurring his speech and he smelled of alcohol. He told police he might have had a drink at some time.

He also said he was driving a friend’s car. He began attempting field sobriety tests, but the officer stopped the tests for the safety of the driver and himself.

At the jail, the police report says, the suspect became irate, would not follow the policeman’s instructions or stay in the room. He refused a breath test and tried to fight jail staff when he was turned over to them, the report says.

Sisters spar

Two sisters summoned Conway police after they got into a fight Tuesday afternoon.

A Conway police report says one sister went to the other’s residence to collect some of her curtains. She says the sister told her she could get her curtains, but not the rods. When the girl began to get her curtains, the other sister told her to stop, that was enough and that she was breaking her stuff.

At that point she says she reached for the curtains and her sister body slammed her. She protected herself and called 911.

The other sister said police had told her sister not to go back to the residence, but she came there anyway and beat on the front door. She didn’t open it so her sister went to the back door where she told her she didn’t need to come in because she was getting her things together and planned to put them on the front porch.

She said her sister told her if she didn’t let her in, she would start breaking the windows. When she asked her sister if there was anything she needed right then, she said her sister walked past her and went in.

She said she already had most of her sister’s things in a box, but her sister said she wanted to get the rest of her curtains. She said her sister started pulling the curtains down, breaking the rods. She said she told her to stop and get out, but her sister didn’t leave. Instead she called 911.

She said when she tried to grab the curtain rod out of her sister’s hand, her sister pulled back as if to strike her. She grabbed the curtain rod and the two pulled back and forth until her sister finally let go. She said she told her sister to get her belongings and go. She said her sister dropped her things and got in her face, and that’s when her sister spit in her face and punched her in the left side of her head. She said she tried to grab her arms and told her to stop and get out. She said the two fell to the ground where she held her down. The police report says that’s when she says her sister hit her on the right arm, leaving a mark. She let go and her sister left.

The responding officer says due to the conflicting reports, he told the sisters they could get a copy of the report and take it to the city judge for a warrant.

Group altercation

Conway police were called to Hemingway Street Tuesday at bout 10:30 p.m. where there had been a group altercation, according to a Conway police report.

A teen and a young woman were listed as victims. One person was shot and the other had a head injury. The victims were located and taken to Conway Medical Center.

One suspect was unknown and listed as being between 15 and 20-years-old.

A young Conway woman was arrested, taken to jail and charged with assault and battery, second degree.

She’s fired

A male Conway business owner and a female employee got into a verbal dispute before the man told the woman she was fired, according to a Conway police report.

The woman told police her employer told her to leave, but she wanted to make sure that she wasn’t leaving any of her things.

When she turned around in the doorway to go back in, she says, the man pushed her into the door and onto the ground.

She got up and went toward the man and pushed him back. At that point, they both got into a physical fight in the doorway. The Conway police report says both suspects were actively fighting one another with neither trying to de-escalate the situation.

After they separated, they called police, but neither one wanted to prosecute. The man got treatment for a minor puncture wound, but the woman refused treatment.

Police watched footage of the fight and saw that they were both actively fighting each other.

Police say neither person was using drugs or alcohol, and no charges were filed.

Items missing

A resident of Bellamy Avenue told police that when she went downstairs to pay for food that she had ordered at about 1:30 p.m. on a recent day, her 55-inch Samsung smart flat-screen television and Amazon Alexa Echo Dot were on her television stand.

The next day she went to her kitchen to fix something to eat and realized that they were gone. She figures it’s a $1,600 loss.

More stealing

A representative from Palmetto Custom Floors called police recently when he realized that someone had taken a 6x12 trailer from in front of the business. He thinks it was taken sometime between Friday evening and Saturday morning.

The owner said the trailer is white with side doors and a drop-down tailgate. He estimates the value at $3,500.

Teen charged with vehicle break-ins

A Conway teen was charged with entering two unlocked vehicles, one on Horry Street and one on Brown Street, over a recent night.

The police report says missing things on Brown Street included a wallet, $400 in assorted bills, credit and debit cards, an Ipad4, the vehicle’s registration and maintenance cards.

Shortly after that, someone went into a car on Horry Street at about 4 a.m. A resident reported hearing a loud noise, going out to the carport and seeing a teen inside of her car. She said when the teen saw her he ran away.

Missing items included a wallet, S.C. driver’s license, Social Security card, Uber Visa debit card, two insurance cards and a Crown Royal bag filled with an unknown amount of loose change.

Conway police viewed a video that the homeowner had of the teen inside the car and the policeman thought he recognized the Conway teen from past dealings with him.

The suspect was wearing an ankle monitor so the policeman was able to get an exact GPS location of the suspect from his probation officer that put him in the area of Horry Street at about 4 a.m.

Police also collected a fingerprint from the vehicle.

When the probation officer checked the teen’s monitor, he was also able to place him near the Brown Street location at 3:53 a.m.

Jutwa Esquan Hollingsworth, 19, of Conway was charged with simple possession of marijuana; breaking into an automobile, three counts; and financial card theft, two counts. He was still in jail yesterday without having a bond set.

According to Horry County jail records, Hollingsworth was charged in May with possession of a stolen vehicle and three counts of financial transaction card fraud.

■ A resident of Boundary Street called police when she noticed that someone had taken her gear shift apart and a piece was missing from inside of it.

She said she left her window down. According to the Conway police report, nothing else was missing or damaged.

■ A resident of Neely Drive told police that over a recent night, someone took her license plate, along with $1,000 of assorted currency, three wallets and a Social Security card.

There’s a video

A Conway area woman told police that her sister has been harassing her for some time now because she had slept with her sister’s boyfriend and there was a video of it, according to an Horry County police report.

The sister who slept with the boyfriend said when she had had enough of her sister’s threats she grabbed her son’s toy handgun and walked to the edge of her porch when her sister was coming at her.

She said she told her that she had had enough and she needed to leave her alone or she would shoot her. She said she never pointed the gun at her sister.

During the investigation, the aggrieved sister said she didn’t want to follow through with charging her sister with the gun; she just wanted the incident documented.


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