Body recovered

Officers with the S.C. Department of Natural Resources recovered the body of Wade Barnes from the Waccamaw River Friday not far from Peachtree Landing. Barnes, a kayaker, was reported missing Nov. 7. He was 37-years-old and living in the Surfside area. This case has been ruled an accidental drowning.

Home burglary

A resident of Graham Road told Conway police that when she came home for lunch this past Thursday she put her key into the deadbolt lock, but it kept continually turning and would not open the front door, according to a Conway police report.

She says she went to a side door and went into her bedroom where she found the room in disarray. She went back out and called police and her husband.

Her husband told police he left the house at about 7 a.m. and that no one should have been inside after that. He said an estimated $100 was missing from the master bedroom.

Alcohol/drug incidents

■ A Conway man was being detained by an Horry County policeman at an Exxon convenience store on Church Street in Conway when a Conway policeman arrived to help, according to the Conway police report.

The county officer said the suspect was behind the wheel of his vehicle with his keys in the ignition when he first spoke with him. He said a witness told him he was driving behind the suspect when he saw him strike the curb on Church Street near Conway High School multiple times. In plain view inside the vehicle, police saw multiple open containers with a “drinkable portion” of alcohol still in the containers.

The Conway cop said he smelled alcohol when he spoke with the Conway driver, who had red glassy eyes, was slurring his speech and was unsteady on his feet. The man refused a request from the officer to attempt field sobriety tests. He was taken in for a breath test. He registered .26 before being taken to Conway Medical Center for a medical evaluation.

When the suspect was cleared, the policeman took him to jail on a charge of driving under the influence, second offense, .16 or more, and he was issued a citation for open container.

■ Conway police were called to Wright Boulevard and Fourth Avenue to check on a motor vehicle accident at about 9 p.m. one night this past week.

The Conway police report says the driver determined to be at fault smelled of alcohol, was slurring his speech and was having trouble standing.

The report says the man told the policeman that he was coming from a friend’s house where he had drunk one beer.

He refused field sobriety tests and a breath test, and was charged with driving under the influence and taken to jail.

■ A Conway policeman took note of a young Galivants Ferry man’s driving Friday at about 2:30 p.m. when he left a car wash on Main Street headed to Boundary Street driving recklessly, according to a Conway police report. The report says the truck sped out of a private drive spinning its tires across the intersection and kept going at a high rate of speed on Boundary Street.

The policeman got behind him and again saw him spin his tires, this time as he left a stop sign on Boundary Street turning onto Oak Street.

The policeman stopped him and noted that the man seemed to be heavily impaired, adding that he looked confused and was slurring his speech.

The report says the man told the policeman he had drunk one beer. The policeman found a half-consumed beer in the suspect’s backseat.

After he performed poorly on field sobriety tests, he was taken in for a breath test, which he refused. He was charged with driving under the influence and open container and was taken to jail.

■ Horry County police stopped an Aynor teen recently because he had an expired decal on his license plate, according to an Horry County police report.

The driver told the policeman that there was a gun in his backseat. The policeman found the gun, checked it and found that it had been reported stolen in Georgetown County. There was also an open can of Bud Light in the vehicle, and the driver did not have insurance on his vehicle.

Police found four citations in the vehicle; two showed that the driver had been ticketed twice in September for not having insurance.

The teen was charged with operating an uninsured vehicle and possession of a stolen firearm before being turned over to his father.

■ A young Virginia woman provided a sample at her scheduled drug testing that was cool to the touch and did not register on two temperature strips.

The woman conducting the test said she checked the bathroom looking for evidence of trying to defraud the test.

The Conway police report says the tester found a white squirt bottle holding a yellow liquid that was consistent with the first sample given.

The woman then admitted that she was trying to defraud the test with a sample she got from a friend in Virginia. She was taken to jail.

■ A young Conway man was charged with public drunkenness and disorderly conduct after police were called to The Coop Bar on S.C. 544 where the young man reportedly refused to leave, according to a Conway police report.

Police say the man was being very loud and was cursing the bar’s bouncers. The report says the man smelled of alcohol, was slurring his speech, having trouble standing up straight and stumbling around the parking lot.

Police suggested that his friends take him home, but the man continued to curse loudly and behave disorderly and pushed his friends away.

The policeman then decided to charge him and take him to jail. He was also trespassed from The Coop.

■ Horry County police were called to the Speedway on S.C. 544 to check on a Galivants Ferry man who was asleep in the driver’s seat of his vehicle at about 2 a.m. one morning this past week, according to an Horry County police report. Two policemen went to the vehicle and awakened the man by knocking on the window.

The report says the man appeared incoherent and told them he was tired and that’s why he went to sleep at the gas pump.

The report says the man was incoherent, but did not smell of alcohol.

Police say they saw several large knives on the driver’s floorboard. During a search of the vehicle the policeman reported finding a plastic bag holding five smaller bags that contained a white powdery residue. The man then told police that he has a “coke problem”.

Police then saw more plastic bags and eventually collected 6.4 grams of the rock-like substance.

He was charged with manufacture, distribution or possession of Schedule II drugs, according to Horry County jail records.

Armed robberies

Conway police received two reports of armed robberies Friday about 10 minutes apart.

According to a Conway police report, the first robbery was at Carolina Payday Loans on Church Street at about 5 p.m. A Conway woman and a Loris woman were inside the store at the time, but the report doesn’t say if they were working or shopping.

The second robbery was at Upfront Loans on Church Street.

An Anderson man and a North Myrtle Beach man were listed as victims in this report.

Carrying a weapon

A young Conway man, who failed to make a signal for a right turn when he went from Pine Ridge Circle to Rose Moss Road one evening this past week, was charged with being in possession of a handgun and a small amount of marijuana after being stopped by an Horry County policeman.

The police report says the man didn’t have a valid driver’s license and was listed on a national crime computer as being on probation. A local listing showed that he was wanted on an active family court bench warrant, according to the report. He was charged with unlawful carry of a pistol, felon in possession of a firearm and on the active warrant. He was taken to jail and the car was released to his girlfriend.

Another weapon found

A young Loris man was stopped after an Horry County police officer says he saw multiple traffic and equipment violations that included having illegal window tint and driving under suspension, third or subsequent time. A search of the vehicle turned up a loaded handgun, a digital scale and a small bag of suspected marijuana. Police checked and learned that the gun had been reported stolen in Mullins and had been involved in a robbery.

Police also determined that the young man is a convicted felon prohibited from possessing a gun.

He was charged with possession of a gun by certain persons unlawful, according to Horry County jail records.

$1,250 of things stolen

A young Loris woman told police that she left her home on Clydesdale Drive in the Conway section for four days recently and while she was away someone went into her home through a back door and took a 55-inch Smart television, a 40-inch Smart TV, a 32-inch Smart television, her son’s Nintendo Switch and his Hover Board. The woman told police she didn’t have serial numbers for any of the items.

She said when she got home Friday she saw that the back door of her home was open. She went in and saw what looked to be wet shoeprints on the kitchen floor coming from the direction of the back door.

She said she began walking through the house. When she realized that things were missing she went outside and called police.

The Horry County police report says there were no signs of forced entry and no damage to the back door or other points of entry. The policeman says he saw what appeared to fingerprints on a television stand where one of the missing televisions had been.

Still another burglary

An Horry County officer says he was called to the Conway section of Horry County in reference to a burglary on Oak Street Friday at about 5 p.m., according to an Horry County police report.

The resident told the policeman that he and his wife were gone for five days, returning Friday at about 4 p.m. when they saw that someone had been inside the home and stolen a scale, a Bluetooth speaker, coins amounting to about $25, a black and gold Techno Pave watch, an Alpha Force Taser and a silver handgun-style BB gun.

The victim had no serial numbers for any of his missing things.

The policeman says there were no signs of forced entry and no damage to any of the home’s entry points.

Stolen items amounted to about $225, according to the report.

CFHS threat

An Horry County policeman was called to Carolina Forest High School on Gardner Lacy Road this past Thursday at about 4 p.m. when he was told that a teen had threatened to shoot multiple students.

The Horry County police report says the young boy admitted to police that he was upset with four other students because they were “fake friends” and he threatened to shoot them on the bus on the way home. When he talked with the policeman he said he was joking and would never do such a thing.

The report says no weapons were found and his parents were called. The case was turned over to the department’s Criminal Investigation Team.

More money taken

A resident of Hickman Drive told police that he left his home for several hours during the middle of the day Saturday, and when he returned he found that someone had pushed a small window unit out of a living room window and left the window open with the AC unit on the floor, according to an Horry County police report.

He checked the house and found that about $100 in change had been taken.

The police report says nothing else in the house was tampered with or appeared to be missing.

Attempted murder

Horry County police were called Saturday at about 9 p.m. to a residence in the Conway section of the county to check on a report of shots fired, according to an Horry County police report.

The policeman said residents told him that someone had shot at their house. They showed him several holes in the house where the rounds went through. Holes were found in the living room area, the master bedroom and a bathroom. Two rounds hit a truck parked in front of the residence.

The report says the victims chose not to cooperate with the investigation. Shell casings were collected and placed into evidence.

The report does not give any information about where the residence is located.

Shooting report in Longs

Horry County police were summoned to Radius Road in the Longs section of Horry County to check on a report of shooting into a dwelling. One woman told police that she was sitting inside her home when she heard several gunshots and a “pop” inside the house.

She said she and a guest in her home went out and saw that one of her old cars had been shot. The Horry County police report says there were three new bullet holes in a Chevrolet Suburban that had been sitting in the yard for several months.

The report noted that the front of the Suburban was riddled with bullet holes from a previous incident.

The policeman also found one bullet hole in the front of the residence that went through and out the back and another in the front bumper of a Infiniti.

The guest said she checked her vehicle and found a bullet hole in the front bumper and rear driver’s side door of her Buick.

No one was injured in the incident and the women said they had no enemies or clues about who might have done the shooting.

Neighbors told police that they heard what they thought was knocking on their window and then heard several gunshots. Shell casings were collected from the road.

Man injured

Horry County police were called to a Conway area home where they found a woman who told them she discovered her husband on the ground in the garage. Emergency medical workers had already been summoned when police arrived, according to the Horry County police report.

The emergency medical workers said the man had fallen and possibly injured his head because he told them the year was 2002 and John F. Kennedy was the country’s president.

The policeman talked with the man who gave him the same answers. The policeman said the man appeared to be distressed, and it appeared that he had thrown up.

Police took the man into protective custody and emergency workers transported him, but the report doesn’t say where they took him.

Automobile accident turns up gun

Horry County police went to the area of Old Reaves Ferry Road and Inman Circle after being asked to assist Conway police Sunday at about 8 p.m., according to an Horry County police report.

Conway police had requested that county police check Old Reaves Ferry boat landing for a black SUV that had been involved in a motor vehicle collision.

When the county cop arrived, he found a S.C. Highway Patrol trooper there with the Conway suspect.

The woman told police she didn’t have any weapons in her vehicle and was the only person inside the vehicle. Due to the severity of the damage to the vehicle and amount of fluid coming from it, police asked the woman to get out because they were concerned for her safety.

Police searched the vehicle and found a silver Smith & Wesson .357-magnum revolver in plain view inside an open pocketbook on the floorboard. The woman told police the gun belongs to her husband and she had it because she was planning to drive to her “other home address.”

The police report says she couldn’t provide valid proof that she has a concealed carry permit. Police checked on the gun and found that it was clear. It was loaded with four live .38-caliber rounds and two empty shell casings.

The woman was charged with unlawful carry of a pistol and was taken to jail.

Horry County jail records show the woman also with a charge of malicious injury to property, $2,000 or less.

Misbehaving student

Horry County police were called recently to the Horry County Education Center to check on a disorderly student, according to an Horry County police report

The assistant principal told police that a student was agitated and had made threats to school officials. Police called the S.C. Department of Juvenile Justice before charging the teen with disorderly conduct and threatening a public official.

Children need help

A Conway area child took pictures of his home to school to show his teacher the conditions of his home. He told his teacher he had to care for his grandmother who was unable to take care for herself.

An Horry County policeman talked with a slightly older child who said he was taking care of the younger boy because he was sick and his grandmother, who is his caregiver, was in the hospital.

A policeman went to the house where he says he found substantial amounts of feces on the floor, but didn’t know if it was human or animal waste.

There was nothing but flies in the refrigerator.

The policeman says he saw holes in the floor, dishes and trash and a large number or hazards inside the residence. The policeman cut his visit short saying the smell and conditions of the house were too bad to continue.

The policeman then placed the children in protective custody and called the S.C. Department of Social Services. A police officer told the grandmother that the boys had been placed in protective custody.

Wife detained

A woman told Horry County police that she was held in a bathroom and wasn’t allowed to leave, so she broke the window hoping someone would hear her, according to an Horry County police report.

She said breaking the window caused a small cut on her arm. She said she finally convinced the suspect to let her out to get a cigarette with her promise not to call police.

She said when she walked out onto the porch to smoke, the suspect watched her from the door telling her he was going to get his stuff.

She told police she began to get her children’s things from the vehicle when the suspect called her to come in and fix the baby a bottle. She responded that the baby was his too.

When he began to walk toward the kitchen, she ran to a nearby family member’s home where she called police.

When emergency workers arrived, she told them she thought the suspect had left the children there alone.

Police checked and did not find the suspect in the house.

They said they noticed the broken bathroom window, along with two holes in the wall, a shower curtain half torn down and blood on the walls.

The woman told police that the suspect had taken her cell phone, so she pinged it to see where he was.

Police found the man sleeping on a couch at a friend’s home. They took him into custody and asked him if he had assaulted the woman, but he said she assaulted him.

He was taken to jail and a hold was placed on him for warrants, according to the police report.

Knife at school

A Green Sea Floyds High School student took a knife to school recently, according to an Horry County police report.

School personnel found the knife in the teen’s backpack as he moved through the metal detector, according to an Horry County police report.

The boy was not charged with anything because school personnel planned to handle the discipline.

Dogs attack

A resident of Horry Street called police saying that while her husband was in their yard walking their Yorkshire pet, two dogs came onto the property and attacked their dog that died as a result of the attack, according to a Conway police report.

The woman described the attacking dogs to police who began to check the area looking for them. On Green Street, a policeman said he saw three dogs that matched the description given by the woman. The policeman says when they drew near to the dogs, two ran onto a yard on Green Street, but one kept running.

A policeman found the owner of one of the dogs, who said he didn’t know anything about two of the dogs.

Missing vehicles

■ A Conway woman told police that her ex-boyfriend took her keys and stole her car. The Conway police report says her car was recovered while she was speaking with police.

The suspect was entered into a national crime computer.

■ A resident of Forest Loop Drive told police that while he was inside his home at about 5 p.m. one evening this past week, he looked out of the a back bedroom window and saw someone speed off in the family’s car, according to a Conway police report.

He says he went to the living room and found his wife there, so he got word to police that the vehicle was taken. The couple each had a wallet in the vehicle. The wife told police she remembered locking the car, which was listed on a national crime computer.

On Monday, police were called to Pearl Street where someone had found the 2017 Nissan Rouge parked behind a vacant mobile home.

The vehicle was locked and had no damage, and both of the wallets were recovered. Police planned to follow up with the victims to see if anything was missing from their wallets.


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