Drug investigation nets five

Approximately 600 grams of heroin were seized, along with $62,307 in cash this past week following an extensive drug investigation that included a search warrant served on Beach Walk Place near Myrtle Beach, according to information provided by Horry County police.

The HCPD Narcotics & Vice Unit and SWAT personnel lodged drug charges against five.

The following individuals were arrested and charged in this case, according to information provided by Horry police.

■ Kaywhyne Kenyatta Seawood, 25, of Florence is charged with trafficking heroin, 4-14 grams; two counts of trafficking heroin, 14-28 grams; trafficking cocaine, 10-28 grams; possession with intent to distribute cocaine base; and trafficking heroin, 28 grams or more.

■ Maura Rhea Bomar, 32, of Myrtle Beach is charged with possession of a weapon during a violent crime; possession with intent to distribute cocaine base; trafficking heroin, 28 grams or more; trafficking heroin, 4-14 grams; and trafficking cocaine, 10-28 grams.

■ Julia Kathryn Roberts, 37, of Myrtle Beach is charged with distribution of cocaine; possession with intent to distribute heroin; and distribution of heroin.

■ Nathan Ledford, 38, of Myrtle Beach is charged with possession of Schedule 1-5 drugs; trafficking heroin, 4-14 grams; distribution of heroin; and distribution of cocaine.

■ Elizabeth Halie Bennett, 28, of Myrtle Beach is charged with two counts of trafficking heroin, 14-28 grams; trafficking heroin, 4-14 grams; trafficking cocaine, 10-28 grams; distribution of heroin; and distribution of cocaine.

Surfside man draws multiple charges

A Surfside Beach man is facing multiple charges after he pretended to be an FBI agent, fled arrest, assaulted an officer, threatened others and initiated a car chase, according to information provided by Horry County police.

Roberto Perez, 47, has been charged with failure to stop for blue lights; impersonating a law enforcement officer; resisting arrest, assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature; threatening the life, person or family of a public official; reckless driving; and two counts of failure to appear.

On Saturday at around 3:55 p.m., an HCPD detective was investigating an unrelated case in the area of Glenns Bay Road, when Perez approached the detective and took issue with the detective carrying his holstered, county-issued firearm. The detective identified himself as an HCPD officer and stated that he was conducting in investigation. At that point, Perez falsely identified himself as an FBI agent and fled.

The HCPD detective requested that Perez provide identification, at which point Perez got into his vehicle and took off. The detective began to follow Perez and, as the detective maintained visual contact with him, HCPD South Precinct patrol units were called in to take over the pursuit.

The pursuit continued up and down a short segment of U.S. 17 Bypass between Glenns Bay and Coventry Road, as Perez made multiple false stops and erratic U-turns. He drove off the road, almost hitting on officer, to avoid running over stop sticks that had been deployed.

Perez then led officers north on U.S. 17 Bypass to the Coastal Grand Mall parking lot, where Perez crashed into an HCPD patrol vehicle, according to information provided by Horry County police.

An officer was dragged by Perez’s vehicle during the first attempt to remove him from his vehicle. Additionally, Perez made multiple threatening gestures and statements referencing a firearm and threatening to kill officers, the information says.

One HCPD officer had to be treated at an area hospital for minor injuries. Three others were evaluated. Perez was evaluated at an area hospital, then booked into J. Reuben Long Detention Center.

The case remains under investigation. Additional charges are possible.

Vehicle incidents

■ Someone entered a vehicle on Lee’s Landing Circle and took some property, but the Horry County police report doesn’t say what was taken, just that the missing items were valued at $250. The victim said his doors were locked, but there was no sign of forced entry, according to the report.

■ Someone went into two vehicles parked on Lendrim Lake Drive, leaving the trunk on one open and pry marks on another, according to an Horry County police report.

A missing item was listed as being worth $150, but the report doesn’t say what it was.

■ A resident of Old Altman Road discovered on a recent morning that someone had rummaged through her vehicle and taken a tire inflator, according to a Conway police report.

A security camera shows a man going through her car and her husband’s car.

It also shows the suspect pick up a box of jumper cables, but then put them back down. The vehicles were left unlocked.

■ A resident of Wild Horse Drive told police that on a recent morning at about 3 a.m., she heard a noise, but thought it was the air conditioner.

At about 6 a.m., she found that someone had strewn around her vehicle the contents of her glove box, center console and a pouch on her front passenger seat.

The Horry County police report says loose cash and a disposable protective facemask were taken. Her sister’s vehicle that was parked at the residence was also gone through and some loose cash was taken, along with a pair of sunglasses inside a red hard case.

■ Someone stole a truck, trailer, lawn mower and weed eater from a Yawnoc Drive residence between 2 a.m. and 6:20 a.m. on a recent morning, according to an Horry County police report.

The owner realized the theft had occurred when his wife came home from work with a flat tire.

The report says when the man prepared to change the tire he realized that his tools and his truck were missing.

Police discovered that the tire had been cut.

The owner estimates his loss at $9,200.

The police report says the policeman found that a surveillance camera at a nearby residence had caught the suspect come onto Yawnoc Drive at 2:16 a.m., leave at about 2:26 a.m., return at 4:20 a.m. and leave again at 4:27. The victim’s truck was seen leaving on S.C. 90 toward North Myrtle Beach, but the quality of the video was poor.

When police got another call for a theft at a nearby residence, the policeman found a quality recording of the suspect and what police think was the missing vehicle.

Still another neighbor viewed a picture of the suspect’s vehicle and told police he thought it was the truck he formerly owned. He told police he sold the truck to a man, whose name he remembered.

Police located another quality video that showed a truck that the policeman believes was the same one that was in the other video.

■ A Loris area woman told Horry County police that someone took her 2013 Honda Accord from Daisy Lane.

The owner said the key might have been in it.

Home vandalized

Conway police were called Sunday at about 9 a.m. to Fairway Lane on a vandalism call, according to a Conway police report.

The owner told police that someone broke into his home and vandalized it. He said he is trying to sell the unoccupied residence and has moved out of state.

The owner left the residence in February and everything was fine when he left.

He said in April, he got a call from his Realtor that his house had been vandalized.

The owner said he was not able to return to the incident location until May 2 when he saw the damage that had been done.

The next morning he called police to report the problem.

The Conway police report says there were multiple holes in the walls and his glass television, worth about $500, was shattered on the floor of the living room. Another television, worth $400 was damaged. A dresser, worth $500, had its door ripped off and a Sony Playstation 3, worth $200, multiple videogames, worth $1,000, multiple DVDs, worth $1,000, multiple tools, worth $400, and multiple autographed athletics items, worth $2,000, were missing.

The report says police saw no signs of forced entry.

 Gun found

Horry County police stopped a man whose vehicle was driving on U.S. 501 with a handwritten paper tag that was altered, according to an Horry County police report.

The police report says the policeman found a suspect in the front passenger seat and two others in the back. The driver reportedly told the officer that he allows people to smoke marijuana in his vehicle and that some of friends had smoked in his vehicle within the past day.

The policeman searched the vehicle and found a handgun on the rear floorboard. He checked and learned that the gun had been reported stolen in Myrtle Beach. In a search of the occupants, the policeman found a bag of a brown rock and powder substance in a rear left pocket. The man told the policeman the substance was heroin and that it was his.

In the back seat of the vehicle, he found two plastic bags holding a green leafy plant material and white rock substance that he believed was consistent with crack cocaine.

In the front passenger seat he found a bag holding an off-brown rock substance that the suspect identified as heroin and claimed it as his. There was also a bag holding a green leafy plant material.

When questioned about the handgun and the substances, the suspect claimed them as his. He was taken to jail.

Pornography on student’s electronic device

A Pee Dee Elementary School employee told Horry County police that a parent brought in a computer tablet that had been assigned to her daughter for the duration of the school year, according to an Horry County police report.

She told the officer that she had taken the tablet from her daughter because she was suspicious about why it was taking her longer than necessary to complete her assignments.

She then saw obscene pictures and explicit conversations between the child and an unknown person using the child’s Instagram account. The school worker told police that she changed the password for the account, essentially locking the girl out so nothing could be deleted. The school worker also provided the mom with the password, who then scanned the account for any suspicious activity involving any other students. The school worker said she found no inappropriate photos saved on the device itself, but did see photos of an undressed female on the Instagram account. The girl said she was not the person in the photo, but she did send some of the photos to her friends pretending that she was the girl in the photo.

The people that she sent the pictures to supposedly sent pictures of themselves back to her, but she told police she could not view them due to the school’s device. At the time the report was written, no explicit photos of the suspect had been found on the device or the girl’s Instagram account.

Police called to Loris squabble

A female victim told Horry County police that she and a suspect had been drinking all day and the suspect became irate and started to threaten her while they were in a hotel room, and he shoved her on her chest.

She told Horry County police that she thought she was in danger, so she left the room and found someone who was willing to let her into another room.

The suspect then kicked the door trying to get in. She told police the suspect had been up for five days straight.

He told police that the woman had taken $400 from him and he was trying to get his money back. He also told the officer that he did not assault the woman, but a witness told police she saw him push her, but she did not give a written statement.

When police decided they had enough information to detain the man, they told him to put his hands behind his back, but he would not stand up. Police then grabbed his wrists and arms and lifted him to his feet, but when they tried to put his hands behind his back he snatched his arms from police and latched onto the buildings pillar and resisted arrest, the police report says.

Police were able to get the handcuffs on one wrist, but the suspect would not comply and continued to resist, according to the Horry County police report.

Police say they smelled alcohol during the altercation. They held the suspect and called for additional units to help them detain him and apply the handcuffs. When three more officers came, the suspect continued to resist and they found it necessary to apply appropriate force to gain control.

When the suspect was in handcuffs, he refused to get into the police car to be taken to the jail.

They called for the Horry County Sheriff’s transport van after he began to kick and flail his legs trying to kick the officers. He was placed into the van and taken to jail.

At the detention facility, the suspect said he needed medical attention so he was taken to a facility for treatment.

He was released from jail the next day o a $3,700 bond.

Grill taken in burglary

Horry County police were called to Sterritt Swamp early one morning this past week where a man told him his portable grill was missing, according to an Horry County police report.

He also saw that the door of his utility room had been left open. Police were able to view a video of a Chevrolet truck pull into the man’s driveway. It pulled up the driveway into the yard before turning around and parking. A man with a beard or with something covering his face extending from his jawline past his neck, entered the carport area. A grill was taken from the utility room. The truck was at the residence from about 5:33 a.m.-5:40 a.m. while it was still dark.

Pointing a weapon

A young Conway man told Conway police that he went to an area residence to talk to two people there about some personal property.

He says while he was there, two men came outside and physically attacked him. He says one of the men then pulled a pistol and pointed it at him. He says the man with the gun told him he was going to kill him if he came onto the property again.

The visitor then ran to the Delta Motel and called police.

Six Conway police officers responded to the location where one suspect agreed to allow them to search, but they did not find a gun.

Police wanted to watch a surveillance video before deciding if they wanted to ask for charges.

Drug/alcohol incidents

■ When Conway police were called to Wright Boulevard to check on an intoxicated man they found him lying in front of a building between two vehicles, according to a Conway police report.

The policeman approached the man and asked if he was okay. He said yes, he was just sleeping.

While speaking with the man, the policeman said he smelled alcohol. He told police he had been drinking earlier, but didn’t need medical treatment. Shortly after that the suspect began to shake and said he was an alcoholic and he needed more alcohol.

He was taken to jail on a charge of public drunkenness.

■ Conway police went to Wright Boulevard at about 8 p.m. one night this past week to check on a motor vehicle accident with possible driving under the influence, according to a Conway police report.

The report says the female driver smelled of alcohol and told police that she had drunk two beers. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was charged with driving under the influence.

The policeman took her in for a breath test, but after she failed repeatedly to follow the proper instructions for a breath test, she was taken to jail. She was charged with driving under the influence and open container.

■ A Conway woman and her just-born child both tested positive for illegal substances at Conway Medical Center, according to a Conway police report.

The S.C. Department of Social Services had already completed a safety plan and handed the child over to a guardian before police were called.


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