Shooting death

Demetrick Simon, 39, died at McLeod Loris Hospital early Wednesday morning from injuries he sustained in the shooting that occurred in Loris.

Dog bite

A teenage girl told police that as she passed by a home on Heritage Road, a black and white pitbull ran toward her and bit at her hand causing a minor injury.

The policeman took pictures of the injury. The girl told police that she was walking her dog when the dog ran out and bit her and her dog.

The dog’s owner said one of his tenants left the back gate open and that’s how the dog got out. The owner verified that the dog was up-to-date on his shots. He was issued a citation for dog running at large.

Vehicle incidents

■ A North Myrtle Beach woman says that while she was inside Conway Medical Center someone broke her vehicle window and took her purse holding two debit cards and a Ruger SP-101 .357 magnum handgun, according to a Conway police report.

■ On Sunday at about 7:30 p.m., a Conway policeman went to Mill Pond Road to check on a report of a hit and run. The policeman says he saw a light pole that had been damaged and tire marks to the median, according to a Conway police report.

An officer found a damaged Dodge Ram in the Conway Recreation Center parking lot near Cannon’s Small Engine with no one inside.

The police report says the damage on the vehicle was consistent with the damage on Mill Pond Road. A witness told police that she drove by the scene and saw the vehicle leaving the scene and parking where the policeman found the vehicle.

The car was towed and Santee Cooper was called to secure the live wires. Damage was estimated at $10,000.

■ East Country Drive was closed for several hours Tuesday after a car ran into a utility pole. Santee Cooper was called to fix the pole and the repairs required the road to be closed. It was open again by late afternoon.

■ A Myrtle Beach man was involved in at least two vehicle accidents Tuesday in Conway.

A Conway police report says the man was driving an older model GMC Yukon on U.S. 701 South when he made a fast right turn onto New Road. The vehicle ran off the road to the left, hit a stop sign and split a Santee Cooper pole that held a streetlight. Two witnesses told police they saw the incident and gave the information to an Horry County police officer, who went to the scene. The driver was issued a citation for striking fixtures on or adjacent to a highway. That accident happened at about 11:30 in the morning.

About 15 minutes later, a second police report says Conway police were called to the Lake Busbee area of U.S. 501 to check on a reckless driver, who had been involved in two previous accidents and had fled the scene.

The vehicle was described an as older GMC Yukon. When police checked the license tag, it came back to a 2015 Chevrolet Camero. An Horry County police officer reported that he had been involved in investigating an accident in front of Horry-Georgetown Technical College.

The Conway policeman said the victim in this accident told him that the Yukon came up quickly behind his vehicle and was unable to stop and rear-ended his vehicle. The suspect said he was having brake issues and was unable to stop. He also told police that he was involved in two other accidents and was trying to get home to report them. He complained of minor neck/back pain and was taken by emergency medical workers to Conway Medical Center where he was medically cleared. He was taken into custody and searched in the hospital on the policeman’s body camera because he was wearing only a pair of shorts.

The police report says the man was taken to jail where he was issued citations for not having a vehicle license, reckless driving, operating an uninsured vehicle, use of a license plate other than issued, failure to acquire valid tags, duties of driver striking fixture upon adjacent highway, driving on the wrong side of the road and failure to give information and render aid.

Fugitives captured

Conway police recently took two fugitives into custody to hold for the states that have warrants for them, but neither report says what the two are charged with in their unrelated cases.

A Loris man was secured on a recent morning at the intersection of Church Street and Riverport Drive after Conway police man a traffic stop on him for making and improper turn and not giving a signal when he changed lanes.

When police checked the found that the man had an active warrant in Florida. He was taken to ail where a hold was placed on him for the Florida charge.

The Conway report says the man was charged with being a fugitive because his charge carried a sentence of more than one year.

He was also given a warning for the improper turn and improper signal.

On Temple Street, Conway police took into custody a Conway woman who is wanted out of Pennsylvania.

Police went to the address on Temple Street where she was reportedly living and found the woman. They took her to jail to hold for Pennsylvania authorities.

She was issued a warrant for being a fugitive from justice.

Alcohol/drug incidents

■ A Myrtle Beach man collected several charges after police spotted a car similar to a description given for a liquor store theft that had happened about 45 minutes earlier, according to a Conway police report.

The policeman followed the vehicle and stopped the man realizing by the license tag that the vehicle was one that he had stopped two nights before.

The policeman says he recognized the driver and passenger and knew that both of them have suspended licenses, according to a Conway police report.

The policeman stopped the car in the parking lot of AutoZone. When he asked the driver if he had his license he said “no”. The policeman charged him with driving under suspension, not for driving under the influence, second offense, because he had charged him two nights earlier. The policeman said he smelled an odor similar to marijuana. He searched the car and found a green leafy substance resembling marijuana.

He also found a cigarette box in the middle of the center console holding four rectangular white pills.

The search also turned up two open beer containers that were 90 percent empty.

The policeman then noticed that the tag on the car was suspended and there was no insurance information provided by the driver or passenger.

Simple possession of marijuana, second offense, open container and operating uninsured were added to his charge. The officer secured a warrant for possession of Schedule IV substance. Police also found that the man had an active warrant with Horry County police.

■ A Conway policeman went to check on things when he saw four people standing around the back side of the Conway Marina bathroom Friday at shortly before midnight, according to a Conway police report.

The policeman says he noticed that one of the men was holding an open bottle of beer in his left hand.

As he spoke to the Myrtle Beach man he noticed that he had glassy, bloodshot eyes and was slurring his speech.

The policeman then learned that the man holding the beer bottle is wanted in Texas; however, Texas authorities don’t want to extradite him.

He was charged with drinking in pubic and public drunkenness and was taken to jail.

■ On Monday at about 2 a.m., a Conway policeman says he saw two vehicles stopped in the middle of the road near the intersection of Church Street and El Bethel Road. A witness then told the policeman that the vehicle in front of her had a person inside slumped over and not waking up.

The policeman awakened the man who was slurring his speech, had difficulty completing simple tasks and smelled of alcohol, according to a Conway police report.

The man performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was taken in for a breath test. He registered .18 on the test and was charged with driving with an unlawful alcohol concentration, .16 or higher. The Galivants Ferry man was taken to jail where he was also charged with open container due to two open containers being found in the car.

■ Conway police went to heck on a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot of Stalvey’ Bait & Tackle at 3:30 a.m. on a recent morning.

Inside of the car, police found two people who appeared to be sleeping. The Conway man had what looked like vomit on is right arm.

Police awakened the do and determined that they were intoxicated so they wanted to call emergency medical workers, but the couple turned down medical attention.

Police then charged the man and the Conway woman with public drunkenness and searched the man. One of the officers reported finding a small amount of what he believed was marijuana. Simple possession of marijuana was then added to his charge. They were both taken to jail.

■ At 9 a.m. on a recent morning, a Conway policeman responded to a call of an intoxicated person in the parking lot at the Speedway on Main Street, according to a Conway police report.

The report says the Conway man was lethargic and unsteady on his feet, but didn’t smell of alcohol.

The man performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was charged with being under the influence of narcotics. When the policeman asked the man if he was under the influence, the man replied, “I should be anymore.”

He was taken to jail.

■ Conway police were called to a domestic disturbance, but when they went to the location they found that there was no domestic violence, according to a Conway police report.

They then went to look for the Conway man that they were told might have been intoxicated. They found him inside the Walmart on Church Street with signs of impairment.

The policeman says the man performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was taken to jail on charges of public drunkenness.


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