John Kody Austin Ray

John Kody Austin Ray

Charged with boating under the influence and two counts of failing to follow boating rules and regulations

UPDATE: Boating accident kills one, injures two

A Surfside Beach man has been charged with boating under the influence and two counts of violation of navigational rules and regulations after one person died and two were injured in a boating accident Sunday on the Intracoastal Waterway.

John Kody Austin Ray, 27, was still in jail Friday facing a bond of more than $20,000, according to Horry County jail records.

The warrants say when DNR officers spoke with Ray he smelled of alcohol and was unsteady on his feet. They also say that the suspect admitted to drinking alcoholic beverages and “liquor shots” and admitted to operating the vessel at night. Officers say they found a “quantity of alcoholic beverages” in the boat.

A second warrant says when the collision happened, there was no type IV “throwable inflation device” inside the boat and it was being operated at night, and a third warrant says there were no personal flotation devices found in the boat.

Corey Parag, 28, of Myrtle Beach, died with injuries from the boating accident, according to Horry County Deputy Coroner Patty Bellamy.

Horry County Fire Rescue said it responded around 8:23 p.m. to the accident with serious injuries on the Waterway near the area of 5083 Watergate Drive in Myrtle Beach, when two people were transported to the hospital.

Bellamy said Parag was not transported.

Three Horry County arrest warrants say Ray was driving a 2007 Tracker boat,Tahoe model when it hit a fixed dock. The S.C. Department of Natural Resources investigated the accident.

There were two male and two female passengers with the suspect in the boat, according to DNR spokesman David Lucas.

Conway police ask for citizens’ help

Earlier this year, the Conway Police Department opened an investigation into a shoplifting case that happened Jan. 11.

Investigators were able to positively identify the suspect as Britney Marie Maans, 36. This individual has outstanding warrants, according to Conway police.

Anyone with any information on the location of this individual is asked to contact investigators at (843) 248-1790.

Forgery times two

The Check Into Cash on Church Street in Conway reported cashing three forged checks over a four-day period. A Conway woman cashed the first check March 15 at about 4 p.m. for $986, according to a Conway police report. Earlier this week, the regional manager told police that a forged check had been cashed. They tried to call the listed business, but its line was no longer in service.

Four days later a Myrtle Beach woman went to Check Into Cash to cash a check for $1,675 and a second Myrtle Beach woman cashed a check for $1,826. Again they tried to call the numbers listed for the business, but they were no longer in service.

The cases were turned over to the Criminal Investigation Division.

Displaying a knife

A young Longs man told Conway police that sometime between noon and 1 p.m. Monday, he was at SureStay Hotel by Best Western Conway on Waccamaw Drive when an unknown suspect, who was staying there, had been harassing him all day, according to a Conway police report.

When the Longs man told the suspect that he didn’t want to talk anymore, the suspect showed a knife and threatened to use it on him. After that he pushed him off the railing. The report said the Longs man and the suspect were close to each other when the knife was pulled and the victim said he feared for his life. The case was pending more investigation when the police report was written.

Evidence of a squatter

An Horry County police report says one of its officer was called to American Home Patient on S.C. 544 in the Conway section where it appeared that someone had been trespassing in a storage shed at the back of the business.

The officer met with the manager who said Monday that the manager believed that someone had been staying in a shed on the property. They found women’s clothes, food and electronics inside the shed. The complainant told police they don’t keep the shed locked and there was no forced entry into the building. There were two bicycles found inside the shed that appeared to be in good shape and police thought they might have been stolen, but they ran the serial numbers and they came back clear. The bikes were taken to a police impound lot for safekeeping, according to the police report.

There were several electronics, a television, laptops, etc., also found inside the shed. They all appeared to be broken and to have been scavenged from the trash and dumpsters for parts. The serial numbers were run and, again, they all came back clear.

The suspect had taken a ladder from inside the building, placed it outside one of the windows and opened the window. It appeared this was how the suspect had been getting into the building unseen, although the front door was open and unlocked.

Police moved the ladder and asked the complainant to secure the windows and lock them again.

The only thing that appeared to be stolen and damaged was one empty liquid oxygen tank that was stored in this building. He estimated the damage to the tank to be around $300. The parts missing from inside the tank were estimated to be around $200. Other tanks inside the building were not touched or damaged.

A police detective thought the old electronics were scraps. An officer advised the complainant to clear out the old junk and throw away anything in the building and secure it better so no one can get inside. The report said it appeared that whoever had been staying there was gone at that time.

The bikes were placed into evidence and the incident was documented.

Shooting victim dies

On March 25 at approximately 10:55 p.m., Jas’sier Wilson was shot at Donny’s Saloon on Third Avenue S. in Myrtle Beach. He was taken to Grand Strand Medical Center where he died on April 2 at 4:23 p.m. of injuries related to the shooting.

He was 26 and lived in Surfside Beach. Myrtle Beach Police continue to investigate.

Alcohol/drug incidents

■ A Myrtle Beach man was taken to Conway Medical Center by emergency medical workers after, according to a Conway police report, he was involved in an accident on Wild Wing Boulevard at about 50 minutes after midnight one night this past week.

The report says the man’s vehicle was found in the center of the roadway. Tire marks indicated that prior to the collision the vehicle veered left into oncoming traffic and then off the roadway. After leaving the road, the vehicle hit a tree on its side and then hit another tree head on causing the vehicle to spin back into the road, making its final stopping point the center of oncoming traffic.

A Conway policeman met with the driver at Conway Medical Center where he says he saw signs and symptoms that the driver was under the influence.

His eyes were bloodshot and he smelled of alcohol, according to the police report.

The policeman charged him with driving under the influence and took him to jail where he refused to give a breath sample.

■ A Conway policeman was driving on the U.S. 501 Lake Busbee bridge toward Myrtle Beach when he saw a white Hyundai trying to merge onto U.S. 501, according to a Conway police report. The vehicle came close to colliding with an SUV. The SUV slowed down and the Hyundai kept going. The police officer says the driver of the Hyundai was unable to maintain her lane and swerved onto the rumble strips multiple times. When the officer spoke with the woman, he said, she told him that she was upset, which is possibly why she was swearing. Because the policeman thought she might be impaired, he asked her to get out of the vehicle. When she stood up, the officer says he saw the handle of a black handgun stuffed between the center console and the driver’s seat. The woman told the officer that she doesn’t have a concealed weapons permit, according to the report.

In a search of the vehicle, the officer found two used pill bottles holding a green leafy-like substance that he believed was marijuana. She was charged with simple possession of marijuana and unlawful carry of a pistol and was taken to jail.

■ An Horry County officer says he was sent to Highway 134 in the Conway area to check on a 911 hang up call, according to an Horry County police report.

A woman, described as belligerent by the officer, told the officer that earlier in the day she had been at a man’s place of work where she had taken a drink of alcohol. She said on the way home she and the person whose information is redacted from the report, stopped at a convenience store before going home. She said the man left the store before she did, but got upset with her when she got home because he claimed she took too much time at the store. She told the officer that he came up to the car and tried to take her keys from her and that’s when she got upset. She says the man started hitting her.

The officer says the woman was being loud and was telling him different stories that were not in line with the incident. He says he could smell the odor of alcohol coming from her and could see that she was covered in blood from a small cut that she had over her left eye. He said he also saw on the underside of her left arm some light bruising that she told him she got a few nights earlier. She did not want medical attention, but the officer called emergency medical workers anyway. She refused to go with them, so the officer took her for an evaluation where she again refused medical treatment. She was taken to jail and booked on a charge of breach of peace.

Vehicle incidents

■ A young Conway man says he left his vehicle unlocked at a friend’s house on Destiny Lane in the Conway section over a recent night. When he picked his vehicle up that morning he saw that his glove box was open and his wallet and a handgun were missing.

The wallet held his driver’s license, social security card and three credit cards.

An Horry County police officer says he didn’t see any forced entry into the Yukon. The victim told police he didn’t have a serial number for the gun, but he was trying to get it from his father who purchased the gun and gave it to him as a present.

He was told to contact police when he got the number so they could list the gun in NCIC.

■ A young Conway resident of St. Andrews Lane told Conway police that when he got home at 4 a.m. Thursday morning, he went to bed and went to sleep leaving his handgun in the center console of his vehicle, according to a Conway police report.

When he awakened about an hour later he went to his vehicle and saw that the center console was open and his belongings had been thrown around the vehicle. Then he noticed that is Sig Sauer P365 and its holster were missing.

■ A resident of Merrywood Road told police that her 2020 Hyundai Palisades SUV was stolen sometime between 8:30 p.m. one night this past week and the next morning at 10 a.m.

Sometime later that day an Horry County Sheriff’s officer and a CPD detective found the vehicle parked in a grassy field on Angel Drive,, across the street from Rose Hill Cemetery.

■ Conway police were called to Tractor Supply on Church Street when someone went into his GMC Yukon Denali without any forced entry. The complainant told police that a metal clipboard that held $907 that belonged to Coastal Curbs LLC was taken from the vehicle.

■ A Little River man told Conway police that he went into a business on U.S. 501 East at 5 a.m. on a recent morning. Because he was going inside just long enough to buy a bottle of water, he left his 2007 Nissan Altima unlocked and running, according to the Horry County police report.

He said while he was at the cash register he looked out of the window and saw that his vehicle was gone.

Police viewed the surveillance video and reported that the person who took the vehicle was wearing a white shirt and black shorts. He got into the Loris man’s vehicle and headed toward Conway.

The footage was uploaded into

■ A resident of Park Hill Drive told Conway police that he was watching television at about 10 p.m. on a recent night when he saw the interior light of his vehicle come on. He told Conway police that when he stepped outside and yelled at the suspect he walked away. The police report says nothing was taken from the vehicle.

■ A man who left his vehicle unlocked at the Provincial while he was working on a recent day says someone took his handgun. He valued the gun at $400.

■ A resident of Sweetpine Lane told Conway police that someone took his 2013 Nissan Altima between the hours of 2 a.m. and 9:20 a.m. on a recent morning. She said the vehicle was not secured, but she still had the key. She said someone also went into a 2017 Jaquar, but didn’t take anything from that vehicle.

The missing vehicle has a green Ocean Lakes 2020 parking sticker and a green Kingston Plantation parking sticker on the driver’s side windshield. Missing along with the vehicle were cleaning supplies, a vacuum, a red wagon, Apple air pods, clothes and sunglasses. She estimated her loss at $10,000.

■ Someone took a Taurus P111 Millennium handgun from a Nissan Sentra parked on South Oaks Drive over a recent night and morning. The victim told Conway police that the vehicle was secured.

■ A resident of Highway 472 told Horry County police that he was in West Virginia when his neighbor called to tell him that two trailers and a motorcycle were missing from his yard, according to an Horry Coty police report.

The neighbor told the man that he had seen the things the day before.

■ A Conway woman told Horry County police that she left her car on D Street while she ran inside to get something. When she got back, the unlocked vehicle was missing. The key was missing from the cup holder of a second vehicle, along with her cellphone.

The woman said she had recently bought the vehicle from Triple Star Auto Mart in North Myrtle Beach. Dispatch checked the VIN trying to confirm that the victim was the registered owner of the vehicle, but they found that the vehicle was registered to someone in Pennsylvania. Police told the woman to contact the dealership the next day to get documentation that she was the owner of the vehicle and then to call police again.

The victim told police that all of her paperwork was inside the missing vehicle.

He had a knife

A Conway man was charged with second-degree assault and battery after a man said he came to his home and pulled a knife on him, according to the Horry County police report.

The victim said when he got home he found the suspect there with all of his belongings on his front porch. He said he told the suspect that he couldn’t stay at his home and told him he needed to leave. After a brief argument, he says the suspect left the property, but about 30 minutes later, he heard a knock on his front door, got up and answered it. He said the suspect came in brandishing an open pocketknife saying that “He knew how to use it.”

He said he asked the suspect to leave his home and not to come back. At that point the suspect got into his car and left.

A witness told police that he saw the altercation.

Shortly after that, the police report says the officer went to a neighbor’s home across the street from the house where the incident reportedly happened because the suspect was there.

The Horry County police report says he appeared to be under the influence of some type of intoxicant at the time of the incident. He was taken to jail.


Someone took three surfboards, three long board paddles, a weed eater and Husqvarna chainsaw from a Park Avenue shed by removing one of the windows, according to a Conway police report.

The victim said the window was placed on a chair outside of the shed. All of the missing items were taken out through the window, according to a Conway police report.

The owner estimated his loss at $2,600.

Shots fired

Two young Conway women, two young Conway men and a young Myrtle Beach man told Conway police that while they were in the area of Belladora Road at about midnight on a recent night someone fired shots, according to a Conway police report.

The report says police were told there was a second location on Belladora Drive. One of the victims was in a vehicle at Smith Jones.

Handgun violation

A Loris man was charged with pointing and presenting a firearm and assault an battery high and aggravated nature after an Horry County officer was called to Old Todd Ferry Road to check on a report of an assault.

The officer says a victim had visible injuries on the left side of his head around his ear. He said he and the suspect got into a fight in a front yard and that the Loris man started the fight.

The officer then learned that the suspect had shot his gun, but it has redacted the course of the bullet. Police found the gun in the vehicle the suspect was driving, checked his criminal history and found that he is prohibited from being in possession of a firearm.

The officer says he was also told that the suspect pointed the gun at a second person’s stomach. He was taken to jail on the gun charge, but the victim did not want to press charges for assault.

Contributing to a delinquency of a minor

A Conway woman called Horry County police saying that her very young daughter was playing nearby with a neighbor in a neighbor’s yard when they got onto a website called Omegle. The report says someone contacted them with a blacked out screen and voice turned off and asked them to take off their clothes. The report has redacted how the girls responded. Next the person asked them to get into a pool or hot tub. The girls then turned the camera off and stopped talking to the person.

Shots fired

An Horry County police report says a young Conway man told police that he had been the victim of a shooting at the corner of Wright Boulevard and Grainger Road at shortly before midnight on a recent night. Police determined that a shooting had occurred and they are continuing to investigate.


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