Conway man sentenced to jail

A Conway man pleaded guilty to a methamphetamine charge and was sentenced to serve 10 years in prison this past week.

Timothy Aland, 35, pleaded guilty Thursday to second-offense possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute before Circuit Judge William H. Seals Jr., according to Rachel N. Gainey, the assistant solicitor who prosecuted the case for the 15th Circuit Solicitor’s Office.

Aland was sentenced to serve 10 years in prison.

Nabbing a fugitive

An Horry County policeman says a dispatcher called asking him to check on a possible fugitive in the area of Highway 65 and Boggy Road at about 2 p.m. one day this past week, according to an Horry County police report.

The policeman says the description he received was a man about 5-feet, 6-inches tall wearing blue jeans and a dark blue shirt. The policeman reported finding the man at the Hucks Road and Highway 65 fire station walking toward Highway 19. He checked his name and date of birth through dispatch and found that the young man had a full extradition warrant out of the Georgia Department of Corrections for escape.

The policeman took him into custody and took him to jail where a hold was placed on him for a fugitive warrant.

Drug/alcohol incidents

■ Conway police spotted a Conway man sitting in a rocking chair behind the city’s senior center at about 3 a.m. Friday, according to a Conway police report.

The policeman says the man smelled of alcohol and had multiple empty alcoholic bottles beside him. The police report says the man was slurring his words and told them he had drunk eight beers.

He was taken to jail on charges of open container and public drunkenness.

■ Conway police were called to a Ninth Avenue address at about 4 a.m. one morning this past week where they found a woman whose words were so slurred that they had trouble understanding her. She tried to tell police what happened, and she had a knot above her right eye with a small amount of blood on it.

The policeman called for emergency medical workers, but the Conway woman refused treatment. Police said about the only thing they could understand that the woman told them was that she had gotten into an altercation with a woman about a pizza box. She didn’t seem to know that she had the knot, and didn’t know who might have punched or pushed her.

The officer told the woman he would get in touch with her the next day to take her story because she needed to sober up first.

When she said she didn’t have anyone who could come get her and take her home, the policeman took her to jail. The policeman noted in his report that the woman had called 911 twice. The first time was at about midnight when a dispatcher was unable to understand what she was saying and believed her to be intoxicated.

The second call came at about 3 a.m. when she told dispatchers that two people were doing drugs. Police found the individuals she was talking about walking on U.S. 378. They told police the suspect was upset because they didn’t give her cigarettes.

Again, the dispatcher thought she might be intoxicated.

■ Conway police were called to Conway Medical Center where a caller told police that a Myrtle Beach man was behaving disorderly, that he was intoxicated and refused to listen to hospital workers.

The caller also said the man was being discharged and was shaking and stumbling as he tried to stand.

He was charged with public drunkenness and taken to jail.

■ A Conway man told police that as he headed into his house at about 30 minutes after midnight on a recent morning, he saw another Conway man inside of his home. He said the suspect had apparently come in through an unlocked back door and was brandishing a knife. He said the man told him he “should cut his neck and throw him out the window.”

Then he left. The policeman found the man on Short Alley and detained him.

The man whose house the suspect entered told police he wanted to pursue charges.

The policeman then took “a lot” of property that the suspect told him he wanted him to take to his mother.

In the suspect’s left pocket, the policeman reported finding a small glass stem with burn marks on it consistent with having been used to smoke crack cocaine.

The man was charged with first-degree burglary and taken to jail.

■ Conway police were called to the Delta Motel on Wright Boulevard Friday at about 11:35 a.m. where they found an unresponsive man.

The Conway police report says an officer found the man unconscious with pale skin and he was struggling to breathe. The officer gave the man two doses of Narcan and he regained consciousness. Emergency medical workers took him to Conway Medical Center. The man’s wife told police he had come into the room at about 11 a.m. when he seemed high.

She said he “seemed off” and was slurring his words. After the suspect spoke to his wife, he went into the bathroom, according to her account of the event. She found him unresponsive a few moments later and began chest compressions.

■ An employee of a Scotchman Store called Conway police to report that someone had selected a 24-pack of Bud Light from the store’s coolers and walked out without paying. He drove away in an automobile that was described to police.

A witness described the man to police, even including his clothes and tattoo.

A policeman near Walmart then spotted the vehicle. He stopped the man, who was refusing to follow the instructions of the officer to get out of his vehicle.

The Conway police report says the officer saw the 24-pack of Bud on the seat in the man’s car.

While the man was speaking with the officer he was drinking beer, according to the report.

A few minutes later, he got out of his vehicle and was detained. The policeman told him he was charging him with shoplifting. As they spoke the policeman noticed that the tag on the vehicle didn’t match the truck it was on.

The policeman also learned that the man’s driving privileges have been suspended, and he was wanted by Horry County police.

He was taken to jail where he was charged with giving false information to police, disobeying a police officer, having an improper tag, having an open container of alcohol, drinking in public, driving under suspension, second offense, shoplifting and failure to stop for a blue light.

More shoplifting

Police charged at least three people with shoplifting during the past week. Two of the incidents happened at Walmert and one was at Walgreens.

Police reclaimed electronics, a hoodie, household goods, a bag of cashews, a set of makeup, two bottles of perfume, women’s soap, two knives and a bow and arrow set.

One of the suspects had a crack pipe in his front pocket and a previous conviction for shoplifting in the City of Conway.

Shingles were targeted

A shift supervisor with Beach 1 Realty told Horry County police that when he went to get some things from a warehouse located on Wren Lane in the Conway area, he found that someone had broken the latch on the warehouse door.

He said someone had used an unidentified tool to force his way into the warehouse. He said the intruder used a hand truck to take about $4,000 of shingles.


Horry County police got an anonymous tip that there was suspicious activity on Pasture Road, near Edwards Road in the Aynor section, according to an Horry County police report.

The report says the policeman found several new homes under construction there and also saw headlights at the rear of the property.

He says as he pulled closer he saw a Jeep Cherokee pulling onto the road. He stopped the vehicle and spoke with the driver and two passengers asking for driver’s licenses and also asking why they were there.

An Aynor woman told the policeman they all went there to help a friend who’d gotten his vehicle stuck, but they weren’t able to give the policeman the name of the friend they were supposedly helping at about 5:30 a.m. Saturday.

When the policeman checked the residence and property he saw a white truck in the rear that was apparently stuck in sand.

The policeman also noted several cardboard boxes of vinyl siding lying on the ground near the rear of the truck. He noted that one of the boxes had been torn and appeared to have been dragged in the dirt between the boxes of siding and the bed of the truck.

He also saw a piece of cardboard in the bed of the truck that appeared to match the cardboard the vinyl was packaged in.

When he talked with the suspect individually he learned that an Aynor woman, the driver, had been at her residence sleeping in her vehicle when the two men woke her up telling her they needed help pulling a Galivants Ferry man’s truck that was stuck. The woman said she went to Pasture Road to try to pull the truck out, and after one attempt she told the two men she was not going to try again because she didn’t want to damage her vehicle.

The policeman said the Galivants Ferry man told him he pulled his truck behind the Pasture Road residence because he planned to go to sleep there. He said he didn’t want to go home because he and his mother had been arguing. He said his truck became stuck so he went to the Aynor woman to ask for help. He told police his driving privileges have been suspended.

The policeman then learned that the Galivants Ferry man’s driving privileges were also suspended. The Aynor man and the Galivants Ferry man were given tickets for driving under suspension.

The policeman says he was not able to contact the owner of the new construction to learn what had been stolen.

Police then said he believed there was probably cause for the two men to be charged with larceny. He took them to jail where he placed a hold on them to allow him to investigate more to determine what was taken and what its value is.

Took the gas, left her card

An employee at the Speedway on U.S. 501 East told an Horry County policeman that a woman wearing a black mask, pink shirt and black dress stole fuel from the station, according to an Horry County police report.

The employees said the woman came inside appearing to be having voice problems. She handed him a green MasterCard and he began the fuel system while he held onto her card.

The man said the woman never came back into the store, but she left the parking lot without paying for about 20 gallons of gas with a price of $35.35.

The policeman looked at surveillance video, but couldn’t find a license plate or other information about the suspect. Police kept the debit card for evidence and uploaded a picture of the woman and her vehicle.

The case was closed pending more leads.

Vehicle crimes

■ A Conway man told police that a man wearing a blue hoodie and blue pants came onto his property and stole his 2007 Honda Foreman Rubicon ATV, valued at $9,000, from under his carport at about 2:30 a.m. Sunday.

The ATV’s owner said he left the ATV chained to a brick structure the day before.

He said the suspect was determined to take the vehicle. He went first onto the property at 2:15 a.m. when he tried unsuccessfully to take the ATV. He came back about 15 minutes later when he cut the chain and pushed the ATV away from the property.

The ATV had a black storage box on the front left rack. The missing vehicle was entered into NCIC. The policeman says he was able to get video footage of the incident and put it into evidence.

■ A resident of Old Railroad Road in the Conway area told Horry Conway police that when he returned home after being gone for about a week he found that someone had broken the passenger side window on his vehicle and taken a shotgun and a handgun. He said no one knew the guns were in the vehicle. The policeman said he planned to enter the guns on NCIC when he got their serial numbers. Until then, the case is closed

■ Police were called to Pauley Swamp Road where they reported an automobile breaking and entering that happened sometime over a recent night.

The report lists the stolen items with a value of $800 and damage of $500.

Possible overdoses

Horry County police responded to a call about a Loris man who might have overdosed. The Horry County policeman found the man leaning over his vehicle unresponsive. The policeman opened the vehicle door as he tried to awaken the man, but was unable to rouse him. Emergency medical works came and removed the man from the vehicle. The vehicle was towed and a copy of the report was given to the victim. The report has redacted the man’s condition.

Another possible overdose happened in the Longs area where a policeman found a woman lying facedown in the lawn beside a parked SUV, according to an Horry County police report.

Someone there told police she had gone for a ride with another person and when they returned she found the victim unresponsive outside of a vehicle. She said the victim stopped breathing multiple times and she was unsure if the woman had taken any narcotics. The policeman collected the woman’s things and put them in the patrol vehicle.

An officer went to Seacoast and learned that the victim had recovered from the “overdose symptoms”.

Police want help

Officers with the Conway Police Department opened an investigation into a counterfeit money case at Circle K in the City of Conway in July, according to information provided by the City of Conway.

A few days later, the same individual attempted to pass another counterfeit bill at Kentucky Fried Chicken, and investigators were able to obtain a photograph of the vehicle he was operating.

Investigators were able to obtain photographs of a person of interest. The person was positively identified as Joseph Paul Jordan of Aynor, and the Conway Police Department has obtained warrants for forgery.

Anyone with any information on the location for the suspect is asked to contact Conway Police Department at (843) 248-1790.


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