David Delacruz

David Delacruz

Charged with assault and battery high and aggravated nature and possession of a weapon during a violent crime.

13-year-old charged

Officers with the Conway Police Department responded to Ernest Finney Avenue to a shots fired call Friday, but didn’t find a victim there.

A gunshot victim was later located at Conway Medical Center. The victim originally told officers he was shot in another jurisdiction.

Upon further investigation, it was determined that he was shot on the 1800 block of Ernest Finney, and he was in a vehicle with two other victims.

The other two victims and vehicle were located.

Detectives charged a 13-year-old juvenile with the crime.

The juvenile was charged with armed robbery, three counts of attempted murder, possession of a weapon during a violent crime and possession of a firearm by certain persons.

The juvenile was transported to the S.C. Department of Juvenile Justice in Columbia.

Traffic fatality

A Conway area man died as the result of a single vehicle crash that happened Friday at about 10:30 p.m.

Henry Jamal Grier, 34, died from multiple injuries from the crash that happened at the intersection of S.C. 905 and Iree’s Way, according to information provided by the Horry County Coroner’s Office.

The S.C. Highway Patrol is investigating this incident.

Teen charged with shooting

A Conway teen, who police say fled the scene after a 15-year-old suffered a gunshot wound, returned a short time later to turn himself in to police.

David Christian Delacruz, 17, faces charges of assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, as well as possession of a weapon during a violent crime.

According to information provided by Horry County police, Delacruz will be charged as an adult.

The Horry County Police Department responded to the area of Fox Tail Pine Drive outside of Conway for reports of a shooting at about 3:30 p.m. one afternoon this past week.

Upon arrival, HCPD patrol officers and Horry County Fire Rescue emergency medical crews found a 15-year-old with a gunshot wound. Arrest warrants say he unlawfully possessed a handgun and shot the victim in the left side of his face, "causing severe injury."

The teen was transported to an area hospital for treatment.

Delacruz was released from jail the following day on a $25,000 bond.

Unlawful guns

Sunday at 6:20 a.m., Conway police were called to Riverfront Inn Conway on Waccamaw Drive to check on a report of a man waving a gun at people in the parking lot, according to a Conway police report.

The suspect told an officer he had just pulled up and did not have a weapon.

When the officer continued to seek information, the man tried to leave. When police checked with dispatch, the driver became nervous and made sudden movements reaching around the vehicle, specifically toward the passenger seat, according to the police report.

The policeman then says he saw in plain view a bag holding what appeared to be narcotics and needles in a zippered pocket of a book bag lying on the front passenger seat. The bag located in the book bag held four grams of an off-white crystal-like substance that the policeman believed was crystal methamphetamine. The suspect then told police that it was crystal meth in the bag, and there was a handgun in his front driver’s seat.

Police searched the car and found two guns.

Several needles were found in the book bag, along with a pipe commonly used for smoking crack and a scale commonly used for weighing drugs. He was charged with possession with intent to distribute meth and unlawful carry of a gun.

Armed robbery

A young Myrtle Beach man told Conway police Sunday at about noon that he had been robbed at gunpoint the day before as he walked along Pine Street.

Police are continuing to investigate.

Moped becomes a motorcycle

Conway police were called to Green Pond Circle where there was a young Aynor man, whom the caller thought might be intoxicated, riding on a Moped, according to a Conway police report.

The policeman says he saw the young man turn onto U.S. 378 from Acie Avenue where, the policeman says, he disregarded a stop sign. The policeman then turned on his blue light with the intent of stopping the man, but he just sped up and continued on to Green Pond Circle.

The Conway police report says on Green Pond Circle, the man intentionally dropped an open container of beer. He headed to Cranesbill Court to a dead-end cul-de-sac where he continued onto a residential yard and kept fleeing on the moped/scooter to a dirt access road behind the neighborhood.

Two officers began to chase him on foot, but lost sight of him.

When they were unable to find him, they went back, checked his driving record and learned that he does not have a valid motorcycle license.

Because the scooter reached speeds in excess of 35 mph during the chase, the vehicle was classified as a motorcycle.

He was charged with failure to stop for blue lights, operating without a valid motorcycle license, littering and open container.

Weapon draws charges

A Myrtle Beach man drew the attention of an Horry County policeman as he drove on S.C. 544 with malfunctioning tag and brake lighting, according to an Horry County police report.

When the policeman tried to stop the vehicle, the driver left the road headed into the Food Lion parking lot on S.C. 544.

The policeman says he noticed the driver making moves toward the center console of his vehicle before appearing to slump down in the seat. The police report says the Myrtle Beach man told the policeman that he had a gun in the leg of his pants that he was trying to conceal. The policeman checked the gun and found that it was reported stolen in Horry County, according to the report.

The suspect was issued citations for the traffic offenses and was charged with failure to appear, unlawful carry of a pistol and possession of a weapon by certain persons unlawful. He was taken to jail.

Loaded handgun

An Horry County policeman says he saw a young Conway man driving up and down Oak Tree Lane and behind a closed business across the street, according to an Horry County police report.

He says when the suspect saw him he put his car into reverse and accelerated backward down Oak Tree Lane. When the policeman tried to make contact with the suspect, he ran. The policeman says as the suspect was running he reached into his waistband multiple times. After a brief foot chase, the suspect stopped and was taken into custody.

He told the policeman he ran because he does not have a license.

During an inventory of the car, the policeman reported finding a loaded handgun under the front seat with its grip exposed. The report says the suspect does not have a concealed weapons permit. He was charged with unlawful carry of a handgun and no valid driver’s license, and taken to jail.

More gun charges

While an Horry County policeman was patrolling in the Conway section of Horry County, he reported seeing a vehicle driving on Fox Hollow Road, headed toward S.C. 544, with a malfunctioning brake light on the passenger side.

The policeman says when he approached the Conway driver, he was irate and yelling profanities, the Horry County police report says.

Before inventorying the vehicle, the policeman learned that the man’s license had been suspended. He reported finding in the center console a pill bottle holding a white rock substance that he believed to be crack cocaine.

At that point, he began a search that turned up two bags holding a crystal rock substance that he believed was methamphetamine and a handgun. The policeman then learned that the man had five active warrants, and a Conway woman in the car had one warrant. The man was charged with possessing less than one gram of methamphetamine or cocaine base, four counts of obtaining signatures by false pretenses and receiving stolen goods. The Conway woman was charged with less than one gram of methamphetamine and unlawful use of a license or fraudulent application for a license.

A teen was charged with possessing a firearm bearing marred, unreadable numbers.

That same passenger was also charged with possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine and unlawful carry of a pistol.

According to the police report, while trying to resist the teen hit the policeman’s shoulder with his head. He was told numerous times that he was being charged, but he continued to resist, officers said. Assaulting an officer while resisting arrest was added to his charges.

All three were taken to jail.

Feuding neighbors

A young Conway woman summoned police recently complaining that her neighbor of about three weeks had been yelling racial slurs at her family and harassing them from his property line.

The Horry County police report says she told police that things have gotten so bad that her children can’t play outside, and Saturday her neighbor threatened to shoot her as he gestured toward his pocket, but he didn’t show a weapon, the police report says.

She said they have tried all means to avoid the man and not to argue with him.

The neighbor told the Horry County policeman that he didn’t threaten the Conway woman and didn’t even own a weapon. He did tell the officer that he dislikes black people, and ever since they moved in next door to him his property has been trespassed, things have been missing and he’s sick of smelling the odor of marijuana. He said his primary concern is that there is traffic at all hours of the night, and children playing on the property are exposed to the smell of marijuana.

The policeman advised the man and the woman to install cameras so they could record any future incidents from the safety of their own homes.

The case was declared unfounded due to a lack of probable cause, according to the police report.

Vehicle crimes

■ A Myrtle Beach man told Conway police that he left his vehicle at 6:20 p.m. when he arrived at work at Lowe’s on U.S. 501. He came back outside at 7 p.m. to discover that his vehicle was missing, according to a Conway police report.

■ Horry County police were called to Southland Drive where they found three cars with flat tires. One of the vehicles had both tires on the left side flattened, another had one left side rear tire flattened and a third had one right rear tire flattened. All of the vehicles were in the driveway. The policeman didn’t see any punctures and all of the tires had their valve caps in place.

■ Three vehicles were broken into at the Conway Manor on Fourth Avenue over a recent night, according to a Conway police report.

All three vehicles had broken windows.

A woman’s purse was taken from one of the vehicles. Two 12-inch BOSE speakers were stolen from a second vehicle.

An employee told police she went out to her car at about 3 a.m. and found a window in her car broken. A teen then went into the vehicle and cut her hands and knees on the broken glass. She went to a hospital to have her cuts tended. The car’s owner found that some papers had been taken from her glove compartment and thrown around the vehicle and a bag that belonged to the teen was missing.

Troubling phone call

A Loris area woman called police after she received telephone calls that troubled her, according to an Horry County police report.

The woman says a caller, who claims to be a representative of Easy Pay Day loans, tells her she has a “pay day” loan that is in default. The caller says she has a court date in Loris on June 15 and encourages her to settle.

She says she doesn’t have a “pay day” loan and reviewed her credit report to make sure nothing problematic was showing.

She wanted the calls documented because the caller has her Social Security number and possibly other personal information.

High-speed police chase

A driver, whose car had a license tag that didn’t match the car he was driving, didn’t stop when an Horry County policeman tried to make a traffic stop at just before 2 a.m. on a recent morning, according to an Horry County police report.

The policeman says the driver made a U-turn on Singleton Ridge Road and drove toward Conway until he turned onto Cox Ferry Road, crossed over U.S. 501 toward S.C. 90, then headed north on S.C. 90 before making a U-turn and heading back toward Conway. He went back to Old Reaves Ferry Road, but a policeman was able to put stop sticks on Chana Drive. The suspect stopped after he hit the stop sticks, got out and ran into the woods where an Horry County officer caught him.

He was taken to jail on charges of driving under suspension, not for driving under the influence; operating an uninsured vehicle; habitual traffic offender; failure to stop for a blue light; open container; and having an improper license plate. 

Drugs and a gun

An Horry County policeman stopped a man driving on S.C. 90 after, the police report says, he saw him driving left of center at about 4 a.m. on a recent morning.

The policeman stopped the Longs man at S.C. 90 and Chestnut Run Road. The report says the man handed him an ID card only, saying he doesn’t have a driver’s license.

After finding an unopened cold beer can, the policeman asked if he had been drinking. The man said he had not, but had just bought the beer at a club. The policeman also says he smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle, so he asked if he had been smoking marijuana. He said he might have picked up the smell at the club where people had been smoking.

The policeman searched the car and found a plastic bag holding a green leafy substance, a white rock-like substance and a brown powdered substance. He also found a handgun with the serial number covered and altered, according to the police report.

The policeman then learned that the suspect has a criminal history that includes several drug charges and a prior felony charge.

He was taken to jail with charges of felon in possession of a firearm; possession of a pistol by certain person unlawful; possession of less than one gram of ice, crank or crack, third or subsequent offense; possession of Schedule I narcotics; possession of or possession with intent to distribute Schedule I or V; driving under suspension; and driving on the wrong side of the road. He was still in jail Wednesday with a $9,150 bond.

Protection offered

When Horry County police went to the site of a felony, they found a 13-year-old girl who was pregnant. A teenage boy was identified as the child’s father, according to an Horry County police report.

Police took the girl into emergency protective custody because she was in a home where a crime, not related to her condition, had happened.

Police planned to investigate.

Shot hits home

A resident of Talon Drive told police he was standing in his yard when he heard six or seven shots with one of them hitting his home, knocking off some of the vinyl siding, according to a Horry County police report.

The man’s wife climbed into an attic over the garage where she determined that a bullet had not penetrated an inside wall.

Police determined that there were two residences where the shots might have come from. Other than that, they would have come from the other side of the swamp, according to the police report.

The owner of one of the two residences told police he also had heard shots, but they had come from farther south of his property. He said he does target shooting, but hadn’t within the past three weeks, according to the police report.

The policeman then approached the second residence where a man told him he had been sighting a new rifle scope during the time that the shots were heard, but he said he fires his weapons toward a five-foot berm and in the direction away from the victim’s home.

Burglary thwarted

A resident of Lakewood Avenue told Conway police that she saw a man trying to break into her garage at about 3:30 p.m. one afternoon this past week, according to a Conway police report.

She says when she saw the young man trying to pick the lock on her side garage door she went to confront him. He told her he was sorry for being there and ran off.

The woman described the man as about 6-feet tall with dark hair and skinny, wearing shorts, but no shirt.

The policeman was not able to find the man and noted that he had not gotten into the garage. Police processed the door handle for fingerprints.

Alcohol/drug incidents

■ A Conway woman, who has repeatedly drawn the attention of Conway police recently, triggered a call from Conway Medical Center where she was refusing medical attention. The Conway police report says the woman was highly-intoxicated and refused to leave.

She was being held in the psychiatric area of the hospital where security was watching her.

She was charged with public drunkenness and taken to jail.


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