Kaene Bellamy

Kaene Diallo Bellamy

Charged with carjacking, kidnapping, assault and battery high and aggravated and armed robbery

Loris man charged with carjacking and more

A Loris man was charged with carjacking with great bodily injury, resisting arrest, kidnapping, assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature and armed robbery this past week after a man told police the suspect hit him in the head with a gun and forced him into the trunk of his own car, according to an Horry County police report.

He said he was able to escape from the trunk when the vehicle slowed down.

Kaene Diallo Bellamy, 21, was taken to jail where bond had not been set and he was still there Wednesday.

The victim told police he went to a residence to meet a man he had been talking with on snap chat, according to an Horry County police report.

The victim told police when he got to the residence, he picked up the suspect and they drove down the road a short way before the suspect said he left something at his house and they needed to go back to get it.

The Horry County police report says the suspect went into the house, came back out quickly with a pistol and told the victim to get out of the vehicle.

The victim described the suspect as a tall, stalky male. He couldn’t remember what he was wearing, but knew he had a thin goatee and small mouth, according to the police report.

He also said the suspect had dreads that were about four-inches long. He couldn’t remember what address he met the man at, but thought he would remember it. He was checked by emergency medical workers for a small cut on the back of his head caused by being hit by the firearm. Police began circling around the area that the man had run from. While traveling on Watts Road, just a few minutes from where the victim thought he had jumped out of the car, they spotted the house where he picked up the suspect. During their investigation, police were told the suspect was in Georgia, according to the police report.

As police were leaving the location on Watts Road, they found the car that had been taken behind an abandoned house next door. The report says it was visible from the road. Police went back to the residence and surrounded the house saying they saw lights on in the suspect’s bedroom and heard voices.

The police report says police saw the suspect trying to go out of the back door, but went back inside after he was told to come out.

Police say they saw the suspect through the front door looking for a way to escape. One officer yelled to the suspect to come out of the home, that he was under arrest, but the suspect was able to run out of the back door and past officers. After a short foot chase the suspect was taken into custody in the woods on the property where the victim’s vehicle was found.

The victim was able to positively identify the suspect using a picture, and said he had seen the suspect about six months before.

The victim checked the car and could not find his cell phone. A policeman reported finding a shell casing that had gotten stuck in his tire after pulling out of the driveway.

Vehicle incidents

■ A Conway woman told police that someone took her purse out of her vehicle, according to a Conway police report. She said after she left Food Lion on U.S. 701 South, she went to Kingston Street to the fish market. She went inside with her debit card and bought some fish at about 2:30 p.m. one day this past week. She left and went home where she was sure she locked her car, but she wasn’t sure she had locked it at the fish market. She didn’t notice her purse missing until the next morning, but thinks it was taken while she was inside the fish market, according to the police report.

■ Conway police were called to Church Street Saturday at about 4 p.m. to check on a suspicious vehicle, according to a Conway police report.

Police say they found a white 2007 Ford E350 van sitting in a field with a passenger door open. They checked and learned that the vehicle was stolen in Myrtle Beach.

■ A young resident of Sweet Street told Conway police that he was sleeping on his couch when the panic alarm in his vehicle sounded, according to a Conway police report.

He checked the vehicle and found that his wallet was missing.

Visa debit card, various gift cards and a small amount of money were inside the wallet.

The report says the vehicle had no signs of forced entry, but the young man believed it was locked.

Cash and Kindle Fire tablets taken

Horry County police were called to S.C. 905 one evening this past week where a homeowner told them that someone had gone into his home between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. that afternoon and taken $2,220 of things.

The missing items included a safe, cash and two Kindle Fire Tablets and a change jar holding pennies. The Horry County police report says the intruder got into the S.C. 905 home through a window that had not been secured.

Shot fired

A resident of Forest View Road told Conway police that he spotted two suspicious men walking on residential property and looking at vehicles at about 15 minutes after midnight Saturday, according to a Conway police report.

The victim told police he was at his girlfriend’s house when she got a notification on her phone from her security system that there was movement in the front yard. The video showed two men dressed in dark clothing walking on the property. The man says he went outside and chased the suspect down the road when one of them fired a single shot toward him.

The police report says no shell casing was found after a sweep of the area. Police got the video from the security system and put it into evidence. The report says more investigation is coming.

Some items recovered

A young Conway man estimated that about $2,265 of his things were taken from his home while he was away for about a week, according to a Conway police report.

The man said when he returned he found that his door appeared to have been kicked in. Police agreed that the residence was forcibly entered.

The man says his bed, food, television, toys, shoes, clothes, curtains, glass end table and game system were all missing.

The report refers to a Unit A that had an open door with many miscellaneous items inside, but it doesn’t say where or what the unit is.

The report says the man was able to recover multiple items.

Identity theft

An Horry County resident told police that someone had stolen her identity sometime during the past week.

She said she discovered the problem after realizing that her bank account was unusually low, according to an Horry County police report.

The woman told police someone drafted her account for $423.75, but she had no idea who might have done it.

The police report says the woman did know that the money had gone to a business out of Chicago, Ill.

She told police the bank promised to reimburse her money if she documented the incident with law enforcement.

Hit x 3

A trio sitting in a vehicle in the Loris area told Horry County police that a man intentionally drove his vehicle into the one they were sitting in at about 2 a.m. on a recent morning, according to an Horry County police report.

Although no one was injured, the vehicle had “major” damage, according to the police report.

Police reported that the incident was intentional and the suspect also threw a can at the vehicle. The suspect was found in a nearby residence and was taken into custody without any problem.

Officers took a picture of the damage to the suspect’s vehicle.

According to the police report, the suspect tried to injure the victims and could have caused great bodily harm. The suspect was placed on hold for three counts of assault and battery and malicious damage.

Bullet enters home

Police were called to a Beau Street residence at about 10 p.m. on a recent night when the residents told them that sometime between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. that night, someone shot a bullet through their home. One of the victims found the hole when he went into the bathroom and saw that the mirror was broken and there was a hole in the wall.

According to the Horry County police report, he looked at the door and wall behind him and saw holes. A second victim said he found a bullet on the other side of the wall.

The victim told police he was home during the time that the bullet was fired, but he didn’t see the damage or hear any shooting.

The policeman saw the damage to the walls and the location of the bullet.

One officer took pictures of the incident location before collecting the bullet. He also advised victims of their rights and told them how to get a copy of the police report.

The policeman checked in front of the home, but didn’t find any damage on an abandoned mobile home. The bullet was collected and placed into evidence.

Computer hacking

A young Conway woman called Horry County police after she saw that there was fraudulent activity on her Bank of America account.

The woman said there were two transactions, each for $750 on her Zelle account that is linked to her bank account.

The victim was able to contact her bank and lock the transaction before she lost any money.

She told Horry County police that the suspect was able to initiate the transfers because the suspect added herself as a contact into the victim’s Zelle account. The suspect was also able to set up touch ID and face ID on the victim’s bank account and reset the victim’s password.

The suspect’s information was retrieved based on the contact information the suspect provided during the process of hacking the victim’s accounts.

The victim changed her passwords and created a case with her bank’s fraud department.

Alcohol/drug incidents

■ A young Conway man got the attention of a Conway policeman when he saw the young man sitting in a running car with its lights on at about midnight Saturday night, according to a Conway police report.

The policeman says when he went to speak with the driver he smelled a strong odor similar to marijuana coming from inside the vehicle.

The policeman searched the vehicle and found 4.81 grams of a green leafy substance determined to be marijuana.

The report says the driver was cooperative. The marijuana was confiscated and the man was released at the scene.

■ A Conway policeman says he was keeping check on The Coop Bar and Grill and the American Tavern Pool and Billiards Hall, both on S.C. 544, Saturday at about 11 p.m. when a staff member from The Coop ran to him saying there had been an accident in that parking lot and the driver was trying to leave the scene, according to a Conway police report.

The policeman says he went to the site where he found the suspect trying to leave. He also saw a vehicle that had been involved in a collision with the business’ steel sign post.

The Conway police report says the officer found the suspect walking away, approached him and immediately determined from his slurred speech and unsteady stance that he was intoxicated. The policeman says he asked the man to go back to the vehicle with him and, with assistance from a friend, the suspect was able to stagger back to the vehicle.

The report says the man gave police a rambling, incoherent account of the events. He told the policeman that he was the driver of the vehicle and that he “was in fact drunk,” according to the report.

With help from Horry County police, the Conway policeman took the driver into custody. He noticed that the young Georgia man had blood on his shirt so he called for emergency medical workers to check him for any life threatening injuries. EMS determined that the man did not have any serious injuries. He was taken to Conway Medical Center for a complete check and clearance for jail.

The policeman chose not to try field sobriety tests because the man was experiencing dramatic mood swings. He also considered the general safety of officers and the suspect.

The suspect was cleared at CMC and taken to a Conway satellite station for a breath test where he registered .21.

He was taken to jail where he was charged with driving with an unlawful alcohol concentration, .16 or greater. An accident report was completed and the vehicle was towed.

■ A Conway policeman was called to the intersection U.S. 501 and U.S. 378 at about 5 a.m. Sunday where he found a vehicle running and in gear with a woman who appeared to be unconscious in the driver’s seat.

The officer said the vehicle’s doors were locked so he began to knock and shake the vehicle trying to awaken the woman, according to a Conway police report.

The officer says when the woman woke up she seemed confused. When he ordered her to put her vehicle into park, she accelerated trying to escape custody, the police report says.

The officer then stopped her using his blue lights and siren. She pulled over and stopped at a gas station on U.S. 501 at Sixth Avenue.

The policeman says as he approached the car he smelled alcohol coming from the woman’s breath.

The woman told the officer she had been drinking at her boyfriend’s house in Myrtle Beach and was on her way home.

He says she performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was taken in for a breath test, which she refused.

She was charged with driving under the influence, first offense and taken to jail.

■ A Conway policeman says he stopped a young Conway man after he says he disobeyed a traffic control device on Long Avenue Extension, according to a Conway police report.

The officer says he smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle and the driver appeared to be nervous. The Conway police report says a passenger handed over a small quantity of loose marijuana from a black hat he had in his hands.

The vehicle was searched, but no more contraband was found,

The report says police learned that the passenger had a courtesy summons issued by the Conway Police department.

The summons was taken to the site and read to the passenger, and he was issued a court date.

The report says because the men were cooperative and because there was only a small amount of marijuana, he decided not to charge the passenger with simple possession. Both men were released with warning tickets.

■ Horry County police were called to a residence on the Pee Dee Road in the Galivants Ferry section to check on a young Galivants Ferry man who was behaving erratically and crazy, according to the Horry County police report.

Someone at the site told police that the suspect’s drugs were on the front porch. When the policeman entered the enclosed front porch, he saw in plain sight a medicine bottle with a crystal rock-like substance believed to be methamphetamine, a medicine bottle with a green leafy substance and a plastic bag with a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana and a glass pipe used to smoke narcotics. The reporting officer believed the young man was under the influence of narcotics due to his behavior and slurred speech.

The report says the suspect admitted possession of the narcotics and was taken into custody.

He was charged with simple possession of marijuana and trafficking in meth. He was released on bond later that day.

■ A Conway man was charged with simple possession of marijuana after someone called police saying he had broken into a motor vehicle, according to a Conway police report.

A responding officer said when he got to the area and began searching for the suspect the person who called them pointed him out. The policeman says as he turned around and got out with the suspect off Pine Street behind Pizza Inn, he smelled marijuana. The person who called police said the suspect had gone through several vehicles at AAMCO and scratched a tax stamp off of a license plate across the street at Sherwin-Williams. He didn’t think the man had taken anything; he just wanted the suspect trespassed so he couldn’t return.

The policeman searched the man and reported finding two marijuana cigarettes with a total of .6 grams.

■ A Conway policeman stopped a Longs man when he noticed that the car he was driving had a North Carolina license plate with writing that wasn’t readable, according to a Conway police report.

The policeman says when the man stopped at the Food Lion on U.S. 501 he smelled marijuana.

The Conway police report says the driver then told them that he had a gun (black Springfield Armory USA XD-9 9mm) in his vehicle under the driver’s seat and he doesn’t have a concealed weapons permit. There was also a magazine for the handgun.

The policeman says the man told him he had recently smoked marijuana inside the vehicle.

The policeman continued to search and found a magazine with 10, 9mm rounds of ammunition; 24 light blue pills with M on one side and 30 on the other, identified as oxycodone hydrochloride 30 mg, a Schedule 2 controlled substance; a pill bottle labeled Farmapram Alprazolam; and a pill bottle holding four green rectangular pill bars with S90 3 on them, determined to be Alprazolam 2mg, a Schedule 4 controlled substance; and 17 white rectangular pills with no writing on them. They were determined to be Farmapram Alprazolam, a Schedule 4 controlled substance. There was also a white circular pill with RP on one side and 10 on the other side. This pill was determined to be an Oxycodone Hydrochloride 100mg, Schedule 2 controlled substance.

The driver was charged with possession of Schedule 2&4 controlled substances and unlawful carry of a firearm. Police then learned that the man had an active warrant with the Horry County Sheriff’s Office for failure to appear. He was taken to jail

He was also issued a warning for improper display of a license plate.


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