Shooting in Longs

Police are investigating after a 21-year-old man was shot in Longs.

Officers responded to a hospital in Little River early Tuesday morning after a man with a gunshot wound arrived at the facility, according to an Horry County police report.

The shooting happened when the man was sitting alone in a car in the Honey Road area in Longs, the report said.

The victim suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. The report stated he had a gunshot wound to his right thigh.

Horry County Police Department spokeswoman Mikayla Moskov said the case remains under investigation, and authorities are still working to learn more about what happened.

Eight-year jail sentence

A man pleaded guilty Monday before his trial was scheduled to begin on a charge of burglary involving a former Little River restaurant.

Adam C. Pugh, 55, no hometown listed, pleaded guilty to second-degree burglary, a violent offense, before his trial began, said James Stanko, the assistant solicitor who along with Lauree Richardson, a senior assistant solicitor, prosecuted the case for the 15th Circuit Solicitor’s Office.

Circuit Judge D. Craig Brown sentenced Pugh to eight years in prison.

Pugh was arrested in June 2018 after he burglarized I-Noodle located in Little River. Horry County police recovered DNA from the restaurant and linked it to Pugh, who also confessed to the crime when confronted, Richardson said.

Burglary draws 10 years

A Myrtle Beach man, who was scheduled for trial, pleaded guilty to burglary and was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

David Alan Markley, 56, of Myrtle Beach pleaded guilty to second-degree burglary, a violent offense, before Circuit Judge Deadra L. Jefferson, who sentenced him to serve 10 years in prison, according to Catherine Owens, the assistant solicitor who prosecuted the case for the 15th Circuit Solicitor’s Office. Markley was scheduled to go to trial in November.

The charge Markley pleaded guilty to happen in June 2018 in Myrtle Beach, but he had other pending burglary charges that were resolved with the plea. The victims attended Friday’s hearing and were glad for closure in their case, Owens said.

“Through this plea, we were able to resolve cases going back to November 2016,” Owens said. “We appreciate the dedication by Myrtle Beach police specifically Detectives Eddy and Morrell.”

Conway man gets 30 years

A Conway man pleaded guilty to killing a taxi driver this past week and was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Marion J. Campbell, 26, pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter before the Circuit Judge Deadra L. Jefferson, according to Seth Oskin, the assistant solicitor who prosecuted the case for the 15th Circuit Solicitor’s Office. Oskin recommended a 30-year prison sentence for Campbell as part of the plea.

Campbell was charged Sept. 21, 2017, in the June 2017 killing of 66-year-old Dennis Mantle, who was found dead in his taxi along Juniper Bay Road near Dunn Shortcut Road.

“Mr. Mantle’s family attended the hearing and supported the outcome,” Oskin said. “We are glad to provide Mr. Mantle’s family with justice.”

School fight

Three Carolina Forest High School students ran afoul of the law recently when an older student said they attacked him on the school’s grounds, according to an Horry County police report.

The victim told police that at about noon on a recent day, a 16-year-old started an argument with him about an alleged criminal sexual conduct that happened in the City of Conway and is being investigated by Conway police.

He says one teen held him while a second punched him in the face and a third came from behind and started punching him in the back of his head.

A friend of the victim then intervened and diffused the situation.

The victim’s mother was able to provide police with cellphone footage of the incident.

After watching it, an Horry County policeman decided it was appropriate to charge the trio with third-degree assault and battery.

The police report says school administrators planned to initiate their own investigation to determine if the teens should be suspended.

At the point that the report was written, police had been unable to contact the three suspects or their guardians.

The victim had a badly-bruised eye and complained of injuries to his head that weren’t visible.

Three-minute attack

A Conway man told police, and video verified it, that two young Conway men broke into his house Friday at about 10 p.m., according to a Conway police report.

The victim said the two men hit him in his head with their fists, which resulted in an injury to his left check and a scrape on his right arm.

According to the video, the attack took about three minutes.

No fingerprints

Horry County police were called to Limbaugh Lane in the Conway area to check on a report of a burglary.

An Horry County police report says a resident told police she left her home at about 5 p.m. and returned at 10 p.m., During that time someone pried open her back door. A television had been moved from a bedroom to a hallway and a laptop was missing from a children’s room.

Police checked the television for fingerprints, but smearing on the television made it appear that the person who moved the television was wearing gloves.

Police planned to contact two neighbors who have surveillance cameras.

Please don’t prosecute

Two East Conway residents told Horry County police that two men came into their unsecured house and hit the male resident in the head with a handgun before forcing him toward his room in the back of the residence.

He says one of the intruders went through the house, taking only a safe that had $1,000 in cash inside.

The suspects escorted the residents to a back room when the female resident tried to get away. Despite a suspect taking her cellphone, she was able to get out of the house run to surrounding houses.

The victims told police that one of the suspects was wearing a black mask and a black hoodie and carried a handgun with an extended clip.

The other suspect didn’t have a mask and was wearing a blue sweatshirt.

According to the police report, police began to think that the victims might be withholding information. They did not want to pursue charges.

Drug/alcohol incidents

■ An Horry County policeman began to follow a Chevrolet pickup at about 11 p.m. Saturday because he couldn’t read the “severely faded date and vehicle information on the paper tag.”

The left bake light was also faulty. The officer tried to make a traffic stop, but the Galivants Ferry truck driver turned into the Aynor McDonald’s before speeding up through the drive-thru and parking lot. Then he pulled back onto U.S. 501 and made a right turn onto Frye Road. The policeman activated his siren and blue lights, but the suspect kept going making a left turn onto Fifth Avenue and then continuing on to Jordanville Road. On Fifth Avenue and Jordanville Road, the Horry County police report says the driver hit speeds of 86 mph and ran a stop sign.

He eventually turned into the yard of a residence beside Aynor Elementary School and stopped, jumped out and ran into a heavily-wooded area behind the house.

The officer lost sight of the suspect, set up a perimeter and sent for the K9 handler. The dog quickly led officers to the suspect who was lying in a very thick area of the woods.

The suspect was taken into custody without a problem. Police found that he had a plastic bag holding 1.41 grams of a white powder consistent with crack cocaine. Police then checked the National Crime Information Computer and found that he was wanted, but the report has redacted what he was charged with.

In Horry County he was charged with failure to stop for blue lights and was given warnings for the equipment and vehicle license violations.

Horry County jail records show his charges including second-degree domestic violence and possession of methamphetamine or cocaine.

The police report says the suspect has one prior drug conviction for LSD Schedule II from 2015.

He was released from the Horry County Detention Center the same day.

■ When a passerby spotted a man, who appeared to be passed out inside of his vehicle that was parked in the road, she tapped on the window and got no response.

She notified Horry County police and reported the vehicle on Jessica Lakes Drive, according to an Horry County police report.

Emergency medical workers responded at about 2 a.m. Sunday and determined that the man was alive and was possibly under the influence of alcohol.

The Horry County police report says there was a case of beer inside the vehicle.

When the man stepped out of the vehicle, the policeman says, he smelled of alcohol, was slurring his speech and had a “1,000-yard stare”.

The policeman began field sobriety tests, but stopped due to the driver’s impaired condition.

He was charged with open container and driving under the influence, and was taken to jail.

He registered .21 on a breath test.

■ A young Conway man was charged with several infractions after Conway police were called to a motor vehicle accident that occurred at the intersection of S.C. 544 and Jackson Bluff Road Saturday at about 11 p.m., according to a Conway police report.

The policeman says the driver at fault was slurring his speech, had bloodshot eyes and a strong odor of alcohol and marijuana. A second police officer searched the vehicle and found a plastic bag holding a green leafy substance that the officer believes was marijuana. He also found an open container of Corona behind the driver’s seat.

A search of the driver turned up a plastic bag in his left side back jeans pocket that held 8 grams of marijuana.

The young man told the policeman that he had been to a party in Conway and was heading home. He said he drank a few alcoholic beverages at the party and smoked some marijuana.

He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was taken in for a breath test. He registered .11 and was taken to jail where he was strip-searched. The detention officer found two plastic bags holding a white powdery substance in the man’s boxers.

The man was charged with driving with an unlawful alcohol concentration; driving under suspension for DUI; open container; simple possession of marijuana; and possession with intent to distribute cocaine.

■ Horry County police were called to a home on Dayton Drive where the residents told police that a Conway man refused to leave their home for at least two hours, according to an Horry County police report.

The policeman says he told the man to leave before deciding that he was too intoxicated to walk safely along the road.

Worried about the man’s safety, the policeman says he tried to take the man to various family and friends’ locations, but they all said he was not welcome.

The policeman charged him with disorderly conduct and took him to jail.

Vehicle incidents

■ Sometime between midnight and 5 a.m. Saturday someone took a wallet from a vehicle parked on Bluffton Court.

However, Horry County police found part of the wallet that still had an ID card in it.

The victim knew that his wallet was missing, but thought it had been taken at another location due to a friend having borrowed his truck.

The policeman said he found the man’s things near a grassy hill on Biltmore Drive.

The victim said three credit cards were missing and several fraudulent charges had already been completed at a BP and a square reader.

The victim said the banks had refunded all of the transactions, but police planned to get the exact locations and times of the transactions.

■ A Conway policeman says at about 11 o’clock Sunday morning, he got a call about a Cadillac Escalade hitting a curb several times, according to a Conway police report.

The driver told the policeman that his brakes weren’t working and he wasn’t able to control the car.

The policeman tried the brakes and agreed that they didn’t seem to be in working order. He then decided that the Georgetown man was showing signs of a medical issue and learned that he was diabetic. He called emergency medical workers and found that the man was having a diabetic-related incident.

He was charged with unlawful operation of unsafe and improperly-equipped vehicle. He was released to emergency medical workers and his car was towed.

■ A Conway area woman told Horry County police that someone took her 2018 Nissan Sentra from Juniper Drive during about a two-and-one-half hour period, according to an Horry County police report.

The woman told police she had both sets of keys with her. The car was listed in a national crime computer.

House left in disarray

A resident of Highway 348 called police after he saw that someone had been inside of his home in the Loris section, according to an Horry County police report.

The policeman says the homeowner showed him where the back sliding glass door had been shattered with a red brick, sometime between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. on a recent day.

The policeman says the house was in disarray with beds having been flipped over and drawers opened or pulled out.

Items had been tossed all around and $1,152 of cash and other things were missing.

Missing items included a 12-guage shogun, a laptop, camera, archery bow, book bag, two Evo laptops and $107 in cash.

Collecting a debt

An Horry County policeman says he was alerted by Conway police that they had a person in the parking lot of the Conway Public Safety building, who reported being a victim of a crime on Nixon Avenue in the Conway section.

The victim told Horry County police that the victim has a family court bench warrant and refused to meet with police in relation to this case.

A person who contacted police said four suspects came from Georgia to the house looking for $30 that the victim’s cousin owed them. A woman, who was inside the house, and the male victim, who came inside the house, said they pointed a firearm at them, but the report has redacted the type of firearm.

The victim and the other person in the house then decided to go to the store and get the intruders $30 instead of calling 911. After they left the house, they noticed that the suspects were following them in an extended cab truck with a Georgia tag. They stopped and told the suspects to meet them at Food Lion on Fourth Avenue, but instead they went to the Conway police Department.

Road rage

A Myrtle Beach woman told Horry County police that at the intersection of Clay Pond Road and George Bishop Parkway a man reached across his passenger and pointed a gun at them, according to an Horry County police report.

The victims told police that the vehicle was driving directly behind their vehicle. A passenger in the car told police that the driver hit the brakes a little so the suspect would back off.

However, on George Bishop Boulevard the driver sped around them in the left lane and pointed the gun at them.

The male victim said he wasn’t sure if the car left the road at Harrelson Boulevard or if it continued toward U.S. 17 bypass.

Threatening to harm himself

An Aynor mom called Horry County police afraid that her son intended to hurt himself, according an Horry County police report.

The man had sent a text message that said he intended to “…put a bullet through my skull”, followed by “This ends tonight.”

Police took the man into protective custody and took him to Conway Medical Center. Someone involved in the case told police that the man was sending threatening texts after the person who threatened to hurt himself was served with custody paperwork from Family Court. Someone involved in the case said that kind of rhetoric had been going on since the day before.

She didn’t mean it

A woman told Horry County police that a woman who had come to the area from out of state had taken a large amount of over-the-counter medication and was sitting in her vehicle after telling her that she didn’t care if she lived or died.

The troubled woman told police that she had sought help in her home state and had made suicidal statement in the past, but she never attempted to take her own life.

She was placed in protective custody and turned over to the medical staff at Conway Medical Center.

Lacking brotherly love

A young Conway man told police that, using text messages, he had an argument with his brother over $30, according to an Horry County police report.

The victim told police that his brother shot his truck about 10 times with a rifle.

He told police that he knew that his brother did not intend to hurt him with his strict intention only to shoot his truck.

An Horry County police report says the truck had multiple bullet holes and a policeman found multiple bullet casings.

According to the report, the victim had taken an undetermined amount of money from a counter in his house.

He didn’t want to hurt his brother in any way, except financially. He turned himself in to police and was taken to jail on a charge of malicious injury to personal property, for more than $2,000, but less than $10,000.


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