Conway political signs

Conway officials have issued $18,000 in fines to political candidates after signs were in violation of the city’s ordinance that bans the signs in certain areas. Photo by Kathy Ropp/

About $18,000 in fines have been issued to political candidates after Conway officials determined the candidates' signs had been placed in areas where they legally should not be.

Eighteen candidates were fined $1,000 because their signs were illegally placed in public right-of-ways in Conway, said city spokesperson June Wood.

As of Tuesday, candidates – except those who are in runoffs June 28 – should have collected their signs throughout Conway, even if the signs are on private property. Candidates who are in runoff elections can keep their signs up if the signs are legally placed, but have to remove all signs by July 5, Wood said.

The city previously had an issue with signs being placed too early, which also prompted city officials to issue fines.

Overall, city staff has removed about 700 signs that were illegally placed, she said, adding citizens made some of the complaints which led to fines being issued.

“None of the signs in the public right-of-ways are legal and are not permitted to stay up, regardless of [a] runoff,” Wood said. “We are still removing them as staff time and weather conditions allow.”

The tickets are issued for littering and in violation of the city’s unified development ordinance.

Conway has issued tickets to the following candidates:

  • Allen Beverly
  • Russell Fry
  • Tom Rice
  • Barbara Arthur
  • Ken Richardson
  • Carla Schuessler
  • Darrell Rickets
  • David Cox
  • Helen Smith
  • Melanie Wellons
  • David Ellis
  • Jeanette Spurlock
  • John Cassidy
  • Johnny Gardner
  • Johnny Vault
  • Mark Lazarus
  • Orton Bellamy
  • Kathy Maness

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