Tuesday Conway developer Tripp Nealy hopped into his truck alone and drove to Washington, D.C., just to be a part of what he thought was an important occasion and to see the Trump rally in person.

“I just don’t trust our media anymore, the things we see on television. We don’t have news. We have a propaganda machine and I told my wife I wanted to see firsthand what was going on in Washington,” he said.

He worried that news channels had been giving him bits and pieces only and not the whole truth.

He met a friend, who works as a contractor for the military, who had an area where they could park.

They walked about three miles to get to the rally’s location.

When he saw the sea of people, he said, “It was a beautiful thing that that many people would drive that far,” he said, adding that he talked with people from Minnesota, Texas and North Carolina.

“There were just people from all over the United States that took the time to come see the demonstration about the election,” he said.

Many of them think the election was fraudulent, he said.

He and his friend listened to most of the President’s speech, but left before it was over because another friend, a military person, warned them that there had recently been assaults and muggings of people who were heading to their cars.

He didn't learn about the attack on the capitol until later, but immediately thought about several people who were walking through the crowd trying to stir up trouble calling on their megaphones for people to stay and storm the capitol after the rally.

“They were the ones that caused that mess; I’m telling you,” he said.

He believes they were able to draw people into their plot because people are frustrated. Nealy said he could see it on some people’s faces.

“We’re on the verge of a civil war. There’s no doubt,” he said.

As for Trump’s speech, he said, “Everybody was cheering, like always.”

Nealy has mixed emotions about Mr. Trump.

“I think President Trump is in love with this country, and himself. I think that every time he opens his mouth, he sticks his foot in it. I think he’s really and truly a good man, but he’s not our answer. He did have the guts to say what needed to be said,” Nealy said.

After a little thought Nealy wanted to share his thoughts about the rally and the state of this country, so he wrote this letter.

To the Editor,

I come to you today as a "Demapub," a man standing on no party’s ground, a man with a heavy heart and torn spirit.

I was at the rally in Washington yesterday. I physically saw what happened. It truly started as one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. There were flags flying, people as far as the eye could see. There were twin little girls in strollers in front of me, families everywhere. You see we live in a free nation, ordained on paper by God himself. We shout freedom to the world everyday, but there are bad people in all walks of life. The chants of USA, USA, USA were interrupted yesterday by three or four guys with a megaphone chanting “after this we re going to storm the capitol”. Obscenities were part of their chants. They were dressed in black, one had a cowboy hat on. They looked like they were from the mountains. The one with the loud speaker had a backpack on.

They meandered through the crowd clean out of sight shouting. My guess is some young minds and angry people were convinced this was the answer. You see we have that right. It was given to us by our Bill of Rights.

Yesterday didn’t turn out to be a pretty day, someone lost their life yesterday. Our nation got a black eye. It truly isn’t the first time, we have watched it for 20 years. One nation out of touch with God spiraling out of control.

You have to ask yourself what’s causing this? All you need to do is look back at your history books. Every nation or world power has fought this same battle, communism or socialism; it’s really the same thing. A group of people or one person becomes so wealthy they think they are God themselves. They think they should rule over the free people.

Most of the time the cowards do it from behind the scenes. We really don’t even know who they are. We simply listen to the mouthpiece they hired to speak on their behalf. That mouthpiece will be attractive and speak with ease. They market their ideas to us because of the color of our skin, if we are fat or skinny, the amount of money we have, all the while dividing our people into groups then into political parties.

The ideas the mouthpiece had are then overruled behind closed doors and the people we elect become corrupt and their soul begins to rot. That is what we are witnessing right now.

I have asked my attorney to check and see what it will take to set up a national political party along with a logo. This party will have one mission and one mission only. No promises it can’t keep! Term limits on both the congress and senate. Our flags should be flying at half staff! A distress call. Every patriot in this country needs to [man up]. This won’t be an easy fight but today we are free and have the right to choose our destiny. I don’t want to see our children turned into slaves.

I want us to be able to dream and chase those dreams and my children chase theirs. I will only bow to one God. Our government is for our military protection. Not to be worshipped, or tell any of us our destiny.

Please pray for this country.

Tripp Nealy



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Mike Childs

The Alliance Party is an up an coming national political party that more than meets the criteria Mr. Nealy is looking for. No need to recreate the wheel. We're already rolling and growing rapidly due to the extreme dissatisfaction of the public with both major parties. If you're not happy with Status Quo partisan politics and politicians, consider The Alliance Party

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