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Three Conway City Council seats will be up for grabs soon, as well as the position of Mayor.

Conway City Council members Tom Anderson and Larry White will be up for re-election this Fall, as well as Mayor Barbara Blain-Bellamy.

A council member seat will also be open to replace Ashley Smith, who recently was hired as the new Conway Parks and Recreation director.

Councilman Tom Anderson hopes to keep his seat on the council dais.

“Conway is my family’s hometown, and everything I have is invested in Conway,” Anderson said. “I enjoy serving my city, and I try to make it the best it can be.”

Anderson, with the exception of two years where he served on the board of the Solid Waste Authority, has served on City Council. He began in April 1998, when a special election placed him on the dais after the passing of Ike Long.

He is employed as a general contractor specializing in historic renovation, both residential and commercial, as well as custom homes.

Larry White, who was elected to City Council in a special election in 2009, plans to run for re-election as well.

“I enjoy what I do and have made a difference. I hope to continue to make that difference,” White said.

White is a former teacher and health educator, currently working with Health Care Partners of South Carolina as an Outreach and Enrollment Specialist. He’s a lifelong member of Bethel AME Church, and founding board member and president of A Father’s Place, which has offices in Horry, Georgetown, Marion and Williamsburg counties.

Former Horry County Council Chairman Liz Gilland said she is “seriously considering” throwing her hat in the ring for a seat on Conway City Council.

“I miss being involved in government work, I think I have a knack for it. I enjoy it. If I’m going to live in Conway, I‘d like to make more of a contribution,” Gilland said.

Barbara Eisenhardt, who previously ran for council during the past election cycle, said council “needs some new blood.”

Eisenhardt lives near the Wild Wing community, and thinks her location would be a plus.

“All of them on council now live in the downtown area, we need someone who lives in the surrounding areas,” Eisenhardt said.

She attends all of the council meetings, but she realizes that doesn’t mean there isn’t more to learn.

Blain-Bellamy wants to continue serving the community in her capacity as Mayor.

“I’ve had the great, wonderful blessing of having been elected mayor four years ago. It’s been the most interesting and fascinating thing,” Blain-Bellamy said.

She said running the city is sometimes much like living life.

“[I am] continually sometimes surprised by challenges, but that’s a part of the process. It’s the getting through that gives you the strength and endurance that has been the City of Conway. I work with a wonderful staff, council and citizens who love this city, too,” Blain-Bellamy said.

The Aynor Town Council will also see Mayor John Gardner hoping for re-election.

“I just want to continue doing the good work we’ve been doing,” Gardner said. Councilmen Tony Godsey and Paul McCracken are also up for re-election.

The Horry County Voter Registration and Election office says filing will begin Aug. 23 and runs through noon Sept. 6.


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