Surfworks Adventure Park

Rendering of the planned adventure park. (Courtesy of American Surf Parks, LLC)

Developers of Surfworks Adventure Park in Myrtle Beach received positive feedback from the Myrtle Beach Community Appearance Board Thursday, clearing them for the next step in the development process.

The project's design will simulate the beach, planting palm trees and installing overhangs that resemble surf boards. The property is between 21st and 29th avenues north and located at Burroughs and Chapin Boulevard and Robert Grissom Parkway.

“They came here for conceptual, so to give us an idea of what they’re bringing forward,” CAB Chair Mayur Jeram said. “The board is very okay with the design of it, the look of it.”

In addition to a 255,000-square-foot surfable wave pool, the 25-acre “adventure park” will include a skate park and a five-acre amphitheater that can seat 10,000 people.

It will also include bars, restaurants and retail, complete with outdoor seating.

Buildings will be composed of stucco, aluminum and metalworking, and employ complementary soft browns, whites and soft grays to create a shadowing effect.

They will all be constructed at once.

Upon completion, the park will be open year-round, allowing for surfing past beach season. The city approved the project in 2020, granting a 15-year lease.

According to Jeram, developers will next focus on a site plan for infrastructure, such as pipelines and utilities.

Although there is no current timetable for the development, which is still seeking investment, Surfworks website states the project is coming to Myrtle Beach in 2023.

City Spokesman Mark Kruea said subsequent phases of the project will need to be reviewed by the CAB, though nothing is scheduled.

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