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Conway Medical Center President and CEO Bret Barr announces the hospital's affiliation with Duke Health, and the upcoming opening of a new Cancer Center at CMC.

Conway Medical Center announced today it is enhancing its cancer care program with a new affiliation with Duke Health and a September opening of a new Cancer Center at CMC.

"This announcement is two years in the making," said CMC President Bret Barr. "We're extremely excited..."

The new affiliation will provide CMC access to the most current training and staff education. The center, an expansion of their oncology services area,  will provide blood and platelet transfusions, blood draws, hydration therapy, injections, oral chemotherapy, as well as transitional intravenous chemotherapy infusions.

Dr. Najla Itani, a specially trained oncologist specializing in oncology and hematology, will be heading up the new state-of-the-art center.

"I strongly believe that building a strong physician-patient connection the is founded in trust is at the core of excellent patient care. I want my patients to feel that we are an extension of their family and will care for them in both the best and worst of times,"  Itani said.

Barr said CMC is excited to have such a facility closer to home, and said the facility is slated to open September 16. 

"I'm happy to offer hope and healing to those patients right at home, our patients will not have to travel so far for treatment," Barr said. "Receiving care close to home is invaluable."

Dr. Linda Sutton, medical director for Duke's Cancer network, said that Duke Health only has a limited number of affiliations for a reason, and they liked what they saw at CMC.

"We could see, hear, and feel the commitment to excellence here," Sutton said. "Duke is very excited CMC has chosen to collaborate with Duke." 

CMC recently partnered with Duke Health to enhance their Heart program as well. 


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