CHS Teacher of the Year

Shanay Clark, Conway High School's Teacher of the Year

When Shanay Clark saw all five Conway High School administrators at her classroom door, her first thought was that someone was in trouble.

That is, until she saw the flowers in Principal Lee James’ hand, and he started talking to her fourth block English class about how Clark had been chosen as Teacher of the Year.

“I peeked through the door, and I realized that all five principals were there, and I turned to my students and asked, ‘What did y’all do?’,” Clark said. “Then for a brief moment, I had to think about whether or not I had done anything wrong. It’s truly an honor to be validated by my peers, those who know everything that goes on behind the scenes. I’m ecstatic that CHS chose me.”

Originally from Branchville in Orangeburg County, Clark came to Conway to attend Coastal Carolina University in 2010.

“… and haven’t looked back since,” she said.

She received her Bachelor of Arts in English and her Master of Arts in Teaching, both from CCU. Clark is also certified to teach honors and AP Literature, and has worked at CHS since the beginning of her teaching career in 2015. She previously taught English 1-4, as well as AP Literature, and currently teachings English I Honors and English II College Prep (CP).

“Conway High School was the first school to offer me a position, so I took it. I didn’t know very much about the school, but I can say that I’m happy that I took the job,” Clark said. “I have truly made some lifelong relationships and had some once in a lifetime experiences here.”

Recently engaged this past October, Clark is excited about her upcoming nuptials. She jokes that outside of school she is “pretty boring.”

She loves to read new books, baking, and going bowling, as well as traveling to new places with her fiancé.

While her current lease agreement doesn’t allow it, eventually she says, she would love to have a dog.

She loves getting to know her students, and said her favorite part about teaching would have to be the relationships that builds with them.

“Those connections really are the best part of my job, because they are so rewarding. I love interacting with my students, learning from them, laughing with them and helping them understand the content of my course,” Clark said. "It’s awesome that I am able to witness and play a role in such an important and impressionable time in their lives and see them blossom and mature.”


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