Coastal Carolina University’s trustees voted today to not make any increases in tuition, room fees, or meal fees for the next two years.

“We’re doing everything possible during this tough time to make CCU an affordable … institution that offers the greatest higher education,” said Trustee Bill Biggs.

What about CCU’s Fall sports?

Athletic director Matt Hogue briefly spoke with the trustees during their Friday morning meeting regarding the return of athletes and how re-entry might look for Fall sports, saying that for now, everything is still scheduled as normal in the Fall.

“We’ll have some different challenges going forward,” Hogue said, noting that he had been working with their athletic medical director Dr. Winston McIver to follow NCAA guidelines.

“He is helping us in the areas of PPE [personal protective equipment], testing protocols, a lot of different areas we have to consider," Hogue said.

Hogue said the NCAA has not come out and mandated a start date for athletes, and said CCU was having a Zoom call today with the Sunbelt Conference officials to “whittle down” what re-entry plans would be.

“The likelihood is they will be fragmented – schools are at different points in the nation,” Hogue said.

DeCenzo agreed.

“You could conceivably have conferences that aren’t playing,” DeCenzo said.

Hogue said that the NCAA will have a “very good, detailed plan”, but said getting the athletes back in early for workouts would be important.

“You have to be able to have a run of preparation … athletes are coming out of a cold state since March. We’ll need a little extra time to get them ready with strength and conditioning, and monitoring their health …” Hogue said.

Trustee Wyatt Henderson questioned whether or not the school could open housing early to accommodate the earlier return of athletes, but DeCenzo said it might be an issue.

“As long as the executive order is in place, effectively ‘shutting us down’, that’s going to be difficult,” DeCenzo said. “Certainly we could bring them in, yes, there is space, but under the executive order there are only certain critical individuals like this board that are ‘permitted’ on this campus.”

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