Ron Sardanopoli

Author Ron Sardanopoli writes in his Plantation Lakes office.

A Carolina Forest resident and U.S. Army veteran has published a book with a collection of stories from first responders and military personnel who responded after 9/11.

Ron Sardanopoli, who retired in 2004 after 36 years in the Army, has published the book “Command and Control” 20 years after planes crashed into the World Trade Center in New York City and killed thousands of people. He published the book with hopes to help people remember the history of the tragic events and the aftermath, as well as tell the stories of those in the Army National Guard and how their training helped them respond to the terrorist attacks.

“Overall the book is about the Army National Guard, and all that was done that people are not aware of,” he said. The book is a collection of stories from those who worked at Ground Zero.

Sardanopoli, who was ranked Chief Warrant 5 upon retirement, also spent 13 days himself working at a headquarters operation about 30 miles away from the twin towers. His job was in logistics, making sure soldiers had the equipment they needed as well as meals.

Sardanopoli said his usual job in the Army was to prepare soldiers for deployment.

“The last thing we needed was something tragic for our community,” he said of 9/11. “When this happened, it just blew my mind.”

One of the reasons Sardanopoli highlighted the National Guard and its work was because he wanted to highlight that the soldiers are trained, similar to other branches of the military. Though they typically have civilian jobs in addition to being enlisted, Sardanopoli said some people may not understand they are trained like other soldiers.

“The pride in our soldiers and the work they did, I recognized that,” Sardanopoli said. “It’s a terrible situation. I wanted the people that were part of that to be recognized.”

His book was officially published in August and can be purchased on Amazon and locally at Litchfield Books in Pawleys Island.

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