la Dolci Mania

la Dolci Mania is at 2060 Oakheart Road in Carolina Forest and is open six days a week from 7 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Don’t be fooled by the cannoli or the zeppole or the apricot jam-filled cornetti.

la Dolci Mania doesn’t just sell Italian pastries, it also serves breakfast, brunch and lunch six days a week.

The new artisanal Italian bakery and café at 2060 Oakheart Road in Carolina Forest has everything from Italian espresso to a soup and sandwich meal, and guests can choose their own bread, meat and cheese for those sandwiches.

Breads include Italian focaccia and salty cornetti.

Meats are prosciutto, bresaola, speck and bacon.

Cheeses are mozzarella, Swiss, pecorino, parmesan, blue gorgonzola and caciocavallo.

Sandwiches include vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Specials are posted on Facebook every day.

Friends Petra Vobornikova, Michaela Larini and Katarina Rosel were there recently enjoying brunch on a girls’ morning out.

“We can’t do it evenings so we’re here now,” Vobornikova said.

One of the women brought her nephew with her, and another brought her son. The 2-year-olds were enjoying their snacks and toys, sitting on the step of one of the two little alcoves.

Those cozy areas are ideal for private conversations.

Of the café’s 2,400 square feet, 1,700 are devoted to the café, and 350 square feet are committed to the bakery items.

Choices of breads and pastries will increase gradually over time, owner Salvo Giudice said.

In the meantime, Giudice is pleased with the response his new business has had from the community.

He takes pride in the service and quality of food and drinks he offers, and explaining that his coffee machine is imported from Italy, said, “Every coffee has its own DNA.

“We don’t just push a button, everything here is done with heart.”

The café is open Monday – Saturday from 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. and offers free WiFi.

The website is and the phone number is 843-903-0241.


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