Eggs Up Grill

Eggs Up Grill of Conway celebrates 10 years of business. Open daily for breakfast and lunch, the restaurant welcomes you to enjoy special giveaways and prizes this week.

Danny and his wife, Christine, have run the Conway Eggs Up Grill for all of the last 10 years.

They are as hands on as owners can be, and that is the reason the community and employees love their restaurant.

“We opened during the recession in 2008, and for the first five years we weren’t sure we would make it,” the owners said.

Despite the recession and the normal obstacles of the restaurant industry, Danny and Christine had the mentality since day one that they were going to use their business to help people in any way possible.

“We’ve tried to be a good neighbor to the businesses, schools and other organizations around us, and in turn, they’ve been good neighbors to us. And it is cyclical – we are really vested in the community because they have invested in us.”

In fact, five years ago the restaurant was on the brink of closing. When word spread, the community showed its support, sales increase and the restaurant stayed open.

In an industry with notoriously high turnover rates, the average employee at the Conway Eggs Up Grill stays more than five years. Three employees have been there since day one.

“We have 100 percent created a family atmosphere with our customers and our employees. We receive comments everyday about our cleanliness, speed of service and friendliness of staff that shows how they truly love their job. My response is the staff is 90 percent of our business. If it weren’t for them taking pride in our business and being truly invested, we could never be who we are.”

The restaurant will be honoring some of the customers who have become family in the upcoming months.

For example, a plaque is being put up for the very first customer, who is (unsurprisingly) still a regular. Every mile on 92-year-old George’s Buick is to Eggs Up Grill and back home. Someone from the restaurant called George everyday during the hurricane to check on him.

“Because he’s family, and that’s what family does.”

Danny and his crew have been busy the past few weeks. Since Hurricane Florence hit, the restaurant has provided more than 1,800 meals to first responders.

Many times it was the first hot meal the responders had since the hurricane.

“I sent my wife and kids to safety, but stayed behind in a hotel room. I just felt so helpless and wanted to do whatever I could to help,” Danny said. “ I couldn’t make water go away, but I could make hot meals.”

Danny and a few of his crew that could get to the restaurant worked from early in the morning until late at night to provide first responders with meals. Not only was he motivated to help the local first responders, but also those that came long distances to lend a hand.

“There are families all over the country that are missing a first responder who came to help us. I just wanted to thank them however I could.”

When Christine and the kids returned from the evacuation, they immediately jumped in to help. It is a true family effort at the Conway Eggs Up Grill each and everyday.

With everything that is going on, it might seem like an odd time for an anniversary celebration.

“We wanted to do something positive right now. It’s a great time for us to get together and celebrate something good. Besides, who doesn’t like to eat cake?”

The community is invited to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Conway Eggs Up Grill with special giveaways and prizes beginning Wednesday, Sept. 26, through Saturday, Sept. 29.

Each time a guest dines at Eggs Up Grill in Conway from Wednesday, Sept. 26, through Friday, Sept. 28, they will be entered to win a free prize.

The prize drawing will take place on Saturday, Sept. 29, at 1 p.m., and customers do not have to be present to win.

In addition, the restaurant will offer prize wheel giveaways throughout the day on Wednesday through Saturday of that week.

“Thank you, Conway, for an amazing 10 years. We wouldn’t be here without you, and look forward to serving you for years to come.”

Eggs Up Grill is open daily from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., serving breakfast and lunch.

The restaurant is at 2246 E. U.S. 501 in Conway. For more information, visit


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