Duck Donuts

A new shop serving made-to-order doughnuts is coming to the South Strand.

The new Duck Donuts will be located at 117 Maryport Drive, Myrtle Beach, and is currently under construction.

“We’re very excited about coming to the Myrtle Beach market,” said an owner of the new store Matt Wagner.

He cited the Myrtle Beach area being a tourist destination and family-friendly atmosphere as reasons for the new branch’s location.

“Duck Donuts’ strategy right now is expanding into tourist and resort markets,” he said.

Currently, there are 80 locations, including one in Santiago, Chile.

The first two locations opened in 2006 in two North Carolina towns — Kitty Hawk and Duck — the latter being where the name Duck Donuts came from.

What makes Duck Donuts unique is that from the moment one approaches the store, he or she can begin to smell the aroma of fresh doughnuts being made, said spokeswoman Kristin Kellum.

“Doughnuts are a great treat for vacationers,” she said, adding many visitors who tried treats at the Duck location have made coming to the shop a family tradition.

An environment will welcome customers with vibrant colors embodying a beach feel.

At the store, patrons can customize their own doughnuts and choose fillings, toppings and drizzles. The customizable doughnuts aren’t made until an order is placed.

Clients will be able to watch the doughnut creation process from start to finish.

In addition to doughnuts, the shop will offer coffee, espresso and breakfast sandwiches and customers can also order a doughnut sundae.

Kellum noted the store will be able to integrate things like local school colors into assortments.

Officials hope to have the new store open this summer.


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